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[Official] The Story Behind The Unique Gem

Contest Unique Gems Prizes Story

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Posted 10 February 2016 - 01:40 PM

Lol I haven't even started my second and third stories. Thanks for reminder lol

lol you should do that now you have 5 days don't wait until it's too late


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Posted 10 February 2016 - 09:25 PM

Feather gem:

One time there was a legendary thief, so powerful and great that everyone known his name and hoped that he raid them fast and painless. His steal chance was far beyond a regular thief.
He terrorized the whole world of thieves.

One time he decided to do some terrible things and steal the god-gem, the source of all energy which supply the gods with power that is needed for creating new gems.

He break into the God of Gods Dungeon where the God of Thieves sit in who protect the god-gem. His hand hovers about this mystical gem.

The fight of those powerful creatures ended after 3 days. The god was beaten... But the legendary thief was to weak to steal the god-gem after this fight. The god of thieves didn't want to die so he split his power into 3 gods. Orbicius, Invicius and Totemius.

The legendary thief realised that it it pointless to stay so he escaped and shouted that he come back one time.

But he lost black feathers of his outfit during the escape. Even the feathers were full of evil power. So the three gods decided to ban these power in special diamond containers. After the banning was completed the feathers started to burn and take a pink colour.

To prise this victory the gods gave these unique gems as a price for the most capable thieves with the knowledge of the legendary thief which is still alive ...

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Posted 12 February 2016 - 12:07 AM

Ooh, this is a cool idea! I guess I'll try my best. Sorry that it's long, I like to put detail into my stories :)

For as long as anyone could remember, there weren't any UG in existence. There were only the ones that have their flaws, especially being vulnerable to rival thieves. Many civilians were frustrated that there was no way to protect their precious gems that they worked themselves almost to death to collect, so all of their hard work would be lost, and they'd have to go through all of the trouble of trying to steal it back or go get a new one of equal or higher value.

Lord Rastin loved seeing all of this pain and aggravation, and cackled at the theives that curl up in their dungeons in fear of him and his laws. "These people can hardly be called theives!" He chuckled one day in his castle. "They are pathetic peasants!" He sat in his throne and admired the ginormous piles of treasure surrounding him. "They barely posses a shilling and here I am with all the treasure in kingdom! By golly, it feels good to be king." He gloated.

Many, many miles away, in a dark, cold, rainy forest, a theif trudged through the undergrowth and squished through the soggy dirt to a large dead tree. The tree had a small door, and the theif opened it and walked inside. It was hollow, and was quite roomy. A hard-worked-on roof protected him from the rain, while the strong trunk blocked the wind. The figure walked over to a cauldron and opened a lob sided cabnet closed by. "That Rastin thinks he can just waltz into the kingdom, ransack the king, and take his place and inforce outrageously unfair laws?! Well, I'll show him!" He said furiously. He opened the cabnet and took out some glass shards, a small black pearl, and a Black Mamba's fang. The theif cracked open the fang and dropped in a few drops of venom. Then he took the pearl over to a small wooden table with a birch slab on it and a fairly large stone. He placed the pearl on the slab, grabbed the stone, and started pounding the small black sphere. After about five minutes,

the pearl was black powder. He picked up the slab and brought it over to the cauldron, and dumped the dust into the concoction. The potion hissed and turned a sickly green. The figure smirked. "This is sure to make him drop dead in two seconds!" He cackled. He then chucked the glass shards into the pot. The theif turned his back to the cauldron and walked over to a piece of bark jutting out of the tree, where a beautiful Pergrine Falcon was perched. It cocked its head and stared at him. "When Rastin is no more, you and me are finally gonna lead normal lives again." The theif sighed contently. He glanced over to a wall where an unfinished piece of writing, probably a letter, was pinned the the wall. It read:

We never were thieves in the first place.
We had dreams. But then they were
Stolen from us and destroyed, and we wanted

