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Interview with Oliver KoT

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Posted 27 October 2017 - 03:32 PM

March 29th, 2017


Today I would like to continue with my series of interviews with our watcher team. My guest today is Oliver Kot who is also a long time player, besides being one of the watchers.

Oliver, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for us.

Andrea:      Where are you from?
Oliver: Interesting one to start with :). I was born in Canada, and I live in Hungary now.


Andrea:      When you’re not playing King of Thieves, what do you do for a living?
Oliver:  I study Maths at university, currently im working on my Masters' degree.     


Andrea:     How old are you Oliver?
Oliver: Im 23 at the moment. I usually hate this question, because its hard to calculate even with a degree in maths.     


Andrea:     When did you become a watcher?
Oliver:         I made the watcher team in may 2016


Andrea:      What do you like best about being a watcher?
Oliver: The best thing about it is that I am placed in the centre of a great community. Both the watcher team and everyone else who plays kot brings out my good side, which means a lot to me. And it feels good to be able to give something back to everyone.


Andrea:       Would you tell us what level you are and what your average delta is?
Oliver: I just passed level 700 on my account recently. As for my average delta... that depends on the circumstances. I've had seasons where I averaged out around 2-4M per gvg, and there have been others where I barely make 100k.     


Andrea:       You have been playing for a long time, when did you start playing King of Thieves?
Oliver: I started playing Kot around the Feb 14 release date more than 2 years ago. In 2015 summer, 3 months later I started a new account cross platform, and have been playing relentlesly ever since.       


Andrea:     Which guild have you been in since playing KoT, and what guild do you belong to at the moment?
Oliver: In short, the bulk of the list is Hyrule > Ligers > Dictators > The Syndicate. To be honest, I don't think i could list them all without offending someone by leaving them out. Dictators is where I came together with most of my friends, but recently I have been trying to hop around and make many new friends in as many guilds as I can.  


Andrea:     Some players spend hours playing KoT every day, how about you?
Oliver: This varies a lot too. Luckily, i can always seem to make some extra time for tougher gvgs/events. When I am pushing I usually play ~6-10 hours about twice a week. Other times i hardly skip 1-2 hours a day.


Andrea:    What tip would you give other players?
Oliver: (1) Max your throne, run rituals 24/7, get berserker & HB as high as you can. (2) Berserker is great getting extra ingredients. Max it if you want a lot of costumes. (3) 10/10/10/1 or higher spins for decent outfits ;). (4) I respin once on leaf/dust for extra eyes, they are great for getting outfits. Leaves can be bought cheap. (5) Find a guild with active and friendly people - it means a lot, not just extra rewards every month. (6) Yes, you can be the King of Kings. If you really mean it and don't give up, you will make it!


Andrea:    What do you think was your best experience in the game:
Oliver: Of all the moments I think my best one was when i sealed my 12th Perfect Reaper gem to finish the full page in my vault. But I wouldnt miss out mentioning skipping with my guild in a tough battle, pushing to be the King, or the adrenaline rush of finding a gold gem.


Andrea:    Do you regret anything about the game?
Oliver: I definitely shouldnt have sealed those perfect yellow/orange gems.     


Andrea:    Are there any players in the game that have inspired you, or you would consider to be „the greatest players „ of KoT?
Oliver:   This question depends a lot on the guilds I've been in. Spending so much time in the same guild as No Name is hard not to mention. He is not just a great player, but also a great friend. As an organiser of KOGR, I know there are many great and kind players in so many guilds, and its really a shame I can't be in so many guilds at once.


Andrea:   Is there anything you would like to see changed in the game?
Oliver:     Moving around gems in the vault would be really great. Now that players even have profiles it would be even more useful. I wouldnt mind a 6th gem color & potion either ;)


Andrea:    If his majesty would grant you one wish, what would it be?
Oliver:     200 New dungeons for the next update! (And delete the terrible donut bases ofc!!)


Andrea:     How would you describe KoT to a stranger?
Oliver:      "Awesome strategy & skill platformer", Simply put I'd just tell them to try it and close my mouth, since im terrible at explaining stuff in real life.


Andrea:     We all have our favorite thief/costume, which is yours and why?
Oliver: Its so hard to pick just one as an outfit collector. Most of my outfits even have a story behind them. If i had to pick only one, I would probably go for convictm for its slick look, raritly, and smooth raiding.    


Andrea:     If you could pick any destination in the world to travel to, where would you go and who would you take with you?
Oliver:  I would take my lovely girlfriend to the biggest theme park in europe (unless someone got us tickets to the secret KOT amusement park).


Andrea:    Other than King of Thieves, what other hobbies do you have?
Oliver: I usually play 1-2 other games on my phone, which cycle every few months. Kot is the only one I have stuck to this long. I also like strategy games from chess and Go, to Starcraft 2, and occasionally LoL (strictly non-competitively).

Again, Oiliver thank you for taking time to let us get to know you better.

On a personal note, please check out my channel on telegram, all the interviews, my own and some old ones done be Shonkee and Chervey are in there, in case you missed some.



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