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Murder Mystery - Investigation Phase

Murder Mystery Umineko

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Posted 14 July 2017 - 08:07 PM

A Murder Mystery


You've been invited by a childhood friend, whom you had lost contact with long ago, to his private island.

As a detective, you couldn't lose this chance and accepted his invitation.

After all, wherever a detective goes, a crime always occurs...


Rules and Mechanics




The Investigation Phase



The Theory Phase



That's it.

Join and the story will start.

To join post /join



1. MeestaDawg117

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Posted 15 July 2017 - 04:54 AM


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Posted 15 July 2017 - 11:26 AM

One thing before starting:

-The doors here are the ones that can be locked from the inside without needing a key

also i'm no story teller

keep that in mind




People in the story:







-Flaming (Servant)

-Sarah (Servant)


After a long trip with a boat, you finally reach the island.

It also turns out you weren't the only one invited, other 4 people were, too.

You didn't bother learning their names though.

Once everyone had walked off the boat, two servant-looking people come to the scene.

They introduce themselves as "Sarah" and "Flaming".

The others quickly introduce themselves too except for you:

You are too busy seeing the boat leave the island...

Both the servants and the other guests don't seem to mind this, however, so you move on.


The servants guide you through a path in a forest.

At its end, you find a big tree with a ladder on it.

The servans then tell everyone that Xerxes had decided to build his mansion on top of a tree for some reason.

Even though you're both confused and surprised by this, you climb the ladder before anyone else anyway.

After everyone had reached the top, the servants, once again, guide you through the mansion.

While walking down the hallway, you couldn't help but notice a billboard with some kind of painting on it.

You take out your notebook & pen and quickly draw it in one of the pages:



"Mansion's map" - Xerxes
The servants finally come to a stop in front of a door that has a sign with "Dining Hall" written on it.
They open it and you all go inside.
A man who is sitting on a chair smiles at all of you as you enter.
You look confused for a second, but quickly recognize this person as Xerxes.
He points at you, then at the big table in front of him, and then to the 5 chairs around it.
You guess he's telling you to sit down and you do so. Everyone else follows.
The servants give everyone a cup of coffee and you take a sip.
As you do this, people start talking to each other about things from the past, how they've been doing and the such.
Everyone seems to know each other.
One of them, however, isn't talking to anyone, so you decide to be nice and try talking to him.
That didn't go well.
You did not only accidentally drop a glass of water on a girl, you also found out that this person, who is named Tech, is an idiot.
You somehow convinced him that the earth is flat and life is an experiment made by the government to hide the truth that space goats actually exist.
At first, you thought he was joking around when he believed you, but he's for real...
You decide to leave him alone.
Actually, you decide to leave the mansion.
However, before you can even reach the dining hall's door, someone whose name you don't know approaches you to talk.
You die on the inside as he introduces himself as Ryax.
Ryax is actually a really nice guy!
You thought he would be an annoying person because of his voice, but he's actually very cool.
Cooler than you, actually.
You look around the room once you've finished talking and realize you're alone with the servant Sarah and Ryax.
Looks like you talked for way too long, oops.
You vaguely remember hearing Xerxes telling Sarah to stay here listening to your conversation as punishment for drinking coffee without permission.
What should you do now?
Stay and look around?
You're not really sure.
You sit down and consider your options.
You can do actions now
/look around
/talk to X
/do X

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