He looked back at his bird. "Man, I sure miss my normal life. Just a traveling trader. Me, you, and my cart. I got to see the world, and it was beautiful. " he sighed again. The falcon got up and flew around the room. One of her feathers came off, and drifted into the cauldron, unnoticed by the theif. The falcon settled down again. "I wish we could go out now. You probably want to get some fresh air and stretch your wings. But it's downpouring out there. We'll go out as soon as-"
The cauldron was sizzling and bubbling crazily, and was glowing a light blue color. The theif rushed over the cauldron. The brew calmed down now, and was only creating tiny bubbles. A light seemed to be coming from the middle of the cauldron. Almost as if something was... Signalling him. The theif grabbed a pair of wielding tongs hanging on the wall and dipped them in the brew. His heart skipped a beat when he felt the tongs grab hold of some kind of round object. Slowly, he pulled the tongs out from the concoction. Held in the grip of the tongs was a light blue orb, with a pink feather in the middle.
The theif stared in amazement at what he'd created. He turned his head to his bird, who was perched on his shoulder. He smirked. "Kiramina, I think we've just concocted a new weapon."

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Posted 13 February 2016 - 01:15 AM

There's a lot of competition in here. The contest will almost end...

Luck and skill equals to fortunium, which is an element that makes you very awesome in games IF IT EXISTED...



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Posted 13 February 2016 - 01:42 AM

yep 2 days left....


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Posted 13 February 2016 - 07:51 PM

Snow globe gem story !


In a far-away kingdom, where time does not exist and people never grow old, a little guy woke up in the middle of a forest all alone and with nothing on him, except a black costume.

 “Oh, how my head hurts!”, said the little guy dusting himself off and curiously looking around.

“Where am I?”, he continued to ponder, as he tried to make sense of his surroundings. “And most importantly, WHO am I? I don’t remember anything…I must have bumped my head really hard…”

As night was approaching rapidly and the weather was getting colder by the minute, the little guy, still dizzy, gathered himself as best as he could and started to look for a way out of the forest. The darkness fell over the trees, turning them into frightening specters, when the little guy saw in the middle of a meadow a curiously looking dungeon.

“What is this place? I really need somewhere to sleep and take shelter for the night”, he said. And so, cautiously proceeded towards the entrance of the dungeon, wondering what will await him inside.

He opened the door, and saw a big bright lit room, in the middle of which a funny looking totem was sleeping.

“Who dares to disturb my sleep?”, said the totem with a menacing voice.

“Good evening Mr. Totem!, I’m sorry to disturb you”, said the little guy. “I’m just a traveler with a big amnesia trying to find shelter for the night”.

“Ha! Very well! If you have a big amnesia, I have a big hunger!”, said the totem, while his belly began to rumble. “I will let you sleep here for the night, but, if you want to stay over for a longer time, you’ll have to bring me food…And I eat only gems! Sweet, sweet gems!

“Jams? Oh, it’s a deal! I saw a lot of raspberry bushes on my way over here and I could make you lots of jars with raspberry jam!” , said happily the little guy.

The totem looked at the little guy curiously and said nothing for a couple of seconds. And then began to laugh loudly:

“Hahaha, you’re funny, little guy! I said GEMS, not JAMS! You know…made of diamonds and emeralds and rubies …Yum yum!”

“And where can I find these “GEMS”?, asked the little guy?

“Well, there are some other dungeons around here filled with gems which you could steal for me…But be careful, those gems are guarded by traps and saws, and pesky little birds that will kill you in a minute if they catch you.

“Pish-posh! There’s nothing that I could not steal”, said the little guy, feeling somewhere deep inside him that he must have been a thief before losing his memory.

Time passed as the little thief left his new home to gather gems for the friendly totem. They became good friends and sat every night to share stories and jokes. Life was good.

But one day, the little thief saw that the teeth of the totem were falling, as he finished eating his gems.

“Awww, my teeth hurt so much! But I love those gems so much! I cannot stop eating them!”, said the totem as he was munching on some deep spiked gems.

“What can I do for you Mr. Totem? I hate to see you suffer this way!” said the little guy and began to cry and to comfort his buddy. “There’s got to be a solution!”, said the little guy as he wiped away his tears and darted off to find a cure for his friend.

But oh, as much as he sought a cure, the little guy couldn’t find one. And so, every night, he bought gems to his totem friend and filled the room with tears and sadness, as he couldn’t save him from his deep pains.

Up above in the clouds, the gods saw the beautiful friendship between the little guy and his totem and were deeply touched by it. They could not stand seeing so much pain anymore, and so, as winter time approached, they decided to make a gem that will save the totem’s teeth if eaten. And so, they sent the good king Invinsius to find the best material ever to craft such a gem. Invinsius went to the Evergreen Forest and took a small pine tree, which he brought back to the gods. Then, the almighty gods, using their magic, transformed the pine tree into a small one, and put it in a snow globe, and poof!  A unique snow globe gem with magic properties was crafted.  Everybody was pleased with how things worked out.

