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Interview with Shonkee, the brightest lady of our community

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Posted 18 May 2016 - 02:21 PM

There is no chance that old players don't know Shonkee, the brightest lady of our community. She has been playing KoT since the oldest times and she's the one who makes it homy for others. Some people call her mom, others quietly adore her. Read the text and know her a bit better.

Chervey: You’re nice person and an old-school player who is deeply involved in the community life and in the Game of Steals. It’s hard to find a core community player who’s never heard about you. Here’s a simple question, share your secret with us: What’s the reason why people in KOT community love you so much? ;)
Shonkee: That’s not a simple question by the way. I guess it comes down to simple odds, if you spend everyday talking to a large group of people there will always be players who you bond with and overtime friendships are formed. I have made some true friends who I respect and love.

Chervey: That’s true, I mean that I lied when I called that a question simple ;) an interview should always include hints of conflict. Have you got enemies or rivals in the community by the way? :)
Shonkee: The KOT community is a passionate one who’s emotions can sometimes spill over. I am a big personality and as much as I have a lot of friends it would be totally naive to think I wouldn’t have players that didn’t like me.
I think all in all though players know my heart is in the right place, I try to help as much as I can and I do a lot for the community, so maybe my haters maybe just tolerate me.

Chervey: There’s only one general question that remains open. Our actions here, both in the game and in the community, are often made by words. Where should we draw the line between words and deeds in a KOT world?
Shonkee: I really care and at times to my detriment, I have cried too many tears over things that have been said and events but you learn and grow and after being admin for so long you harden up. Now I find it easier to distance myself emotionally and at times it’s almost fun sparing with a troll or shutting down an insult with zero emotional cost.

Chervey: You were both active player from top 25 and celebrity of our community. And now you’re one of the most active community members around, but not in the list of top players. Your game should be drastically different now. So what are the goals in your King of Thieves today? Could you tell people about them?
Shonkee: When I started I wanted to be on the list of the top 10 players but unfortunately I only made it to the top 12 and due to a series of unfortunate events in the game, I gave up. I’ve had a love hate relationship ever since however now I have started a new account and I’m embracing my old addiction once more. My goal is to make my new account the most skilled it can be, I don’t need masses of delta or a crown, I’m already a total princess :)

Chervey: Instead of my traditional question regarding advices for newcomers I’m going to ask you another one. What's your biggest regrets in the game? This is the question you usually ask :) So.. some people regret about golden locks, other about gems lost or whatever. What do you regret about?
Shonkee: My biggest KOT regret was that my friends sold their gems to support my foolish actions, it fills me with so much guilt and maybe that’s also one of the reasons I work so hard to help others, atonement. If I could have one KOT wish it would be that they had them returned.

Chervey: Now, after you’ve mentioned it, it would only be polite to share the extended version of the story to people reading the interview, what do you think?
Shonkee: I reported a player for cheating and a few days later I was unofficially informed by a watcher (spoiler: watcher is a player who helps to shape our community) that the cheater would be let back into the game however he would lose half out of his total gem score. The player also confirmed he was not banned and 4 others contacted me telling me he had returned.
I tried to protect players and I felt that honest people had been betrayed by Zepto. My emotions spilled over and on impulse I very publicly sold my gems as a sign of protest. I was shocked that No name, Nimby and Chad sold theirs also to support me and to stand up for fairness.
I messaged Zepto however due to it being a weekend their reply came too late and the damage was done. We all paid a heavy price, the Watcher who distorted the information was fired, we lost our gems and the respect of others and all over a miscommunication.
Moral of the story never jump in, wait to get the full picture and if your emotions are that raw maybe just walk away all together, it’s just a game :)

Chervey: That’s a good advice both for new and old players. However I'd call that guy an exploit user, not a cheater. However in the end it doesn't matter. That’s good that you stay with us. You help to keep kaos... I meant chaos under control ;)
Shonkee: lol, some things you can’t control. I would like to say one more thing (yes we all know I talk a lot). Zepto has built a great game but not only that, one of the best gaming communities I’ve ever seen. This doesn’t happen by accident and if it wasn’t for all the hard work, passion and care of your team, the watchers and your dedication it simply wouldn’t be what it is today. Each and every player is grateful even if you do get the old odd “Zepto<censored>” it’s only because we are such a passionate bunch and maybe also because we hate the spinner lol. Thank you guys :D

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