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Chervey's Revenge, Interview with Andrea Freund (Geist 812)

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Posted 27 October 2017 - 04:10 PM

October 6th, 2017.

Ok, we all know that Andrea Freund is a journalist at the King's court. She makes interviews with different thieves and posts them here. However she just can't make an interview with herself, it would be weird. At the same time it's fair to ask her several questions in return, right? I couldn't ask her to comment latest events like what do you think about unique gems disappearing from weekend challenges. That's because she (like other watchers) knows something, but the time hasn't come to share all the details. So there will be no damn hot questions this time. Enjoy the read and Friday!

Chervey: Hey Andrea, I suppose that the time has come for you to answer some questions 😉 Let’s start from the general things. First of all, please tell us more about your ingame nickname. It sounds German by origin, I’d bet on it. However why Geist and why 812?
Andrea: It is German, Geist means ghost and 812 is simply my birthday, December 8th. In Germany the day is put first in a date, not like in the USA where it would be 128. Pretty boring huh? But I never thought I would play KoT as long as I have, considering I only installed it to help my son retrieve his stolen gems.

Chervey: Is this your first online game where you dived into community so deep?
Andrea: Definitely yes. Before I started playing KoT I only played a few online games, and none of them had a community like this. The more I played KoT the more I liked the challenge of it, but I realized pretty soon that in order to get anywhere in the game I would need some friends. So, I googled it and found the ask a friend fb chat. First I just lurked around, but then I saw how open and friendly everybody was, so I started chatting and sending out friendship requests. They were accepted by top players at the time, which really surprised me. In the other communities the big players were arrogant, but not here.

Chervey: Girls are rarely seen among high ranked players. Usually if we take an average MMO and active community members of high ingame level, we’ll meet only 1 girl among 10 players. How have you managed to get this far and stay for that long? What motivates you?
Andrea: I don't really consider myself high level, there are incredible women who play this game, who are ranked way higher than me. Why do I stay and what motivates me? It must be all that Zeptolove you are always talking about Chervey. Seriously though, I have come to love this game. I have recently said that it must be my love of being punished, because the dungeons keep getting harder since the restore and skip options were added. But it's like hiking, going up the mountain can be tough, but once you're there it is awesome. So is raiding or saving a hard dungeon, frustrating at times, but very satisfying when you've done it.

Chervey: You’re the first woman among the watchers. So we can no longer call our order a sausage party any longer and this changes everything and, by the way, could confirm the ‘1 of 10’ rule mentioned above. How you feel among us?
Andrea: Sausage party, I love it. I've never been a real girlie girl and was always one of the guys. I also worked in a male dominated job. One of my former bosses even forgot I was female and started to complain about women in a meeting until somebody finally kicked him under the table. I have felt comfortable with you guys from the very beginning, and why not, it's a great group of guys.

Chervey: I remember the day when I came to a conclusion that I should invite you to watchers. You came to me and asked with all your heart to check the second time some thief that got banned by validator. I thought that we need someone that puts so much trust and love in every person. It’s not a role play, you’re caring by nature. And people usually are not that good and this fact should cause some pain from time to time.  
Andrea: True, people are not good by nature and there are times when I felt that I was just being used because I want to help people. And yes, I truly want to help, I don't pretend. Whenever I get screwed I tell myself that it was the last time that I helped. But that's not me, I can't turn away when somebody needs help.

Chervey: How do you manage to combine activities in KoT, watcher’s duties and real life?
Andrea: My family will always come first, I think we all agree on that. KoT is a way for me to relax in the evening and fun in the morning. I am usually the first one to get up and the last one to go to sleep. Those are the times I play the most. Since I am now a stay at home mom, I have lots of opportunity to take a look at the chats, check telegram and such. I don't have to sit at the computer for hours at a time, just a quick glance here and there is all it takes. My kids are older now (14 and 10) and they think it's cool that mom is a nerd like them 😁  Also I have to be busy all the time, that's why I loved my job in customs compliance, never boring.

Chervey: Time to party hard ;) Everyone knows that Zepto doesn’t forbid selling and buying of accounts, but we usually don’t like that. So that’s why I find ironical that you control an account of our former Elder Watcher and our (current) badass guy that runs AAF and known as Symedia. How do you balance all these things with your sharp sense of justice?
Andrea: When Symedia announced his retirement I was heartbroken at first. He had become one of my closest friends. To have him leave was awful. So I made him an offer. I would buy his accounts, for a fraction of what has been speculated, since the price was only symbolic, and if he changes his mind, he could have them back, no questions asked. Do you think another player would have done that if he or she had bought them? I tried to convince him to come back, but he still refuses. Probably because I totally ruined his ranking, lol. I never did it for my personal gain to have a high level account. Because these accomplishments aren't mine, and never will be.

Chervey: I think your accomplishments in the game are greater than mine :) Maybe you could share some general info like total gemscore, average delta and number of tries it takes for you to beat Yuhan stairs?
Andrea: Now that's a lot of questions all rolled into one, lol. I am at level 188 and my total gem score is a little over 48 million, so I'm not a top scorer, my highest delta so far was 2,7 million. Not a whole lot considering that some players get 30 million in one gvg. So, how do I was this without sounding like the total noob that I am. As for Yuhan stairs, I’ve managed to 3 star them once, and only once, on a retrieve. But usually it would take me at least 50 tries.

Chervey: And what about bouncer bases?
Andrea: Bouncers… it depends on e layout, but I tried to raid one the other day and I couldn't finish it at all, not even with a ghost potion. He sure collected a lot of skulls though 😂😂. There are some double bouncer layouts that I can actually finish, but honestly never with more than 1 star.

Chervey: My best result for double bouncer was to beat it on 12th try. That was long ago when bouncers colour was deeper and more.. pink and “Tap to break in” sigh hasn’t burned my touch screen yet. Now I just have to skip them, I’m too old for that. So let’s switch to some brighter conversation subjects like… pineapples on pizza. To be or not to be?
Andrea: Time for honesty has come at least I guess. Pineapple on pizza is okay, but I prefer to have either tuna and onions or eggplant, zuchini and parmesan on my pizza. Top it off with some chillies on both and I am happy.  

Chervey: And the second one, that maybe way more important: two beers or not two beers?
Andrea: Two beers or not two beers?  Definitely two beers. Even though I was born in the USA I grew up in Germany, and we have some really great beers here. I prefer a slightly bitter beer like a Pils over the sweet beers like Weizen though. Pizza, beer and football, sounds like a great evening to me 😁😁


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