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Happy birthday, King of Thieves!

14 February 2017 - 07:18 AM

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True story for the core community 1f631.png


I've taken this photo on my phone just before the global launch of KoT 2 years ago on Feb 12. This was very exciting launch for Zepto, because Zepto had no experience in the field of online game development, the company's main expertise was in offline single player games and here we can say ‘Hi’ to the brilliant Cut the Rope series, that gave its strong and some weak points to King of Thieves as a heritage.


The main difference between offline and online games lies not in development itself, but in operation — all activities that start after the launch. Telling the long lecture short, every online game is only 50% ready at the point of global release, and the rest 50% is what usually should be done after till its death. And you can’t predict everything, because every online game is a universe with its own laws. So that’s why the second part is all about evolution that may take years.

At the launch we were overflooded with support requests, because we had only one guy to cover that frontline, and it was me 1f602.png, because we didn’t expect _that_ fast growth of KoT, its fame and its community. We understood the mistake quickly enough, but almost during a year since that time our support management was like riding a bike: you’re burning, bike is burning, world around you is burning and you’re in hell.


As old grandpa thieves remember, KoT had no guild chat at the start. In spite of heavy PvP orientation, the game felt like single player mode and provided similar experience to its players, but way more irritating. That’s because competing a human is always more challenging than artificial intelligence. So it took a lot of efforts to help people find a way to communicate with each other and direct that communication in order to make the community cool, humble, helpful and alive.


In April 2015 we also faced a problem… THE PROBLEM of cheaters, which is always an issue if you set an online game protection on the same level as you usually set it for an offline game. We relied heavily on… noble cheaters and their reports to deal with it as fast as we could. We gave tons of rewards to that players, because they and their reports helped us to find crucial holes in KoT, that were exploited heavily with less honourable cheaters. We’ve built a huge network of dark watchers, who gave us away all cutting edge exploits and bugs.


The things have changed drastically since that time. There are dozens of agents in our support, our security system provides strong defense against cheaters. Ok, if you managed to come across one, you should know that usually they get banned soon enough. Almost all dark watchers have left, because they like to use exploits, so they do it in other games now. Some of them have stayed and still provide us interesting bugs and vital problems when they find any.


Ok, not everything has changed. I’m still with you 1f444.png     And low retrieve chance is here, sitting near me and crying, because nobody loves him. Some other problems are on the table too, but we promise to deal with them over time.


During all these two years we have been dealing with bugs, problems, game design issues, support and exploited weaknesses on the go. This is what operation usually requires from developers — react and direct the game development in the right way. We know that we’re not perfect, but perfection is not the goal, it’s a way. The same as massive multiplayer online game operation. And we’re doing our best to follow this way.


Thank you for your love, passion and patience, guys. You’re the greatest community I’ve ever met and helped to create during my 14 years of online gaming and work experience.


Happy birthday to us all! 1f389.png

Community Chat — the 1st official Facebook group

19 December 2016 - 01:14 PM

King of Thieves has just opened a new project, this is a Facebook group called Community Chat — the first official group related to King of Thieves created by Zeptolab. Feel free to post questions, answers, find friends and guilds there. Also you may ask community managers and watchers about different King of Thieves things there. Welcome to official group for unofficial talking! We promise to deliver a lot of fun! The first contest is already running! Check and join the group to get more details and to win thousands of orbs and maze drops for you and for your friends! https://www.facebook...06023823189881/

KoT related Questions & Answers, July 2016

15 July 2016 - 08:17 AM

Thieves in Ask a Friend group asked for answers to their questions. We're happy to deliver them.

Q1: Any info on guild battles matchmaking? I don't understand how we match SuperNoobs top guild being noobs.

