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Interview with Alex Van de Griendt (Aluce)

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Posted 28 September 2017 - 03:44 PM

March 1st, 2017


Today my guest is Alex Van de Griendt (Aluce) a member of the Watcher team and long time KoT Player.

Alex, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions.

Andrea: Alex, where are you from?
Alex: I'm from a small town in the Netherlands, and currently residing in a slightly less small town in the Netherlands.

Andrea: When you’re not playing KoT, what do you do for a living?
Alex: I study mathematics in university. Just another poor student living off of what the government is willing to give to me for my study :)

Andrea: How old are you?
Alex: I am 24 years old.

Andrea: How long have you been a Watcher?
Alex: I became a Watcher on April Fool's day 2016. Of course for a brief moment of time I thought it was an elaborate prank targeted at me for no specific reason! But it soon became clear it was for real.

Andrea: What do you like best about being a Watcher?
Alex: It keeps me involved in all community and game matters directly. People come to me with small problems and I am able to solve them or give them advice and further steps. Helping people out like that is the best feeling and I always enjoy doing it. It makes me feel useful and appreciated.

Andrea: You are a level 180 player with a total gem score ofalmost 40 million, what is your  average delta, and what guild are you in at the moment?
Alex: My average delta as of late has been roughly one million per gvg. But I think I've been rather lucky. It used to be a lot less :D I lead my own guild, Jedi Mind Tricks, for a long time now. But my fellow Jedis and I are using another guild, Triforce of Power, for the remainder of this season, so my main account can be found there for the time being.

Andrea: You have been playing Kot for a long time, when did you start?
Alex: I started around October or November 2015. It was only just after I obtained a new phone (probably the first one I had that was able to handle this kind of game!) and was Stockholm Syndromed immediately.

Andrea: We all start out in different guilds, what other guilds have you been in?
Alex: The first guild I joined was İmrn, but I left soon because it wasn't very active. I went to deeznutshagotem because it's a funny guild name and stayed there for a while. The first "big" guild I joined was Corrupt. The guys there were amazing, I learned a lot, and made many good friends. I went to become co-leader of the guild alongside Got Corbin, and later Corrupt merged with Hyrule (then led by the big toast) into a new guild Triforce of Power, which was the most powerful and energetic guild I have experienced. Unfortunately, the project did not last very long, which is why I went to visit some of my fellow Watchers in YISI. After one season there I decided to move my main account to Jedi Mind Tricks, the guild I had created and cultivated with my alt account the whole time and that is the guild I've been intensely occupied with since.

Andrea: How many hours a day do you feed your KoT addiction?
Alex: It depends greatly on the guild battle and other real life activities. Usually it's about an hour per day on average. But when the guild battle is tough or I want to berserk a ritual, I can play about four or more hours a day. I virtually never hit the limit though.

Andrea: What ist the number one tip you would give other players?
Alex: Search for a comfy home guild if you aren't already in one. For me the social aspect of this game is the most important. Being competitive is great but only if your whole team is great! Always remember that the game is about having fun.

Andrea: What was your best experience in the game?
Alex: The greatest moment in KoT was a few seasons ago, when I was in Triforce of Power battling MiniGold. With three hours to go in the gvg, we were at 15M against their 20M and we noticed all of them were offline. We decided to fire things up and go full on and try to beat them after all. We all skipped until we ran out of gold, orbs or hit playtime limits, until we were at 21.9M vs 21.9M in the last few minutes. In the end we lost by an incredibly small margin, but the way we got so pumped up and full of adrenalin ready to show them who's boss... that's what made it so great, and that is what I loved so much about ToP.

Andrea: What is your biggest regret in the game?
Alex: They added thrones when I was just one eye short of crafting Foreseer, so now I don't have the Foreseer outfit. I could have had Foreseer earlier if I realized on time that crafting Purple Splash was bad. I still get nightmares of it.

Andrea: Who would you consider to be your KoT heros?
Alex: The Watcher team is an incredible force of awesome people. They gave me the opportunity to serve the community and learn more about the game along the way, so every Watcher I've worked with are heroes to me. They are like family to me now. Some extra special thanks to Fezzik and DanFariasM. Ryblik, Got Corbin, Draco, The Big Toast a.k.a. Bryan Berndt, Coffee Bob, Santiago, Rami, no name and Alexis are all also awesome personalities in KoT; the game and its community wouldn't be the same without them.

Andrea: What would you like to see introduced or changed in the game?
Alex: Guild or season mechanics. Deliberate lowering of delta being an important facet of reaping maximal rewards is very counterintuitive and leads to crazy situations sometimes. I'd also like to see disco balls, or disco cubes, or disco rhombic triacontahedrons, as optional decorations above my totem.

Andrea: If you could have one KoT wish, what would it be?
Alex: To have the gold coin currency replaced with doughnuts, so that the term "gold" is no longer ambiguous.

Andrea: How would you describe KoT to a stranger?
Alex: "Basically, you steal virtual gems using virtual currencies so that you get rewarded with more of the same virtual currencies which you can then use to steal more virtual gems. Hmm? What? What to do after you stole enough gems? You've never stolen enough gems. Now go away so I can continue skipping."

Andrea: We all have our favorit raiding costume, what is your, and why?
Alex: As an owner of the Watcher outfit I have to say I love it and I always use it when raiding. The King's Watcher wears pink and its eye can shoot laser beams. These laser beams don't actually do anything in-game so it's useless for raiding, that's why you never see me doing it in the game, but it's totally bad ass.

Andrea: Personally I am a heat person, but others prefer the cold. If you had your choice of places to go for vacation, what would it be?
Alex: I'm definitely more of a heat person, but nothing too extreme. A sunny place with temperatures around 25 degrees Celcius, which has good beer, a place to play snooker, a place to play pinball, and a place to play with other balls sounds perfect to me.

Andrea: What is your favorite flavor of chocolate?
Alex: Pure chocolate. I would have said white chocolate, but that's not really chocolate, so it doesn't count. Are you implying that white chocolate is actually chocolate? OK, this interview is over.

Alex, it is nice to find out a little more about you, again thank you for taking the time to let us all get to know you better.


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