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Traps for dummies - A guide for the new and old dungeon owners.

traps Tutorial Guide

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#1 Liammagoo


    Wow, thanks

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Posted 18 February 2015 - 09:54 PM

What game is king of thieves without it's glorious traps? A very tough game, of course! Everybody has that one trap they see and think "Ugh, not this!", and skip it. Each trap is designed to do one job: Kill thieves. But they each have their own way of doing so. In this guide, I will explain each trap bit by bit, and go through their strengths, weaknesses and how to use them effectively.

General information [Applies to all traps]
Traps are your best friend, and worst enemy. They can kill you in two ways: Direct contact, or projectiles. Each trap begins doing 5 damage, and can be upgraded a total of 30 times, increasing damage by 1 each upgrade, ultimately dealing 35 damage once maxed. At level 7, traps gain a golden part to themselves, and at level 15, they gain crystal parts. Upgrading a trap will disable it, so it cannot be used to kill thieves. Levels are also shared amongst dungeons and traps, so you won't lose your levels moving dungeons!

There are currently six traps in total: The Buzzsaw, Red guard, Cannon, Seeker bird, homing cannon and the spinner. Each trap has their own strengths and weaknesses, so you get a choice of three each dungeon.

The buzzsaw:
The buzzsaw is the first trap you'll come across. It resembles a spinning blade with razor sharp points. It will kill on contact, and can be lethal if placed correctly.

Advantages: The buzzsaw is stationary, so it will never leave it's place. It can completely block off a pathway, or make wall jumping a huge pain in the butt. It works wonders with another trap - the Cannon, if done correctly, as the cannon can make you jump right into the buzzsaw.
Disadvantages: Because it's stationary, it possesses little threat if placed as a meaningless position. It's very easy to jump over, and if alone, can be utterly useless.
Placement reccomendation: Buzzsaws work great paired with a cannon, red guard, and at times: the wall.

The red guard:
The red guard is an angry looking red circle. It can move left to right, or up to down a certain amount of blocks (Depending on what you set it to). It kills the their on contact.

Advantages: The red guard is a moving buzzsaw. It can block a pathway, or catch the player by surprise. When placed correctly with a cannon, it can have disastrous results as the red guard can make the path fatal if crossed at times, no matter what the player does. It also moves faster than the player, meaning that it can catch up with the player while s/he's sliding down a wall or running away from it.
Disadvantages: The red guard will leave it's post, and that will make the spot safe to travel through for a while. It cannot block a pathway unless paired up with another trap, and it can only move in two directions.
Placement reccomendations: The red guard works best next to a cannon or a buzzsaw, and it can also be used on a long runway, making the player have to repeatedly jump over it, or fall on it.

The cannon is a stationary trap, like the buzzsaw. The only difference is that the cannon shoots bullets in a certain direction set by the player (Left, right, up or down). The cannon itself won't kill the player, but the bullets will.

Advantages: The cannon shoots a constant stream of bullets. Thanks to this, the player will have to jump over each and every one, or lose health. When paired with another trap such as the red guard and buzzsaw, the cannon becomes a highly lethal weapon. The bullets travel faster than the player can slide down a wall, making wall jumping/wall sliding a massive pain.
Disadvantages: The cannon itself won't kill the player, meaning that if the player isn't in the line of fire, that cannon is useless. Alone, the bullets can be easily jumped over, and it will possess little threat to the player.
Placement reccomendation: The cannon works down a long hallway, where the player must run to progress through the dungeon. They are best when paired with a red guard or a buzzsaw.

Seeker bird:
Often seen as the most annoying trap, the seeker bird (Fly, as people like to call it) will constantly follow the player in a linear direction (It can only move towards the player, it won't turn from an obstacle). It kills on contact.

Advantages: The seeker bird kills. It forces players to move or be killed, and it can fly faster than you can wall slide, making wall jumping a massive pain. It is difficult to turn around, as the seeker bird will be right behind them.
Disadvantages: If the seeker bird hits a trap, it will be briefly stunned and spiral out of control, making it slightly easier to escape. It is slightly sluggish at turning, and because it only travels to the player through a linear path, it can get stuck next to a wall easily, allowing the player to escape, or keep it in check.
Placement reccomendation: By placing it close to the locked door, it can quickly kill the player unless they react fast, and will be in constant pursuit with the player afterwards.

Homing cannon:
The homing cannon is a green cannon with an eye. Instead of shooting in one spot, it will aim at the player and shoot a bullet which will travel to where the player was when the bullet was fired. The cannon itself cannot kill, but the bullets it fires does.

Advantages: The homing cannon will always shoot where the player was standing, meaning it has no pattern to abuse by jumping. If it shoots while the player is close to it (1.5 tiles) the bullet will almost always kill the player.
Disadvantages: The homing cannon cannot fire a stream of bullets, and the player can fool the cannon by jumping when it shoots, making the bullet move upwards away from the player. The cannon itself cannot kill the player, so if it's not shooting anything, it's useless.
Placement reccomendation: It's best to place the homing cannon in an open place, where it constantly has a line of sight at the player, so no bullet is wasted. It can also be placed in a tightly put location, so it can hit the player as it comes too close to it.

