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A few observerations, or how to dissuade whales

Guilds whale gems suggesti

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Posted 09 January 2019 - 05:04 AM

Great game, and addictive. Being late to the party, only cash can help me catch up. So I drop like $600 over the past couple weeks and load up on orbs and bonus gems. I buy the extra slots too, for all my newfound big gems. But I can't merge them until I hit level 31. Guess I'm not dropping another $100 to pick up more orbs and more 500k bonus gems, because I don't have room.


Other thoughts:

> Only one officer in guilds, really?

> Totally fair lineup in 2nd Arena: my level 2 guild with 6 members, highest level 30, versus a level 22 guild with 29 members and 10 over level 200. Luckily cash means I will win, but now I've stopped spending.

> Registration for these forums uses obsolete answers for the security question. Example: "how many single player levels are there"... I used "112" and was wrong apparently.

> Help menu says there is an option to report a player > unbeatable base. No such option exists though, only to report inappropriate nickname or guild name. Found a couple cheaters, been grinding until the game makes me take a break. Also...

> WTF making me take a break *in the middle of a raid* are you serious? Needs a pop-up notice that you'll be kicked in 10 mins, so you can wrap up your affairs.

> Searching for a new guild as a noob is basically a crapshoot. You can see the list of all the top guilds you can't possibly join, or you can put in random names and hope there is a guild with that name that is active. And no way to see if a guild is active! Need a way to get a list of random, level appropriate and active guilds.

> Game needs global chat, so recruiting can be done. Looks like it is dying, forums and subreddit. I'm about to take over mod on the subreddit and revive it, for that matter.

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