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Interview with Fezzik

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Posted 28 September 2017 - 03:52 PM

March 8th, 2017


Today I would like to continue getting to know our team of Watchers better. My guest today is Fezzik King (Fezzik), a great base designer, long time KoT player and Elder Watcher.

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for us Fezzik.

Andrea: Where are you from?
Fezzik: I’m a Jersey guy, born and raised in New Jersey, USA.


Andrea: When you’re not playing King of Thieves, what do you do for a living?
Fezzik: I’m a freelance technology consultant. Mostly I build websites, web applications, marketing emails, and manage social media presence.

Andrea: How old are you Fezzik?
Fezzik: At 41, I’m actually the oldest of the Elders.

Andrea: You are an Elder Watcher, since when have you been a watcher?
Fezzik: I was asked to be a Watcher back in September of 2015, so it’s been a while.

Andrea: What do you like best about being a watcher?
Fezzik: Really I just love the game and am thrilled to be in a position where I can give back and help out in any way I can.  Watchers are not only moderators for the forum and social media, but we also can be a voice for the community and bring important issues to Zeptolab’s attention.

Andrea: Would you tell us what level you are and what your average delta is?
Fezzik: I’m currently creeping up on level 350.  My delta varies depending on my strategy for battles and leagues, but I guess I typically I average around 500k-600k on my main account.
Andrea: You have been playing for a long time, when did you start playing King of Thieves?
Fezzik: I installed the game just after it was released on Amazon, but I didn’t really understand or get into the multiplayer aspects of it for a month or so.

Andrea: Which guilds have you been in since playing KoT, and what guild do you belong to at the moment?
Fezzik: When guilds were added to the game, I joined some random guild called Ciao. This was before the guild chat was implemented so I never got to know those guys.  I was in a guild called The Horde for a while after that.  Then I moved to Yes I stole IT to hang out with Coffee Bob and Fat Ninja, which is probably where most people have seen me.  Recently I joined one of my own guilds called Dread Pirates, which I lead with one of my alternate characters.

Andrea: Some players spend hours playing KoT every day, how about you?
Fezzik: I’ve sunk more time into this game than I’d care to divulge, but I’ve only hit the time limit once or twice.  Usually I spread my time across various accounts in a few guilds, playing with base designs, raiding techniques, and various GvG strategies.

Andrea: What tip would you give other players?
Fezzik: For new players, upgrade early and often. Don’t worry about losing or stealing gems at low levels.  Raid for enough gold to upgrade your traps, skull gold, and lockpicks.  Don’t waste gold or time on locks.  And constantly run rituals, respinning twice for eyeballs and mushrooms to get your Foreseer 5 throne.  For more established players, if you’re not finding good gems, you’re not skipping enough.  And don’t underestimate the power of designing your own original base.  Well known layouts get 3-starred, no matter how hard they are, but an original design has the element of surprise.

Andrea: What do you think was your best experience in the game:
Fezzik: I have great experiences in the game all the time. I remember getting that last eyeball for my level 5 white shadow (now known as a foreseer throne), maxing my castle, stealing my first semi-perfect gem, making my first perfect gem, getting top prize in season 1...  But there’s nothing like that feeling when getting that 2nd checkmark saving a hard base of your own design.  

Andrea: Do you regret anything about the game?
Fezzik: Nothing major, but I probably would have done things a bit differently if I knew what I was doing when I started out.  I think I completed the entire single player map, collecting every xp orb and leveling up as fast as possible before I even raided anyone else or upgraded a trap.  Kids, don’t do that.

Andrea: You’re a great dungeon designer, how do you do it? When you see a dungeon do know right away where the best places for traps are, or do you play around with them for some time?
Fezzik: Thanks!  Usually I have a few ideas for layouts right away, but I love to tinker.  There are some common principles I keep in mind.  For example, I try to make sure my dungeon is still hard if any one trap is removed, to plan for Disable Trap potions.  I also plan for Gang of Thieves, making sure the tail end of the gang won’t survive or have an easy time even after disabling a trap.  When I get a new base, I usually start with a trap in a position that I’d consider difficult to pass, and then I protect that from being disabled with the other traps.  I wouldn’t say I know right away where I want each trap to go, but I’ve been designing bases for so long I usually know what kind of thing might work and what’s easily exploitable.  

Andrea: Is there anything you would like to see changed in the game?
Fezzik: Of course there are probably a million things on my wish list, but off the top of my head I think I would most want the ability to flip or rotate dungeon terrain.  That would add a ton of variety.  I’d also love separate retrieve logs for guilds and facebook friends, which listed all the people who made attempts and allowed me to tap to retrieve their gems.  

Andrea: If his majesty would grant you one wish, what would it be?
Fezzik: A bit of luck wouldn’t hurt.  So much of this game is based on luck.  The retrieve spinner in particular is unbelievably frustrating.  Far too often I can’t get gems back on 3 stars even after 4 spins.  Please, your majesty, cut a brother some slack.

Andrea: How would you describe KoT to a stranger?
Fezzik: I’d call it an evolving and challenging multiplayer game where you steal and defend gems by design defenses and raiding other people’s defenses.

Andrea: What thief/costume do you like the best for raiding and why?
Fezzik: I usually rock the Style Hunter, which is basically Simple Black with sunglasses.  I find it hard to judge difficult pixel-perfect jumps when there’s too much going on with a costume.  That’s not to say I don’t play around with other costumes or wear my Watcher outfit with pride, but when I really want to get serious with raiding or a tough save I go back to the basics.

Andrea: There are few player who think pineapple doesn’t  belong on a Pizza.  What do you think about it? And what are your favorite Pizza toppings?
Fezzik: Hawaiian pizza (Ham and Pineapple) is one of my top 3 pizzas of all time, along with buffalo chicken pizza and a good local Sicilian pie.

Andrea: What other hobbies beside playing King of Thieves do you have?
Fezzik: To name just a few, I love bass fishing, playing guitar, home improvement, and tinkering with technology.

Again, thank you for answering these questions and letting all of us get to know you a little better.


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