On Christmas Eve, the little guy stole such a special and unique gem and gave it to his friend and, as if by a miracle, after the totem ate the gem, his tooth didn’t fall off. They were so happy and joyous when they saw that and the little guy and his totem remained friends forever, living together – one stealing gems and the other eating them! 

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Posted 14 February 2016 - 01:09 AM

Feather Gem Story:

Long, long ago, when the thief world just came to existence, another race of huge, bird-like dragons coexisted with the little beings denominated as ''thieves'', these creatures were called ''Skyroc's''.

The ancient thieves knew how to treat these creatures, and tamed them to travel across the highlands of the thief world.

In those times, ''thieves'' didn't steal from others, instead, they exploited the gem mines to get beautiful gems to fuse in their totems, which would later give them magical items for their potions, the merged gems were later either fused again or used to decorate their homes, there was even a few people skilled in the making of potions to heal villagers, these people were often reffered to as shamans.

One day, the greed of today's thief world lit up, when thieves saw how beautiful were the merged gems of others, they decided to steal them, and used the Skyroc's to make their travels faster.

However, thieves no longer had a pure heart, and mistreated the Skyroc's on each of their crusades, treating them like slaves.

When the Skyroc's no longer tolerated such abuse, they rebelled to the thieves; dark times covered the thief world, villages were destroyed, many thieves died.

When thieves reacted to such a thing, their only option was to work as a team once again, the stealing stopped for a while.

They crafted magical outfits to counter the Skyroc's wrath, they also began to make weapon potions, but the Skyroc's still had much advantage over the thieves.

In order to stop this, the gods decided to exterminate the Skyroc race, and contacted the thieves, telling them to do rituals in their totems praying for their salvation, after years of pain and war between species, beneath the clouds, a beam of light came from the sky, the thieves were almost blinded by this, but it wasn't the only one, suddenly, a lot more light beams came from the sky, these beams destroyed the Skyroc's upon contact, thieves touched by this magic were unaffected.

But the beams didn't completely destroy the Skyroc's, their vital energy was merged into little gem-like spheres, these spheres were the ''FEATHER GEMS''.

The gems began to float upward and disappeared in the sky after a short spark.

The thieves were finally in peace, but their greed led them once again to a distrust and stealing life.

Even though the gods tried to destroy the Skyroc species, a really short population of survivors made their homes in the vast unknown lands of the thief world.

Some people state the Skyroc's could still exist up to these days, ever wondered why are there huge eggs in a nest over your totem?

Even if they exist or not these days, the magic feather gems somehow began to appear out of nowhere, average thieves who find one would always get it stolen by the kings, and then these kings made contests for this gem, just for fun. However, feather gems are no longer to be found, and lucky thieves who won this gem use their magical power to obtain orbs after they fuse it with other gems in their totem.

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Good luck and have fun!

---Max from ThunderCatz Guild (Profile pic made by Chaos)


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Posted 14 February 2016 - 02:28 AM

I'm going to join in as well.

Feather Gem

One night over the Land of Thieves, thieves were doing their usual business. Some were away or asleep, but most of them were out, constantly raiding one another. Geffi, a young and skillful thief, was also out on that night. He's a member of a guild called "The Night Raiders" where he became best friends with Pete, a strong and powerful thief, and Sally, a silent but deadly female thief.

"Alright," said Geffi, getting his remaining lockpicks, "last dungeon of the night."
Geffi picked the last remaining gold locks and began to raid. Not only he was in a decent guild, but he's also smart, as if he knows the dungeon at the back of his head. Of course, Geffi has successfully managed to get to the totem and, of course, faced the spinner. The spinner chose him a really low value gem out from the deep gold-spiked gems.

"Sometimes, hard work doesn't pay off..." sighed Geffi, looking at his "wonderful" prize.
He tossed the gem and decided to go back to his base, trying to forget about his failure. What he didn't know was that the gem was disguised as a Feather Gem, which was a glass orb that contained a pink feather that was on fire, but it wasn't being damaged.
The glass that was holding the pink feather broke and the fire from the feather came out. It swirled around, creating a tornado whilst picking up a storm, and it became brighter and brighter.

