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Interview with Alexis Kot (Alexis)

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Posted 28 September 2017 - 03:26 PM

January 23rd, 2017


Today I would like to present to you all the first, of hopefully many interviews, of great KoT Players all over the world.

We are picking the brains of Alexis Kot (Alexis)

● Where are you from?

I am from São Paulo, Brazil.


● What do you do for a living?

I am a Scientist, just finished my PhD in a very specific area of Biology Sciences.


● How old are you?

I am 30 years old.


● What is your level, average delta, guild?

My current level is 510. In past season i did 2.2M/gvg which was pretty nice and my guild is Gem Retrieval (Jewel Retrieval) despite i am currently in our smaller guild called GReat.


● How long have you been playing?

I play KoT since first weeks of its releasing and curiously i almost stopped playing it after few days because i thought the game annoyingly hard. Pretty different from i was used to play. LOL


● What other guilds have you been in?

The guilds i remember i was in my noob days were The Pub and Red Bull. Ironically i was kicked from one of them because i had negative delta due a big gem stolen, this happened in very begining of the gvgs. Right after that i could find a spot in Gem Retrieval the guild i wanted to be in since weeks before that episode. I also spent a season in The Syndicate in which i had the honor to play by the side of some big friends of mine and another KoT legends.


● How many hours a day do you spend playing?

I do not play that much, about 2h in game a little more when designing and much more in hard gvgs. I spend a lot of my KoT time out of the game managing KoT stuff and interacting with many friends in many Telegram chats.


● Number one tip you would give other players?

In KoT, real life is priority. We can only fully and truly love the game when it does not take from us what we do love in real life. This is a very addicting game (we all know that) so enjoy it with responsibility.


● What was your best experience in the game?

I have lived so many AWESOME things in KoT that it is hard to point a single specific one. Maybe joining GR was my best experience because it brought me most of the best experiences with most amazing friends. It is amazing to see a real friendship we can have about a person you most times do not even know his/her actual face. Joining GR and finding/making there a family was the most important thing for sure.


● What is your biggest regret in the game?

I have had many losses in game but no one of them is something i could hugely regret. Perhaps a couple of rage spins i have given in many 1 or 2 stars retrieves/ugs. They took a lot of my orbs which i could had saved for a possible f2p kok run.


● Who is/are your KoT hero/s?

How much time do you have now? lol KoT just brought me some of most amazing guys i met in my life which i admire and inspire myself a lot. Let me put this way: i wish i could be: As wise as Gad and Vanstorm are; As lovely and kind as Scorpion and Bollet are; As skillful as Queeezy and Mhd are; As geek as Skydancer and Somark are; As designer genius as Fezzik and Bryan are; As sarcastic and trustworthy as Symedia is; Despite i have many awesome and close friends in KoT these are the ones i admire the most. These are my heros.


● What would you like to see introduced or changed in the game?

Something we ask since ever is the retrieve spinner for sure. In past weeks we just saw how this affects golden availability and our fun in game. Another thing is a raiding strategies/skill ranking rather than gem score, i understand that this might not be that easy to put in game and that this may annoy few Zepto customers/p2p players but i think very soon we will be able to testify a good attempt available for everyone.


● KoT wish?

In real life i would say no criminals and peace. In KoT i say no hackers/cheaters, lets play and compete fairly.


● How would you describe KoT to a stranger?

Very addicting, complex and well designed game (despite few small failures we know).


● What thief/costume do you like the best for raiding and why?

I used to use Golden Blaze and now i use the amazon devil one, both are very cool and the black bottom does not mess my ability to raid; i scan noob bases without problems using them. But i confess i would love to have the watcher one, but making something huge to the game so deserving it somehow.


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