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Interview with No Name, the first King of the Kings, founder of Dictators

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Posted 25 November 2015 - 03:50 PM

No Name is one of the most famous top players, he's well known for his good temper and insane gem count. He was a top-1 player for several months in a row, he also is the first thief who managed to get the King of the King's crown. So he doesn't need additional introducing. 


Chervey: I think that many people wondered who is No Name, where he's from and how many orbs has he spent. Obviously, if you'd like to answer that type of questions directly, you wouldn't have taken 'No Name' as a nickname. Nevertheless, questions are still there. Would you like to tell that curious people at least a couple of words about yourself? :)
No Name: Well, ever since I joined FB most of it was out in the open. So, they call me Tutti, from the Middle East. I spent what I think is reasonable for my favorite game. I mean when you've got really great friends in the game that you really enjoy, does it really matters? ;) I'm playing right now to help my guild and my friends. And also to have a lot of fun!

Chervey: Perfect answer, Tutti. Clever people always give answers that put even more questions on the table! Often friends is the main reason we join and stay in communities. Could you tell us about thieves who became your first friends here?
No Name: When it comes to friends... just WOW! Honestly, a lot! I mean we even have plans to meet in real life. It's hard to mention their names without telling their stories, but almost every single one of them took their spot in my heart as a friend.

Chervey: ...and this should be also one of reasons why you joined Dictators, the top-3 guild with the cute name :) You've been playing KoT since the end of March. When have you joined Dictators? Who's in charge in there?
No Name: Actually I'm the founder of Dictators :) Yet the leadership is between me and our top player DOD.

Chervey: Is it easy to join your guild for a regular player? ;)
No Name: Yes, nothing really easier than that. We only ask two questions: is he an active player and does he really like the game? Then it's all on him to prove that.

Chervey: You're setting the best example ever for every thief, since you're the King of King League champion, the first in the history of the game and in the line :)
No Name: Thanks!

Chervey: However Dictators is on the 3rd place in the list. Does that mean that Mishlo and Второй Шанс like KoT more than Dictators? ;)
No Name: Not at all :) We've set Dictators as a top guild long ago, when we lost our first battle with Mishlo by less than 500K which was really cool. Other Guilds change their players way more than we do, they are amazing guilds which like to be on the top. However we are the guild which would like to keep our family and the community more than gems.

Chervey: Your guild mates and the vast majority of core community are really glad that you're here. At the same time some people were sure that you've quit KoT. They just checked your gem count that was more than 70M, and noticed that it became 40M. I heard people blame Zepto for it, some put the guild on you, others simply don't care. What was the reason of this dramatic change in the total score?
No Name: Well, the reason was what keeps me going in this game until now. I do care about my friends not just my gems count. I always say it's not just about the game but it's about the people in it. I don't know what Zepto expected from the KoT, but instead of just a game they manage to have the community of people from all over the world who care & love each other. So Zepto never did something to make me do it, it was simply an action to show my support to a friend that I really do care about.

Chervey: Without any doubts, It's always important to support people around us. Some of them need just a couple of words of advice given on time. By the way, is there any advices for regular players that want to make their way to the throne? ;)
No Name: My advice is simple. I always say KoT is all about one golden rule: keep searching and never give up. Also I would like to thank all those who are behind the KoT. They are really doing an amazing job with their support to all of those thieves, updates and doing everything to keep it a fair and clean game. And for giving us what is without doubt the best game ever. My advice for them is to keep going in that direction. And never give up, of course :)

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