As it emitted a huge, bright flash, there was a phoenix that had pink feathers and it was on fire. It took up in the air and began to fly.

On the next day, Geffi woke up from the commotion that was coming from the plaza. A huge crowd of thieves were standing in front of the bulletin board to see an article called:

Mysterious Creature Spotted!

There was also a number of articles that was related to the topic as well:

Undentified Flying Object Found!
New creature, possible destruction?
Hot Winged Creature Explained!

"What's going on?" asked Geffi, meeting up with Pete and Sally.
"Oh, you're just in time!" said Pete. "Basically, this is all about a fire-winged creature-"
"Phoenix." corrected Sally.
"Phoenix that was spotted last night." explained Pete.
"Hmm..." wondered Geffi.

Without notice, the phoenix landed in front of the crowd, destroying the bulletin board.
"Thieves!" the phoenix began. "I came here to tell you that I'm here because of a very clumsy thief."
"Huh, I wonder who can be THAT clumsy." said Sally.
"... And that thief is no better than Geffi!" said the phoenix.
"Oh boy..." said Geffi.
"What did you do, Geffi?" asked Pete.
"Geffi has picked up a gem and threw it away!" explained the phoenix.
The crowd suddenly gasped.
"You what?!" said Sally.
"It was a low value gem!" said Geffi, beginning to panic. "How am I supposed to know if it was special?"
"Yes, my fellow thieves, and I'm here to explain to you about that gem." continued the phoenix. "You see, legendary creatures, like me, all have unique properties, and that's why I'm here to show you... The Feather Gem!"

The phoenix stretched out his wing and a Feather Gem appeared hovering above it. The crowd suddenly gasped in curiosity.
"This Feather Gem may not look like a gem as it's an orb that has one of my feathers sealed within the glass, but once you put it in your totem and do a ritual, it will then become disguised." explained the phoenix.
"Can I have one?" asked one of the thieves.
"These gems can only be obtained for those who are capable to those who are able to risk big for even bigger rewards," continued the phoenix. "However, once it's stolen, it CANNOT be retrieved!"
The crowed suddenly burst into a cheer.
"I must abide you farewell now." said the phoenix, turning into a swirl of fire and going inside the Feather Gem. It then slowly floated towards Geffi. He grab hold of it and looked at it in amazement.

Bell Gem

The king furiously rang his bell. "GUARDS? GUARDS!"
Two guards quickly ran towards the king with a huge meal dish in front of the king. They quickly removed the dome and it revealed the food inside it.
"IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU TWO GOT HERE!" shouted the King whilst he was furiously munching down on the pork.
"We're sorry, your highness," said one of the guards, trembling with fear. "It seems that the bell doesn't work anymore."
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT IT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE?!" shouted the king, now eating his spareribs on the plate.
"Well, uh, you see, the small hammer inside the bell came off and now it doesn't ring properly." explained the other guard.
"WELL, GO AND GET A REPLACEMENT!" shouted the king, eating his chicken (seriously, how is he eating so fast?).
"Yes, sir!" saluted the guards, running out of the hall.

They ran outside of the castle and they looked everywhere to find a simple bell, which they couldn't find it anywhere because the village doesn't have a bell shop.
"What kind of village has no bell shop around here?" asked one of the guards,
"I don't know, Frank, but we're going to find one." replied the other guard.
"Where are we going to find one, Billy?" asked Frank.
"Legend says that those who are powerful and rich are able to find this legendary object called... The Bell Gem!" said Billy.
"Hahahahaha! Oh, good one, Billy!" laughed Frank, rolling on the floor whilst he was laughing.
"No, I'm serious!" said Billy.
"You've been spending way too much time on Wikipedia!" said Frank, still laughing and rolling on the floor.

