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Guild system revamped

Guild Dungeons Idea Feedback

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Posted 01 September 2015 - 04:15 PM

So I had an idea for reshaping the guild system to actually create more participation

Delta wars
Let the current guild battles be something compulsory(with the breaks of course!) as theives fight over honour but let it not be the ONLY guild battles

Dungeon wars
A new optional player mode where guilds can choose other guilds to raid, it shall be a two day thing
You raid your enemy guild member's dungeons for stars(the dungeons must have a certain amount of gold and some gems)the guild with most stars at the end of 24 hours win
You raid your enemy guild dungeon(more on it later within this post) shall contain all the gold and gems they stole from you on day1 plus the gems in their guild ritual. Several people(not sure the limit should be) can attack the dungeons at once and each member can only steal at max a certain amount of gold and gems. At the end both guilds receive rewards based of their performance(judged on stars and the gold and delta they stole)

Guild dungeon
This is going to be a larger more sophisticated version of your regular dungeons
So after every lvl up your guild is going to be presented with 3 defense combinations(the way weget when we move into a new dungeon) the guild must donate gold or orbs to save up for one of these.
Each defense must be upgraded with donations from guild members as well
We can have a guild totem. In each eye of the totem you guild members donate gems worth a certain amount of delta until until each eye 's delta capacity is full. Then a guild ritual is performed. At. The end of which the whole guild gets a unique perk . The guild can have a skill upgrade system(the we have it for keys and gold in our dungeons these good be for indivisual player dontation limit, donation cool down time ect.) a guild gold mine and a guild gem mine that gives each guild member some gold and a gem
Let there be leader(or kingpin,) who has the supreme power over the guild(the ability to kick alter guild description promote demote)
Co leaders(or henchmen) who have powers second to the leader(same powers just can't promote anyone to co leader,)
Watchers or Tricksters who can allow people to join the guild
Mercaneries who get extra gold during Raids(this an upgradable guild perk)
Heavy duty raiders who have extra hitpoints on them during raids(upgradable guild perk)
A person can have only one position at a time
Hope you guys can share your thoughts on the same

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