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FAQ's - answered!

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Posted 22 February 2015 - 01:03 PM

Hey there, today I will be assembling a thread to hopefully provide answers for the most commonly reported and asked subjects and topics, I will provide answers from myself, and direct you to similar threads which have had the FAQ solved. If the answer isn't in this thread, or anywhere on the forums and you're in need of assistance or technical support, email kingofthieves@zeptolab.com and they'll help you out.

If you're looking for anything trap related go here: Traps for noobs - By Liammagoo.
Have a question for the developers? Then here is for you!
All ideas and proposals should be posted here and/or in the same designated forum you find that thread in. (Ideas & questions to Creators).

Any issues regarding account recovery or technical support: Tech troubleshooting by Chervey.

"I didn't get my wheel spin after I logged on due to my ritual finishing!"

Yeah, this happens. But you still will get an item, you won't, however, get the option to respin. Hopefully this will be addressed, as it's one of the most frequently asked questions on the forum; however, you don't actually lose out on your spin, you will have an extra material of some kind, so at least there's that to look forward to and you can know you're not actually losing out on anything.

"I disconnected while raiding and when I came back, I myself had been raided!"

This does happen, however, it's most likely due to your internet, the incongruities don't always lie within the game itself, but rather in your hands. Restart your internet, and then restart the game, see if it works, because if everyone else can connect, and you can't, chances are it's not anything to do with the servers or anything of the sort. There should be a 1-2 minute shield every time you log off to prevent this, but for now, just try the commonly recommended methods on every game and simply restart the internet and your device, it surprisingly can help with a ton of issues.

"Is it possible for me to use the same game on numerous devices?"

Yes, yes it is! With iCloud. If you'd like to go here there is a step by step on just how you can do so, it's a useful addition to the game; and now you can access your extravagant dungeon here, there and everywhere! :)

"Can I post a picture on this forum?"

Again, yes, yes you can! And again, Menta comes to the rescue with another useful thread! I'd recommend reading it; here! Have fun posting pictures of your best raids, best defences and highest gem caches! :D

"I need a better base, any ideas?"

iPaolino had the brilliant idea of showing off some of the best bases. The bases of different levels which will provide better defence than that of mediocrity! The site he put them on can be found here!

"Is it possible for me to get my stolen gem back? It was really high in value!"

Mhm, one word: Facebook! Adding friends on Facebook allows you to let them retrieve your gems for you, you get them back if they can complete the level of defences of those whom took it from you and if they're lucky enough to get it off the spin like a normal gem does every time you raid! To add people to your list who are looking to compile in the retrievable aspect of attaining your previous gems, look here! Also, there is now self retrieve and guild retrieve, getting your gem back has never been easier!

"Why can I only sometimes use advertisements to get free keys?"

The advertisements are dependent on your location, time zone and numerous other factors. You cannot always watch advertisements, and there won't always be the option to earn keys this way. There has to be a limit, or it'd be overpowered, but when you do have the option, it's a nice touch! :P

"What are guilds actually for?"

Numerous things, sometimes to be community oriented! But you can also try your best as a collaborative, unstoppable force to rise to the top like the predecessors of the number one spot! All hail! Also, there are Guild Wars - show other guilds your almighty power as one quadrant and smash them in your rising gem count over the course of three days!

"I keep losing my gems to people better than me, matchmaking is unfair!"

Well, it's not perfect, but no game is. If you're going out on the attack to steal some gems and you find an opponent worse than you in defences, level and experience, you'd attack them - hands down, easy money, it's what every thief wants. If you want to prevent this upgrade your gem defence and your defences themselves.

"What happens when you break your final totem?!"

Do not fear the losing of any progress due to not being able to go further, you will be placed in a random dungeon which you have previously occupied, it may have the same old layout, or a new one, but all with have 3 mixing slots in them, I believe, you will never run out of totems to mix your gems in!

"How do leagues work?"

The way leagues work are simple, all you have to do is be in the top 3 positions of your current league when your tournament ends (a timer is shown when viewing the leaderboard) and you'll advance to the next league. Advancing isn't always the best option, however, as you can't be demoted a league, so it may seem harder for you to hold it together due to there being more experienced and higher level players raiding your dungeon.

"Why does the last totem not enhance your gem value?"

It's how it works, it just combines three to provide an extra slot to steal from, or it'd be too easy to get a high amount, however, if you add in three of the same coloured gem you will be provided with a boost of a potion dependent on the colour, for example three red gems would give you a potion to remove one random trap from the field, 3 blue gems would give you a potion to spawn a gang of thieves!

"What do higher value gems look like, so I can spot them while raiding?"

The higher the gem value, the more detail it has, silver outlining is worth more than no lining, and gold is worth more than silver. Some good examples are on this thread: Gem values!

"Who thinks the IAP is unbalanced?!"

Nope. They're not. The ingredients are just really expensive, they don't want numerous people to get the top outfits, it'll be annoyingly ridiculous to the lower level players, besides, you get a free one after every ritual, nobody is forcing the IAP on you. :P

"Is it possible to have an alternate account on the same device?

Why yes, yes it is. I won't go into detail, I'd much rather refer you to the ultimate, completely comprehensive guide on this specific subject by Blizzard, props to him! The guide is located here!

"What happens if I proclaim a gem of higher value than my other gems and my slots are full?"

When you get a gem from a raid, or your mines, and one is of lower value, the lower value one will automatically be turned in for gold and replaced in the slots by the higher value one. If you get a gem and it's of lower value than all your others and you have no free slots, the one you earned will be automatically traded in for gold.

"Why don't I receive King of Thieves notifications?!"

You have to accept them when you first get the game. If you can open up your game via iCloud in another device, and them delete and reinstall the app, you should get the option again. You must download the game signed out of iCloud then sign in after going on and enabling notifications to recover your data.

"Are trap upgrades permanent?"

Yes! Fortunately, they are. Whenever you get a base, if you've had the trap before and upgraded it, you'll have the same level as before, same goes for the gold mine, character and all upgrades!

"What should I do if a see a hacked base?"

NEVER report it on the forum, it's against forum rule number 7, and you will be punished for it and your thread will be no more. If you wish for us to look into a hacked base, then PM me, any other member of staff or email the support desk and it'll be dealt with, but never report it publicly, we don't want exploits spreading.

"Why did you remove TST's in patch 2.1?"

Probably should've edited this one in as soon as the patch arose, but hey. The patch was to make things more balanced, triple spawn traps (TST) and some super jumps (SJ) we're too hard for new, casual and medium level players, and we got a lot of complaints about it. It was removed to balance things out and provide a level playing field. :)

"Are the spambots gone after their huge wave in March 2015?"

Spam will always be a problem on every forum, but we managed to find the loophole they were using and minimised the amount of them that are here, if we see them, they're dealt with immediately, if not, feel free to use the report function. Never reply to them, though! That just makes them an active to of conversation and doesn't contribute to the positive forum ethos!

"How does the prize of guild battles work?"

There is a prize of 300 orbs split between the top ten contributors of the guild battle, meaning 30 orbs each. There may also be none orb prizes for other contributors. :)

"How often can a guild battle with another guild?"

Every 72 hours, meaning you can expect a new one every league! Hoo hah!

"How many players are needed to compete in a guild battle?"

You only need one! However, the price is lowered. For example, one player would only be able to proclaim a prize of 30 orbs, such as Cylence: http://forum.kingoft...y-of-one-guild/

I will update this consistently with the new arising FAQ's. Feedback is appreciated and I'll take all suggested FAQ's into consideration.


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