After half an hour of Frank laughing and rolling on the floor, they walked inside the forest. They eventually discovered an abandoned totem that was covered in roots, moss and leaves, especially with an abandoned look as well as there was cracks and broken bits of stone as well. The totem held a decent gem.
"Uhh, Frank?" asked Billy.
"Yes, Billy?" replied Frank.
"Why don't you go over there and get that gem for us?" said Billy.
"Jeez, Billy!" moaned Frank. "Why don't you do it yourself?"
"Because you know what you're doing?" said Billy, awkwardly.
"Ugh, fine. I'll get the gem." said Frank, walking up to the totem and slowly reaching for the gem.
"HALT!" shouted someone. "Who dares to steal the gem?"
A native tribe member appeared from the shadows.
"Uh, no one!" panicked Frank. "I'm just here to, uh, look and worship this gem."
"We know what you were doing!" said the native tribe member. "You're here to get this gem so you can take it to your king, aren't you?"
"Well, I, uhh..." stammered Frank.
"This is no ordinary gem." said the native tribe member. "You see, many generations ago, we were a small race of people who fought against other tribes and predators. However, since we only had a very basic knowledge level, our ancestors had a passion for inventing new things..."
Billy walked towards Frank to hear the explaination.
"We invented 'the hammer and bowl'." continued the native tribe member. "It was used to indicate if there was our enemies approacing us to supper. However, as time moved on, so did our ancestors. They were replaced by one after the other, sharing their knowledge as they go down. What we call this object right now is 'the bell'."

Frank immediately grabbed the gem and ran back to the castle along with Billy. They met up with the king again.
"Do we have a new bell?" asked the king, sipping some wine.
"No, but we got this." said Frank, showing the king an ordinary gem.
The king spat his wine out from his mouth and coughed for a bit. "A GEM? HOW'S THAT GOING TO REPLACE OUR BELL?!"
The gem shook in Frank's hands and it slowly floated in the air in front of them. Everyone was amazed to see what was happening as the gem grew brighter and brighter. Frank, Billy and the king were speechless.
The gem was now a Bell Gem; which was a glass orb that contained a gold bell that's on fire, but it wasn't being damaged at all.
"Ta-da!" said Billy, pointing at the Bell Gem.
"Oh dear..." said the king, suddenly collapsing on to the floor.
"Huh, I wonder what's gotten into him..." said Billy.
"Yeah. I seriously have no idea what's going on now..." said Frank.

The guards then left the hall whilst the king was still on the floor, still unconscious.

EDIT: Story added

Snow Globe Gem

It's that time of the year where thieves all over from the Land of Thieves prepare some Christmas decorations, meals and, of course, raidings! Every year, all of them receives a gift from Santa Claus, ranging from bags of gold and orbs to a pocketful of lock picks. However, Santa knew that it was the same gift every year so he tried to think of a new gift instead.

"Boo hoo hoo!" cried Santa.
A thief elf entered Sant's room. "What's wrong, Santa?"
"I can't think of a good gift for the thieves!" cried Santa, making his sleeve wet because of his tears.
"Aw, come on Santa. Cheer up!" said the thief elf, trying to cheer Santa up. "I'm sure that you can think of something."
"How can I possibly think of something if it's Christmas Day tomorrow?" sobbed Santa, now making his desk wet.
"Hmm..." thought the thief elf.
"Well, any ideas?" asked Santa, wiping off his last tears from his face.
"What do thieves like?" asked the thief elf.
"Gold and orbs." answered Santa.
"Don't forget gems!" intervened the thief elf.
"How is this going to help us make a new gift for them?" asked Santa, returning to cry.
"How about we make a Snow Globe Gem?" asked the thief elf.
"No! That won't wo- Hey! That's a great idea!" said Santa, jumping up with joy.
"Come on!" said the thief elf. "Let's go!"

As Santa and the thief elf arrived at the factory, they saw that the rest of the thief elves were making Snow Globe Gems. It started with a half of glass being filled with a handful of snow by some thief elves, which is then passed on to some thief elves that places a miniature version of a Christmas tree. The other half of the glass is then carefully placed on top of the other half and it's carefully wielded together by two thief elves as they made sure that they didn't leave any wielding marks on it, making it look untouched.

It's then sprinkled with magic and finally, it is then placed in a totem with two fake gems that are decently valued to see if it works by looking at it to see if it turns into a gem and see if it can be fused. It is then placed inside Santa's bag in his sleigh.
"This is amazing! I can't believe my eyes!" exclaimed Santa.
"Santa, as always, you're very welcome!" said the thief elf. "Besides, there are no limits of the ideas you can think of, Santa!"
"You're absolutely right!" exclaimed Santa. "You've truly saved Christmas!"
The thief elf couldn't imagine how he was being honoured by Santa right now. He couldn't contain his excitement!

