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Interview with Hanni

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Posted 27 October 2017 - 03:55 PM

July 9th, 2017

Today I am very happy to welcome another great female KoT Player, Johanna Bernhardt aka Hanni.

Hanni, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for us.

Andrea:      Where are you from?
Hanni:         I’m from germany, near the Czech Republic.

Andrea:      When you’re not playing King of Thieves, what do you do for a living?
Hanni:         I study business law and work at a hotel to earn a bit money.

Andrea:     How old are you Hanni?
Hanni:        I’m 20 years old.

Andrea:       Would you tell us what level you are and what your average delta is?
Hanni:         My account is level 153 at the moment. About an average delta I can’t really say anything. I’m not the best player, but it can be 0 or 1M, always depends on the luck that I have (which I don’t have too often).
Andrea:       You have been playing for a long time, when did you start playing King of Thieves?
Hanni:        Let me lie, I guess it was either in August or September in 2015.

Andrea:     Which guild have you been in since playing KoT, and what guild do you belong to at the moment?
Hanni:     The first guild which I was playing in was „3rd Street saints“, later I joined kotpedia 3 and even gad gave me leadership. It was almost a dead guild with only 2 active players at this time. After I could build the guild a bit up (with the help of ciccio and kreigi) I gave the leadership to an awesome player and friend and joined ligers, where I met some really nice people. But I got lead back to kot3 and we decided to build it up to a top guild. Since that I’m dedicated to this guild and the people in there. In the meantime we also had one season break which I spent in teh guild.

Andrea:     Some players spend hours playing KoT every day, how about you?
Hanni:     So, I can’t deny that I’m playing a lot. Everytime when I’m bored the game is what I open, it became a habit. In resume it might be like 3/4 hours a day, sometimes more and sometimes less, it also depends on the gvg.

Andrea:    What tip would you give other players?
Hanni:      Don’t be afraid of running goldens. This game has such a big community and everyone is willing to help out if there’s a lost gem. Also save your orbs, it will save you a lot of money. Personally I’m not able to save them like others, some of my guildmates even call rage spins „waste orbs on hanni-style“, so I just can tell others to do it better than me and save their orbs. Try to win leagues as often as possible and don’t spin too much.  

Andrea:    What do you think was your best experience in the game:
Hanni:     My best experience are all those wonderful people I met due to the game, with some I had a lot of funny and sad moments, but I wouldn’t want to miss anything or anyone. I made a lot of friends and even I’m planning to meet some of them.

Andrea:    Do you regret anything about the game?
Hanni:      What I regret most is when I get mad about wrong picks or when I noob actually easy bases, like a giveaway base once. My phone had to suffer a lot due to the game and even it is already the second one.

Andrea:    Are there any players in the game that have inspired you, or you would consider to be „the greatest players „ of KoT?
Hanni:    First of all I want to mention my boyfriend kreigi, who introduced this game to me, even when I wasn’t too excited in the beginning. Also he often helps me with saving bases or raiding, as I’m a huge noob. Second there’s gad who offered me a spot in kotpedia 3, gave me the chance of lead the guild and improve myself this way. Next I would like to honor Marco  (ciccio bomber) for everything he has done for me and the guild and Ricardo (Turtle) who made me find back to the fun in the game all the times when I was near giving up. Still there are many other people I could say a lot about, but that would be too long. But another special thanks to all the members of kotpedia 3 who helped in rebuilding it as a guild and make it the little „family“ I find in there now.

Andrea:   Is there anything you would like to see changed in the game?
Hanni:     I really would like to see the retrieve chances increased as it was in the fireplace and I would like to see more golden gems around.

Andrea:    If his majesty would grant you one wish, what would it be?
Hanni:     I would love to see zepto listen to the community. Of course not any wish is possible to make it come true and not even any wish makes sense. But those which everybody knows about, the retrieve chances for example or the rewards which get smaller with every update. For small guilds which are in a small arena the rewards are ridiculous compared to what we got in the beginning when seasons started.

Andrea:     How would you describe KoT to a stranger?
Hanni:      It’s an addictive strategy game, which requires creativity, patience and attention all at once.

Andrea:     We all have our favorit thief/costume, which is yours and why?
Hanni:     To be honest, I don’t care too much about the outfit, but I don’t like these „big“ ones, so I’m using either simple black or nimble foot. Another outfit I really like is the reckless rusher, but unfortunately I didn’t get it yet.

Andrea:       What are your favorite potions while raiding gems?
Hanni:          My absolute favourite is definitely slow motion. I’m better at those precise jumps then, in some cases I like the gang and disable trap potion of course.

Andrea:       Can you raid platform and gravity switch bases very well? What is your specific strategy for these?
Hanni:          Unfortunately not. I usually noob them completely.

Andrea:        Due to popular demand I have to make this a permanent question.  What do you think about pineapple on pizza and what is your favorit pizza topping?
Hanni:            Pineapple on Pizza is a No-Go for me. It doesn’t fit in my opinion and personally I don’t like the taste. But as I don’t eat meat my assortment isn’t too big either. Still my absolute favourite is a pizza with paprika and onion.

Andrea:       Speaking of food, if you could choose any restaurant to be taken out to, what type of restaurant would it be, and what would you order?
Hanni:       It would be a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. My order would depend on the menu card, but I don’t like so much to test, especially with food.

Andrea:      If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?
Hanni:         It is my dream to visit Rio de Janeiro one day and drive the Route 66.

Again, thank you for letting us get to know you better.


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