A1: Our algorithm takes into consideration not only total gem sum in guild members' pockets. Their activity in previous rounds matters.
Q2: Will you buff retrieve chances?
A2: We heard about this request from the community. We will think about it. That's all we can say for now.
Q3: Do you have in mind adding another trap as you did previously with the Ricochet and Scorcher?
A3: Yes, we have that in mind. Take into consideration that adding a trap takes a lot of efforts for coding, designing, testing, balancing etc.
Q4: Why people find me when I'm doing golden ritual and I can't find them back even though they're in my pool and I found them before when they were not doing ritual?
A4: Because you're not so lucky. And there is no such a thing as a constant pool. Technically there are no pools. There is a queue. Every player gets a player with the most priority in the queue each time he presses 'Attack'.
Q5: Why always when I run ritual with big gems, I have no raids?
A5: You're obviously luckier than the guy that asked previous question. Actually it depends not on you, but on other players in queue.
Q6: Will you lower the cost of upgrading lv 30+ traps 100+ tears is too much in my opinion.
A6: We didn't think it's needed. At least nowadays. Seasons' top prize is large enough to make these upgrades easily. Maybe it's even too easy and we should lower the amount of drops and orbs players can get by clashing in season wars.
Q7: Are you going to increase max gems size?
A7: We've incresed max gem value in totems because we wanted to give more space for players. And we didn't have gem vaults yet. Now we've got them and there is no need to increase the max gem size for now.
Q8: Can you add an ability for guild leaders to see when players are active and when they were last active? It would be so much easier when kicking people.
A8: We're going to improve guilds very soon. However this information will be placed in player profiles.
Q9: Will they add thieves dressed as anime characters *--*?
A9: We'll discuss it and maybe one day we will add some, because we can. Please note that we won't add Hentai-styled outfits for sure because we really can't.
Q10: Why it seems that top guild players have priority at finding goldens?
A10: Top players are top players because they're search a lot. They're not that lucky as you think, but they're persistent.
Q11: Why we have no SKIP BACK button?
A11: It's hard. Why you may ask? It's just a button! Just imagine: when you click on Skip button the dungeon you're currently skipping gets back to queue and it's shown to another player. That's impossible to do quickly.
Q12: Why Zeptolab doesn't create new platforms or things like switch gravity?
A12: This is not the priority now, because current elements allow to create dungeons that are let's say overpowered. We even think about removing platforms from the game because of it. However we understand it's good for creativity and it stays.
Q13: Why we only have report button for Nickames and Guildnames? it would be good to add for the strange bases!
A13: The validator resets impossible dungeons and bans cheaters who use some soft for hacking the game. Also you may check how to complete a dungeon before quitting it. And you'll find report button for dungeons there.
Q14: Why can't I revenge the same value gem from a thief who robbed me? I should be able to get the same gem I lost! 
A14: Revenge is a dish served cold. Did you hear this saying? Well, honestly to say, we're forced to limit revenge powers because of schemes and players who will exploit it if we allow to steal deep silver and golden gems via revenge.
Q15: Why does the record button (on iOS) has be so close to report button? Why isn't there a little space between these two buttons, like there is space between potions? It's impossible to hit the record button without hitting the report button or starting the attack accidentally a 100 times before you finally - if at all - manage to hit the right button.
A15: Sorry :( we'll take that into consideration.
Q16: Why are you making the game harder and less fun to play with every update?
A16: Actually thieves make the game harder, not we. We try to give some instruments for newer players to counter older ones. For example, the Heartbeat. However the truth is here: a real good player becomes even better with every tool he gets. Just because he's more effective in using it. So their experience is skill based in the basis. And when you encounter a dungeon of an older player in match Making, you can't rob it. So it becomes dull for you and less fun. So polish your skills and never surrender.
Q17: I only would like to know why the retrieve chance is lower than chance to steal from the same player in Match Making?
A17: This is because of the balance. It was designed to boost social part of the game. Lower retrieve chances are balanced with amount of friends players may have. We heard that gems are stolen more often because of Heartbeat nowadays, we understand that it affects increasing of the demand for retrieves.  We know about queues for retrieves which make retrieves less effective than they were before. Now we're investigating if we can separate queues to allow retrieves of different gems simultaneously.
Q18: Do you even consider or look at the ideas on forum? They become even better with every comment, so don't ignore them just because opening post doesn't look that good.
A18: We look into the forum from time to time. However before adding some new features from players we always have to balance things added before and work under new features according the schedule. Also 90% of 'brilliant' features proposed by players basically can't be made because of current game design (some ideas require for radical changes in the game mechanics), code architecture (it's like to create a new game but that will look like an old one but with the feature) or common sense (players always desire to simplify things and if they get what they desire they lose interest). The rest 9% are usually known. And the 1% percent is really good. However we get this kind of ideas from watchers.
