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Some dungens layouts

dungeon layout base

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#1 Wizard


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Posted 09 July 2015 - 01:31 PM

Hello there, I wanna share some layouts, that i've used and didn't find on www.kotdb.com =)




This is not hard layout at all, this was my first dungeon i ever made. It made it's job pretty well, because it requires some timing. Don't recommend to use it, even on low levels.




Used this dungeon a bit, did well. But then switched for trap set with saw, for better defence. This one can do pretty well on low levels.




Note: There is a regular cannon in upper right corner of the totem pointing down.

It's a well-known sniper jump protected by regular cannon wich makes the window smaller. This layout is weak to disable potion, so i don't recommend to use it.




Noob's defence. Pretty strong, used it alot making big rituals.




Note: There is a fly in upper left corner of the totem, homing cannon in the bottom left corner of the totem and a red guard pointing upwards with lowest path in the bottom right corner of the totem. I like this defence alot, it's very simple if u know how to solve this, but i never had more than 1 star when wa using it, even with pots. It requires some time to figure out the right path. =)




Red guard in row killing position. Fly makes the first jump to be timed a little, so it makes it a bit harder. Couldn't find really good position for the homing cannon, so used it to protect the climb.




Red guard same as in #6. This defence uses the basic saw jump, protected by cannon. Cannon makes it really hard to 3 star this, because it requires some timing to figure out.




Saw this dungeon used by someone in top guilds. Then i got lucky to have this layout and try it out. This defence works really good for me. The window between 2 red guards is really small and it's almost impossible to do it first try. This protects saw from being disabled after 7 deaths. The saw is very hard if u don't know the right path. I'm using this dungeon right now.

Also, i saved another version of this dungeon with saw on left corner of left pillar, making the ceiling saw jump, but it was alot easier.

And i tried to use this saw with 2 red guards in row killing positions in a bottom row, but it it was very weak to gang of thieves+disable trap combo. So this one i think is the best for this layout.




This dungeon uses classic sniper jump and regular saw jump. Used this alot on lower levels, was easy to save.




Same as #9 but using troll jump instead of regular saw jump. Extremely hard to save.

#2 Wizard


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Posted 09 July 2015 - 01:31 PM



Again sniper jump, but the spinner makes the window REALLY small and forcing sniper jump at the same time. I think it's one of the best defences for this layout.




This dungeon using fly corner jump, but the homing cannon makes it really tight. Couldn't find a good position for a blue guard, so i just was upgrading it all the time ;-)




Easy dungeon. But was really fun to save it.




Cannon and bird making small window to get out. The saw in it's classic saw jump position.




Same as #11 but with very hard bouncing pad jump.




The hardest layout that i know for this dungeon. Red guard and cannon makes really small window to get out. And the platform makes saw jump really hard. Actually, i couldn't save this. I've completed it only few times in an hour. But i know it's possible, maybe i'll save this when i will have more time. :-P




This layout uses the pit advantage. Requiers good timing to avoid cannon and red guard, and difficult saw jump.




Same as #18, but with different cannon and red guard position, i think it's a bit easier to save.




Red guard same as in #6, with classic cannon-helper position. Saw in it's classic saw jump position. Really hard layout, spent almost an hour to save it.

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#3 Coffee Bob

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Posted 09 July 2015 - 02:29 PM

Really like #8, had that as my 2nd dungeon on one of my accounts - with two cannons though. Random thought, some of these terms remind me of chess - Noob's defense, basic saw, etc... etc...
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