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Reinforcement of forum rules

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Posted 14 September 2015 - 05:19 PM

Hello all.

I would like to remind everyone that this forum is a public message board, and not a private conversation. Therefore it is the responsibility of all members to keep it readable for the others. Lately we have noticed a rise in meaningless posts that create clutter and make it difficult for others to read and enjoy. We want this forum to be a place where people can hold meaningful discussions without having to go through a bunch of garbage posts just to find something interesting.

We have decided to start a zero tolerance for spam posts policy as of now, in order to stop this plague. Our first 2 offenders have had their writing privileges revoked for 3 days after ignoring several warning that have been sent to them in private. Please consider this post to be a public warning for everyone else. From now on, people who clutter this forum with nonsense junk will have their writing privileges suspended either for one or three days, and may eventually be permanently banned from this forum.

Here is a partial list of offenses that can trigger a suspension:

1. Posting a reply that has absolutely no information at all. Such as "yeah", "I agree", etc, with nothing else written in there. If you agree and like someone's post but have nothing else to add to the conversation, please use the like button instead. This also goes for parroting. Repeating the same thing someone else posted before you adds nothing to the thread and is considered spam.

2. Opening multiple threads about similar subjects at the same time, or posting several posts in succession on the same thread. There is an edit button you can use if you want to add something to your post instead of posting a new one. If you have several related ideas, just write them together. Note this does not apply to people who accidentally posted twice due to poor internet connection - if that happens please report it and we will remove one of the duplicates.

3. Hijacking a thread and making it into a private conversation by posting things that have no relevance to the original discussion. You are allowed to spice up some of the discussions with jokes and go just a bit off the topic, but limit yourself and not exaggerate. When a thread have an entire page of some private discussion which is totally irrelevant to the original post or the game at all - you've definitely gone too far.

4. Gravedigging. While I think it is a good practice to search the forum before asking a question to see if the answer have already been given in the past, finding a months old post and replying to it is not likely to be seen by the original poster, and contributes nothing.

5. Ordering watchers publicly on a thread. Do think some post needs to be removed? Or that a thread should be locked? Please use the report button to inform us about it, or send us a message privately. A post such as "watchers lock this thread" is not helping in any way (if a watcher has not viewed the thread he won't notice anyway, and if he did, he will use his own judgement to decide what to do with it). Such posts generally do nothing except to annoy us.

6. Non-descriptive titles. Please title your posts with something descriptive, relating to the content of your post. Titles like "I don't believe it!", "omfg", or "this is awesome" do nothing to inform readers about what you've written. People should have an idea about what your thread is about before they click on it.

Most of you have nothing to worry about. But for some repeat offenders this should not be taken lightly. You can believe me that I don't want to be the bad cop, but until these forums return to a clutter free state, the finger is going to be very light on the trigger. Think about what you post and where you post it.

Thank you.

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