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Interview with Zedoop, the leader of Mishlo top-1 guild

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Posted 19 November 2015 - 10:22 AM

As you may heard before, Mishlo has reached 1 billion in total. That's why we decided to address several questions to Zedoop, the founder and the leader of Mishlo. He's ready to share several secrets with you in the interview below.


Enjoy reading!


Chervey (community manager): Please tell us in couple of words how does Mishlo feel about their latest achievement of 1 billion gems?
Zedoop (guild leader): They're very excited about that  :) Two months ago that number seemed too far and too impossible, but we've done our best to get this high  :)  We hit 0,5 billion gems on Sept 23 and exactly in that moment we decided to go forth to 1 billion.


Chervey: It's kind of a custom among top guilds to make satellite guilds. How do you transfer members between your guilds after the fix of the guild hopping issue?
Zedoop: The most active players are in Mishlo. Our second guild Ursa is a school for new players. If a newcomer shows himself from the best side, he goes to the main guild. In case of trips, vacations when active playing is not possible, players go to Ursa. Sometimes it is not so pleasant, but mostly everyone understand that it is necessary thing to do.


Chervey: How do you find new recruit for Ursa?
Zedoop: Mostly we find them naturally by leaving a couple of vacant places. Time after time we post ads in Ask A Friend.


Chervey: What're the requirements for joining and staying?  :)
Zedoop: There's only one condition in Ursa. A player should make a 100k per round. If a player desires to advance and prove his loyalties to the guild, if he makes more than 400k per GVG, he may join Mishlo. If a player wants to play more casually, he goes to the recruit guild.


Chervey: If players get tired, where do they usually go? Do other guilds headhunt for your guildsmen?
Zedoop: Our top players receive invitations from other guilds on regular basis. However our guild is more the society of friends, we work and rise together, so they always decline that kind of offers. I've got such invitation in May 2015 from RioX (Hyrule leader during that period), but you may guess what I've answered  ;)  Sometimes our members try to make the guild of their own and it's easy to understand, so I sincerely wish them good luck  :)


Chervey: In any game, it is a usual stuff to hear a lot of crap about top-1 guilds from communities. They are charged for wide range of mortal sins like cheating, buying of developers or corrupting them to the core, or engaging in intercourse with local organized crime groups etc. How do you care about the guild reputation?

Zedoop: When we founded Mishlo, I've made a decision to avoid cheaters and to maintain the clear reputation by any means. Even during the time of troubles when high-end players used to create impossible dungeons, there was no one of this type in Mishlo. The best way to get the right reputation is to play fair. That's why the vast majority of community respects us. Of course people who feel envy and say that we make deals with mafia will always exist, I accept it with no worries. This only raises interest to the guild  :)


Chervey: What about Второй Шанс (Second Chance, translation from Russian)? They're the second guild in the game. Are they strong rivals?
Zedoop: Второй Шанс is very strong guild. However the Evil Bear (Mishlo's blazon) will tear apart anyone who dares to stand on its way  :)


Chervey: Ok, thanks for your time. Any advices for the new players?  :) 
Zedoop: The way to the top is very hard and long. That's why the main advice for the new players is to get patience and do not surrender. Play more in our lovely game. The more you play, the more often you find golden gems, is this the thing you dream about, don't you?  ;)  And don't afraid of putting good gems in your totems, it makes the game more interesting. The whole game is about finding and losing gems  ;)

When you create a world, you should survive living in it twice in a row. So...

Enjoy Hardcore.


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