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Interview with Roman Rybkin (BigRoma3000)

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Posted 28 September 2017 - 03:41 PM

February 21st, 2017


Today my guest is Roman Rybkin also known as BigRoma3000.

Hello Roman, thank you for answering a few questions for all the KoT Players out there.
Hello everyone! My name is Roman (ING bigroma3000).


Andrea: Where are you from?
Roman: I’m from Russia (Smolenskiy region, Gagarin City).


Andrea: When you’re not playing King of Thieves, what do you do for a living?
Roman: At the moment I’m working in EGGER Company (woodworking factory).


Andrea: How old are you Roman?
Roman: 36 years old, I’m not an old man :)  I have a family (wife and daughter).


Andrea: We all know you are a member of MISHLO, would you tell us what level you are and what your average delta is?
Roman: My current level in the game 649. The average delta for battle 2.5M-3.0M. The average for the season 25M.


Andrea: You have been playing for a long time, when did you start playing King of Thieves?
Roman: I started playing February’12, 2015 (little more than two years).


Andrea: Have you ever been in another guild beside MISHLO?
Roman: At the beginning of my way I played as a loner. Then I played for the MARINES guild (I think all of us know this guild). Later, I decided to leave the guild and join another guild. It was MISHLO guild.


Andrea: Some players spend hours playing KoT every day, how about you?
Roman: I spend about 2 hrs a day. Sometimes a little more - sometimes a little less. It depends on current battle and my workload at work. Most importantly it is dependent on my wife and daughter 


Andrea: What tip would you give other players
Roman: Haha, do you want to get a one tip for all occasions in your life? I have one and half of tips. The first and main tip is in the ability to respect. Half of tip it’s balance between the game and real life.


Andrea: What do you think is your best experience in the game:
Roman: I got the experience of a team game.


Andrea: Do you regret anything about the game?
Roman: I don’t have any regrets. As soon as I get the first regret - I will go out of the game. For two years I play only for fun.


Andrea: What are your KoT heroes?
Roman: I don’t have heroes in the game. I have good friends. A lot of good friends.


Andrea: Are there any changes you would like to see in the game?
Roman: Haha! Zepto team don’t make me angry please - make changes for Offers ASAP!


Andrea: If his majesty would grant you one wish, what would it be?
Roman: I have one wish – don’t stop there!


Andrea: How would you describe KoT to a stranger?
Roman: Very interesting question. I think so… Gameplay.


Andrea: What thief/costume do you like the best for raiding and why?
Roman: Oh, hard choice. If for raiding – I think you have guessed  Simple Black! If for fun - I like all the other outfits!


Andrea: Roman, again,thank you for taking the time and letting us get to know the man behind the pumpkin a little better.


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