As production of the Snow Globe Gems went on, it was midnight. Santa got on his sleigh with his bag full of Snow Globe Gems and waved his fellow thief elves goodbye as he took off into the night sky. When he arrived at the Land of Thieves, he opened up his bag and all of the Snow Globe Gems rained down to each and every single base that the thieves have.

The next morning, the thieves woke up and discovered the Snow Globe Gem sitting in one of their totem slots.

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Posted 14 February 2016 - 09:57 AM

1 day left.

Luck and skill equals to fortunium, which is an element that makes you very awesome in games IF IT EXISTED...



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Posted 14 February 2016 - 02:54 PM

Wooh awesome stories we have here! I feel bad for those who will pick the winners...

Me is awesome, me has gems, me has money, me has good traps...

Me loves forums, me loves games, me loves funny stuff...

Me loves King Of Thieves!

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Posted 14 February 2016 - 03:26 PM

I know I won't win, my story can't hold a candle to these.


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Posted 14 February 2016 - 03:33 PM

Post anyway, remember, winners never quit, and quitters never win.



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Posted 14 February 2016 - 04:57 PM

Feather gem story:



Not long ago, but years before this world began to be,

An old and wise experienced thief passed down this tale to me:

It is about a little guy, who loved to steal and plunder,

He was no pirate, but a thief and never made a blunder!


The little guy was dressed in black, and had his own cool dungeon,

Where he brought back his stolen gems, he surely was no gudgeon!

Long time ago he was a king, whom everyone respected,

And now he’s back ransacking gems, when nobody expects it!


With cunning skills and corner jumps, he breaks in people’s bases,

He vaults and leaps across the walls, and leaves behind no traces!

Then he comes back to his sweet home, with all the gems he looted,

He even has a guild of thieves, whom he himself recruited!  


A year has passed, and things were good and everybody happy,

His big ol’ chests were full of gold, with tens of gems so dandy,

But then, one day, the thief came back with his bags extra full,

He saw there wasn’t any space, and said “That’s so not very cool !“


He looked around his awesome base, in search of a solution,

And saw a totem full of dust and a frail constitution.

The little guy had an idea, he said: “Let’s feed him gems!”

And so created extra space - a clever stratagem!


But fusing gems was not so easy, it took a lot of hours!

To speed the process just enough, he added orbs with powers.

Collecting orbs was very hard, the work was so intensive,

He bought a lot from Shady Joe, but man, they were expensive!


He went to Geffi, his ghost friend, in search for an advice,

And Geffi said “I’ll ask the Gods, they helped me once or twice!”

The Gods thought hard and long and brainstormed all together,

“Let’s make a gem that will give orbs with this magical feather!”


The feather was so rare to find, and it looked very weird,

But if you mixed it with a gem, fifteen blue orbs appeared.

They called it “Tinkling gem” and said “This will be hard to find!”

“And only thieves with extra skills will have this gem assigned!”


Geffi returned to his thief friend to give him the good news:

“When you go raiding other dungeons, be careful what you choose!”

And then one day, with pockets full, the thief entered his den,

And through his loot he found the prize - the famous Tinkling gem!

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Posted 14 February 2016 - 05:42 PM

Wooh awesome stories we have here! I feel bad for those who will pick the winners...



I remember having to sort the make a base contest. its gonna be a hard job to whoever chooses to do it

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Posted 15 February 2016 - 12:51 AM

It's Feb. 15! Yay! Now we shall wait for the judges...but wait...who are the judges?

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Posted 15 February 2016 - 01:02 AM

the watchers i think


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Posted 15 February 2016 - 01:18 AM

It's not february 15th yet. I'ts 7:18 February 14 right now for me


#58 Gian


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Posted 15 February 2016 - 01:36 AM

Dammit! Why must i be in an advance time zone!?

Luck and skill equals to fortunium, which is an element that makes you very awesome in games IF IT EXISTED...



#59 NotANewb


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Posted 15 February 2016 - 01:38 AM

The time zone is supposed to be GMT +0 Feb 15 12:00am


Compliments to OnProch97

#60 Sotherogue


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Posted 15 February 2016 - 01:40 AM

The time zone is supposed to be GMT +0 Feb 15 12:00am

...not sure what that means, but I'm not going to work on more story, so you can judge now if everyone else gives consent.


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