The spinner is an angry blue circle, that's similar to the red guard, only it moves in a circular path. It kills on contact.

Advantages: The spinner is difficult to analyse, as it's movement often gets in the way of other traps. It moves incredibly fast constantly, and can sweep through a corridor if placed correctly.
Disadvantages: Just like the red guard, it's always moving. It will not stop moving in one circle, and if the player is not in that circle then the trap becomes useless. It arguably has the worst cover of all the traps, as there are very few decent spots you can place a spinner.
Placement reccomendation: The spinner is best when it can travel down a long corridor, leaving no room for the player to hide. It can also be used to trick the player into thinking that it's safe to travel down that corridor, but quickly catch up and kill them.

Platform (Includes bouncy platforms):
Although not technically a trap, they can still be moved around via changing the layout. As the name suggests, they are platforms that add two horizontal blocks of flat ground to any location (One if placed inside a block). Bouncy platforms will make you jump extremely high, 10 blocks high (Need conformation)! You can also pass through the bottom of a platform, effectively using them as ladders. As these aren't exactly a trap, they cannot be upgraded nor do any form of damage themselves.

Advantages: Platforms play a vital role in creating both near impossible dungeons and making your life a misery. When used correctly: They can become the most deadly "Trap" in the entire game.
Disadvantages: Unfortunately, they only appear in a very sparse amount of dungeons, so finding one of these beasts is a challenge of its own. Furthermore, they are almost useless alone in most cases, and can sometimes even help the thief steal your gems!
Placement recommendation: Place it somewhere that would require frame perfect jumping while blocking any other routes the thief could use to bypass any defences.

The ricochet is nothing short of a giant boxing glove. It was one of the two new traps added alongside the frozen levels. It will run through a diagonal line, bouncing off three walls before turning 180* at the fourth wall, effectively making it bounce through the four walls.

Advantages: The ricochet's pattern can be incredibly hard to understand, as it doesn't have a set rhythm to its attacks across other dungeons, much like the seeker bird, it can also deceive the thief, invading seemingly safe routes at the best times (Worst times, for the thief).
Disadvantages: The ricochet is incredibly expensive to upgrade, much more than the other traps, furthermore, it's much harder to place in a decent spot, as all four bounces mustn't take too long to go through, otherwise the trap becomes useless!
Placement recommendation: In a place with tight walls, the corners itself OR across a long and narrow hallway.

Also technically not a trap, anti-gravity will flip the user's gravity, making them run on the ceiling and jump down instead of up. Platforms also won't function once flipped around. As with the platforms, Anti-gravity cannot deal damage on its own, and cannot be upgraded.

Advantages: This trap is invisible to attackers, allowing for a very easy flawless kill. Furthermore, jumping upside down is much more confusing than the right way around. Also, you'll have to jump up to get the chest at the totem if you're on the platform with it, which allows for a quick kill if your attacker doesn't realise it.
Disadvantages: Like the platforms, this trap is also very sparse, appearing in few dungeons. After the first death from a tried their invisible trait is lost as s/he knows where the anti-gravity is. This is also a trap that effectively stinks if placed in a bad spot,
Placement recommendation: This trap is best placed in an area where it would be bad to run on the ceiling. This includes unescapable pits, below a buzzsaw, on a tricky/innocent jump, and more.


My dungeon is awful, these traps cant be used well here!
Every layout has three trap sets. The cheapest one provides the 'Worst defence', but if done correctly; It can be just as efficient as the best defence. The most expensive one costs you orbs, and will also place the traps in a great position. This isn't reccommended, as when you move on to the next dungeon your trap layout gets left behind, meaning you will lose orbs.

People keep dying tons of times, but they're getting 2 and 3 stars!
Your defences need to be upgraded. A level 5 white shadow outfit provides over 300 health, and without decent levelled traps; it'll be very hard to preform rituals. An upgrading defence will NOT be able to kill a player, so take that in mind!
[/B]Are you mad? People will just steal my gems![/B]
Simple, don't preform rituals while your defences are upgrading, and you won't have your gems stolen!

I saw this dungeon with an out of reach chest, I tried jumping to it but it wasn't high enough! How do I beat this?
By jumping at a corner of a platform/block, you can preform a 'Super jump'. These jumps are slightly higher than normal jumps, and require frame-perfect timing. Practice makes perfect!

What's the best layout for my dungeon?
There is none. All trap setups have a weakness, wether it's losing effectiveness once a trap is disarmed or having a weak point that the player can slip through, no dungeon is impossible to beat. They ALL have a weak point, you just have to find it!

People keep stealing my gold! Are there any ways for me to not lose so much?
When a player gets to your chest, they take a certain % of gold from you, from my experience:
3 stars - 1/3 total gold stolen
2 stars - 1/6 total gold stolen
1 star - 1/30 total gold stolen
There is no good way to combat this, except: upgrading expensive stuff to keep your gold amount small, and 'Skulling'

Skulling? What's that?
Skulling is a method used by players in which they deliberately disable their sheilds so other players raid them. As they die, skulls are formed in the dungeon, each containing some gold. The player never collects them, and since other people can't steal skulls, they act as a bank. Skulling is risky, and will only be effective if your dungeon has a strong defence. DO NOT TRY SKULLING IF YOUR DUNGEON IS EASY TO BREACH!

