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Interview with Sorry Dude

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Posted 27 October 2017 - 03:41 PM

April 5th, 2017


Since I will not be able to post an interview next week I will be concluding my series of watchers interviews with, last but not least, Joao Sorrydude.

Joao, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for us.

Andrea:      Where are you from?
Joao: I’m from Montes Claros, a medium city located in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Andrea:      When you’re not playing King of Thieves, what do you do for a living?
Joao:         I am a civil engineering student, and when i’m not studying, i am a math and physics tutor for students trying to get in college.

Andrea:     How old are you Joao?
Joao:      I am 23 years old.

Andrea:     When did you become a watcher?
Joao:         I became a watcher on January 17th of 2017.

Andrea:      What do you like best about being a watcher?
Joao:   I really like how we are directly involved with zepto’s staff, how we discuss the game mechanics and the best solutions for each case reported to us.

Andrea:       Would you tell us what level you are and what your average delta is?
Joao:         I am level 536. My average delta depends on my activity. This season my goal is to make 40million.. Usually it goes between 20-30m per season.

Andrea:       You have been playing for a long time, when did you start playing King of Thieves?
Joao:        I started playing kot on my android phone on March of 2015, but i bought an iOS on May 14th and started an alt account there (Sorry dude). Kept playing on both accounts until September of 2015 and then i abandoned my android phone and Sorry dude became my main account.

Andrea:     Which guild have you been in since playing KoT, and what guild do you belong to at the moment?
Joao:     I played with several guilds since i first started playing, not sure if i remember all.. If i recall correctly: Ladinos, The 5 percent, URSA, MISHLO, Brown Bear, Baby Sharks, The Syndicate, Brazucas Way and now im playing with Gem Retrieval.. My real family is in Baby Sharks and Brown Bear, we are very close friends. The reason why i played on so many guilds is because i like meeting new people, but i always come back home to the Sharks

Andrea:     Some players spend hours playing KoT every day, how about you?
Joao:     I play kot for about 4-5 hours a day, but i spend much more time interacting  with the community

Andrea:    What tip would you give other players?
Joao: Practice a lot on hard bases, dont be afraid of spending potions (specially gang) when you are raiding to practice, it always pays of when you know how to gang a hard layout and steal a big gem from it.

Andrea:    What do you think was your best experience in the game:
Joao:    I love hard and close gvgs, i am very competitive and I’m always there, pushing my guildmates and myself towards the victory. I am always the one that is against giving up and saying ’’we can do it guys! Keep skipping“

Andrea:    Do you regret anything about the game?
Joao:      In the middle of 2016, i stopped playing for 2 months and failed to collect 2 unique gems. These are the only uniques that i never owned (I dont have 2 christmas gems, but its because i merged them to make santa claus)

Andrea:    Are there any players in the game that have inspired you, or you would consider to be „the greatest players „ of KoT?
Joao:    There are many players that have inspired and helped me, and i cant name them all because this would be a very big answer. But I’d like to thank all my guild leaders for taking me in and each and everyone of my facebook friends, for trying and retrieving my gems. In my opinion, there are some players that have given so much for this game and did so much to help the community, that they should have their names written in the credits section. Fezzik, Alucen, Alexis and Symedia are just some of many others that deserve this kind of honor.

Andrea:   Is there anything you would like to see changed in the game?
Joao:     I’d love to have more variety of bases, If we could mirror dungeons and have a spinner to randomize traps in each base, that would be so amazing

Andrea:    If his majesty would grant you one wish, what would it be?
Joao:     Please,make people stop sharing their accounts your majesty!

Andrea:     How would you describe KoT to a stranger?
Joao:      its an unique game! Luck+skills+strategy in one of the best designs i’ve ever seen

Andrea:     We all have our favorit thief/costume, which is yours and why?
Joao:     I loved the look of wise eye since i started playing and i’ve been using it since costumes were introduced. But now im rolling with the watcher outfit

Andrea:     If you were stranded on a tropical Island,  who and what would you lIke to have with you?
Joao:       I’d like to have my girlfriend with me, and a plane or a helicopter to get the hell out of there. On a second thought, I think i prefer to be stranded with a plane/chopper pilot.

Andrea:      You have a big family, what do you think is the best thing about having lots of brothers and sisters,  and what are the bad things?
Joao: What i like the most is the noise! Its great to never be alone and always have somebody next to you. What i dont like is the noise too, they just dont let me sleep until late. But really, i cant imagine myself without my big and noisy family.

Again, thank you for letting us get to know you better.

On a personal note, please check my telegram channel where I have posted all interviews, my own, as well as some old ones you may have missed.



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