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Idea of 2 player attacking each others dungeon at the same time

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 09:11 PM

I have an idea for the game! I checked the forum but it isn't active as per me so contacting you directly!
This idea is inspired by clash Royale -
It's like 2 player online at the same time attck each others dungeon at the same time beat each others defence who ever gets to the chest with more health wins and gets a gem from another player.. You need to run a ritual for this first and you will get an opponent as per your biggest gem in ritual so if I am running 500kx333kx19k then I will get a opponent who's biggest gem is also somewhere near my biggest gem I. E. 500k. Yes of course their will be spinner after both attacks are done who ever wins on the basis of health will get a spinner on his screen and again your mechanism of best pick or middle gem or whatever gem will choose a gem and the the winner have to get that gem as we get the simple gems (luck).
So there will 1 winner out of two and that guy will get a gem from opponent (if spinner let's him) this can be another find a match... I know it's not applicable... But you can get the idea and work on it... Try clash Royale.. See how it works... It will make the game more fun. Heartbeat, throwns all will be their just 2 players at the same time raiding each other! :) hope you like the idea...

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