My gems keep getting stolen! The spinner gives them an incredibly high chance of getting gems!
The costumes 'Lucky face','Wise eye','Purple splash' and 'White shadow' all give the player a better chance of taking a gem. This can be combatted by the upgrade 'Gem defence chance'.

What is the best trap in the game?
Most of you are probably expecting me to say the seeker bird, but there really is no best trap. Each trap has one advantage that every other trap doesn't (Same with weakness). My current dungeon has a spinner in it, and that's currently killing the most players! In another dungeon, perhaps the homing cannon's dealing the killing blows to many others.

The keys/spinner is rigged! You stink zeptolab!
Rigged or not, you failed to unlock the dungeon or steal the gem. Shrug it off and try again next time.

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Posted 18 February 2015 - 10:08 PM

Wow! Thanks liam this will sure help me out with my dungean builds in the future!



#3 JackBowe


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Posted 18 February 2015 - 10:09 PM

Absolutely brilliant; couldn't have said it better myself. It is the ultimate and comprehensive trap guide!
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#4 Aristo


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Posted 19 February 2015 - 12:18 AM

Very nice guide for beginners and experienced players a like. Possibly add in some guides or pictures of how to use the traps.
Maybe you could have something about the Blade to add difficult wall/corner jumps (with picture?), or how you can stack traps on top of each other (blade and cannon for example) to fill each other's weaknesses.
Hey look, that Aristo guy is posting on all the threads again!

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Posted 19 February 2015 - 04:58 AM

Nice guide, I would sticky it if I could :)
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#6 Liammagoo


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Posted 19 February 2015 - 03:58 PM

Bringing this post up (BUMP)

#7 BLYoshi



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Posted 19 February 2015 - 04:07 PM

I actually prefer a double cannon or a double homing canon then a cannon and homing canon. The homing canon is too easy to trick (by jumping, as you said). I'm currently stuck with a base with a cannon and homing cannon.

#8 ThyLuigi


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Posted 20 February 2015 - 12:34 AM

With the regular cannon, a red guard, and a saw, I managed to make a base that takes the upmost skill of timing, which is why when I still had that layout, no one ever got 2 stars without a potion.
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#9 JackBowe


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Posted 27 February 2015 - 12:47 AM

A lot of questions about best defences and base layouts are cropping up: temporarily pinning this in hopes of reducing such threads.
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#10 Mr.GE


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Posted 27 February 2015 - 01:22 AM

The spinner is an angry blue circle, that's silimar to the red guard, only it moves in a circular path. It kills on contact.

Tiny mistake (Similar)

#11 Fahrengeit



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Posted 27 February 2015 - 07:05 AM

Great guide!
About gold - I think one star is 1/30 because it is tenth part of the highest reward.

#12 Flarius



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Posted 02 March 2015 - 02:25 PM

Kewl guide. I really need to improve my base, lol.
My name is Flarius in game. I have a bad habit, and thats stealing people's precious gems. I may try to change my habit but u will have to hand me ur precious gem.



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Posted 04 March 2015 - 12:59 AM

The red guard's movement is based off of regular momentum, and it has a cap.

However, the spinner has a constant angular momentum, meaning that if it has a wider radius, it will seem to move much faster.

So add this:

Spinner advantages:

controllable speed, best for instant-death-traps.

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#14 Strae



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Posted 06 March 2015 - 10:43 PM

Nice thread!

You could add a list of the costs/durations on each upgrade. Would be kind of interesting...

#15 Alius



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Posted 13 April 2015 - 02:16 AM

I am so sorry i am a bit OCD at times and so i found this mistake:"It kills the their on contact."

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#16 Delekates



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Posted 13 April 2015 - 06:08 AM

didnt we had kinda FAQ about everyyhing about this?

#17 Symedia


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Posted 13 April 2015 - 07:39 AM

didnt we had kinda FAQ about everyyhing about this?

don`t think i saw it till now. 

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#18 phantom darkrai 456

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Posted 28 September 2015 - 10:06 AM

With the regular cannon, a red guard, and a saw, I managed to make a base that takes the upmost skill of timing, which is why when I still had that layout, no one ever got 2 stars without a potion.

i have made a base which no one would get 2 star

also a made another base which no one should get 2 star it took forever


OnProch97's brilliant work


#19 Ashman


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Posted 28 September 2015 - 10:35 AM

i have made a base which no one would get 2 star

also a made another base which no one should get 2 star it took forever


The post you quoted was over 7 months old ;)


I wont lock the thread as there is room to discuss traps and the new ricochet etc.


Just check the dates of the posts before you quote :)

#20 Lelu


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Posted 29 September 2015 - 09:16 PM

This is pretty good guide and I think it would be nice if this could be updated.


You could add required trap levels to take down white shadow to 1 star. And in the mean time do the same for other costumes.

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