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Interview with Mizantrop, the guild leader of the Второй Шанс (Second Chance)

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Posted 22 January 2016 - 05:26 PM

We bet you've guessed at least once what does Второй Шанс mean, because you always see this name in the Top Guilds tab at top-3 positions. Now you're about to know that in Russian it means the Second Chance. The Second Chance is one of top guilds in King of Thieves.

We think that it's a good idea to ask the leader of this guild a couple of questions. Meet Mizantrop and enjoy reading a letters in bulk.
Chervey: The first question which haunts me is why. Why did you call your guild Второй шанс (Second Chance)? Why not the Third for example? Or the Fifth!
Mizantrop: That's easy. My first guild was Sword and Shield, a friend of mine invited me there. Shortly after he was forced to step aside from guild management. At the same time there was no option to pass the leader button to another players. So we made a new guild and I became its leader. Someone proposed the name, Second Chance, and e liked it a lot. It's creative and symbolic.
Chervey: Cyrillic name of your guild allows to make a conclusion that there are no non-russian speaking people in it. Is it true or false?
Mizantrop: Yes, the vast majority of players are from Russia. There are also several guys from Ukraine and Belarus. Every candidate pass an interview. I always check communication skills and level of common sense. Thus we've got a lot of mature men.
Chervey: Well, the guild's name and your requirements are looking cool in combination with your nickname :) Usually people can't get a second chance to make the first impression on misanthrops! Why did you pick this empathetic and human-loving name for your character? 
Mizantrop: I took it long ago. I used to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game. I was so impressed by it that I started to read books about this universe. In one of them there was a hero with cool looking callsign, Misantrop. I didn't know the meaning of this term though :)
Chervey: Sounds good, however it won't be that easy to get love of people as to conquer the world, to confuse Mishlo and to depose Dictators :) When you realised that you are the true rival for these guilds?
Mizantrop: Our way to the top is long. The guild was founded on Mar 15, 2015 and we managed to get to the top-2 on May 7. So I think that we realised our power in that moment. And starting from that day, we have been working on staying in top-10, because our position in the World's top changed from the 2nd to 15th.
Chervey: And you rule the guild from the start, don't you?
Mizantrop: There was an episode when I left the game, but it didn't last long. I missed the game badly, so I came back in couple of weeks. I used my personal second chance and even managed to make the guild stronger than it was before. That helped us to reach top-3 position and hold it firmly.
Chervey: So what about Mishlo and Dictators? I mean conquering, confusing and deposing ;)
Mizantrop: Mishlo is a super strong guild and it's really hard to compete with them, at the same time I'd say we think that it's a friend, not foe. Our top player Yuhan once was Mishlo member, it helped a lot to make a couple of communication bridges between the guilds. I can't say the same thing about Dictators. They are our main rival.
Chervey: I think that nothing prevents us from being a rivals and friends simultaneously. At least in the game. We can fight guild battles and enjoy chatting at the same time. Like you do with Mishlo for that matter. So what's wrong between you and Dictators? Why there is no friendship between you?
Mizantrop: Our guilds is formed from players who don't buy orbs. No one orb rituals. Here is a story for you, in one GvG with Dictators we should've won, but No Name decided to win no matter the cost and get 5-6M of delta. We watched over him closely. He moved from one dungeon to another too many times. This is the sign of heavy orbing. And this is the only reason that saved Dictators from defeat. This fact clearly defined our attitude to them.
Chervey: There are different ways to win a battle. Buying of orbs is only one of them. It's like a boxing between left-handed and right-handed guys. Right-handed boxer feels discomfort and asks his left-handed rival to switch his stance to a fair and right-handed one. Left-handed boxer refuses. However what is really fair in this situation? That's the question.
Mizantrop: I'm sure that our guild is the strongest. We would have set everyone in place, if guild wars didn’t require orbs. We've even proposed Mishlo a fair fight without orbing, but they refused :)
Chervey: I guess you would have refused too, if you had to orb every ritual. Wouldn't you?
Mizantrop: Of course we would accept the challenge. It could be very interesting! Our GvG record is 26M delta and it's without orbing! Just imagine what we're able to achieve with orbs! Also I realise that buying of orbs is not a flaw! This wonderful game deserves it for sure. At the same time I don't see it fair when some players like Manlakesh are able to make 12M delta with their orbs.
Chervey: Ok, let's put provocations aside for a while, you've already agreed to accept an interesting challenge and fight a guild battle against Dictators with mandatory orbing of rituals. Let's speak about another thing. You're holding the second position in the Top Guilds Ranking. Tell us how're you able to do it. I bet that every thief would like to know your secret and prosper in the game!
Mizantrop: Actually we're 3rd now :) And regarding our success, it's simple as it is: I watch over discipline in our guild, I perform an accounting of deltas for every member and encourage gem retrieves. If you want to join the Second Chance, you'll get no chance for idle playing :) We're the top guild, our history remembers over 40 brilliant players, here are some of them: Батон, Uliss, Валет, Vizya. Yes, people come and go, but at the same time our guild is a family.
Chervey: Ok, thanks for the interview. It's time for an advice for newcomers. Could you give one?
Mizantrop: Sure :) Try to be perfect, improve your skills, watch gameplay videos, ask experienced players for advices. Steal trap settings from the best, don't spam in groups and chats. Save orbs and do not upgrade your locks to the gold! :)

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