Q19: Can I become a watcher? I always wanted to help and it's time for me to move into a new level of the game. By the way, how fast can I get that new watcher outfit?
A19: We don't need new watchers now. When we need more, we will find them and invite them to join. New watchers don't get the outfit by the way. They should pass a trial period first and prove they're exact guys we need. The other way to get an outfit is to help us in various ways. These thieves can get the outfit: ex-watchers, active AAF admins, active moderators in other social networks, artists who made a lot of pictures, some famous players and guys who helped us in other ways to make the game better.
Q20: Why won't you let random traps sets for every base to improve the creativity of dungeon design?
A20: Some trap configurations are imbalanced. However King of Thieves likes the idea. it would be nice to get it implemented...
Q21: I just have one question that really annoys me: why, for god sake, especially when you are running big gems rituals, the 5% rob are more common, and sometimes it happens repeatedly.
A21: Oh, that's simple. People respin WAY more when they see a golden gem.
Q22: Will Heartbeat 'revive' trap's 'life'? We need to make it the way that will prohibit to pass a dungeon with 2 stars after 7 deaths on high level traps (30 or plus)
A22: This idea currently is being discussed. However we can't promise that it will be added soon.
Q23: Will season rules change?
A23: Yes, they will. We'll prevent exploiting of current mechanics.
Q24: Will you create an incentive to run golden rituals?
A24: Not in the nearest future, unfortunately. However we think about what can be done here.
Q25: Why do you hide golden gems?
A25: Why should we? Golden gems add passion into the game. Hundreds of them are stolen daily. And they are really rare. It's mistake to think that they will be available after 10 skips. People usually come to a conclusion that we hide them because sometimes they don't get enough attacks. However this is the matter of priority of other dungeons in queue. The position in the queue depends on many factors.
Q26: Will be a Ws6? To level with new trap damage power?
(Only if heartbeat is fixed!)
A26: I hope that we invent something more interesting than 46 levels of Foreseer Throne. Please trust us a bit more!
Q27: Don't you think that would be more fair if chance to steal will be zero after 20 deaths and more? And not 5%?
A27: One year ago people badmouthed Zepto because they had not a single chance to get a gem with one star. And also it was possible to get 100% steal chance. We decided to get rid of it to decrease the gap between players. And now people complain way less. It means that 5% chance will remain.
Q28: KOT has a pretty unique gameplay. What inspired the devs to make this?
A28: We've got a lot of ideas and our philosophy is simple as it is: we like to invent innovative gameplays. Hell, it's hard.
Q29: What inspired you to name the game "King of Thieves"?
A29: That was His Majesty.
Q30: Why Zepto can't bring a new colour gem to the game? Black, white, Rainbow etc?
A30: We prefer to add gems with unique properties. It requires the same amount of efforts ;)
Q31: Why can't we create our own costumes?
A31: Nice idea, but it's too hard to implement.
Q32: Why isn't there a global chat? How do you expect guilds not in the top 200 to grow without a global chat? 
A32: We've decided not to make a global chat because it will inevitably become a swamp of spam, ads etc. It makes sense in heavy client mmorpgs with a player amount limit around 5k people online per server. Since we've got a single world with 30M installs... well, now you've got the idea. The best way is to socialise via Facebook and forums.
Q33: Will you ever add an ingame friending button? We can't chat with new people and make more friends for mutual retrieves of gems without requiring Facebook. Btw I hate facebook/social media and had to make this one account just to have friends in this game :/
A33: Oh, noisy and annoying community managers have been begging for it since the release. Maybe one day the King will grant a permission to add it.
Q34: Why do thrones have no affect on the retrieve chance?
A34: Well, because it's by design. There was an old idea to make a throne for retrieving. Maybe one day we will get back to it. It's hard to say for sure how it will look like right now.
Q35: Why revenges are so useless? Gem swapping is bad indeed, but why then do we even have the option to revenge?
A35: Well, young players that steal gems around 10k are happy (millions actually). Old players are not happy when some clever guys start to exploit revenge to duplicate 999k gems and win leagues, gvgs... So this is a win-win solution.
Q36: Why am I able to skip more than 7,000 times and sometimes not see a golden or a deep spikey?
A36: That's insane amount of skips. It's pity that if there are no golden gems in the queue you won't find one. Also there are hundreds of thousands players in 45+ group. So if you know for sure that one of them is currently running a ritual with golden gems, odds to find him are not too optimistic really.
Q37: Special Deals?! These are mostly garbage, are you guys ever gonna fix them so they are actually good deals? Why the heck we have to pay more than usually?
A37: Well, you're right. Shady Joe was a way more honest thief than this blond in red. We'll force her to cut her expenses for spa and shopping. You have our word. 
Q38: Are you ever going to add incentives (or requirements) associated with leveling up?
A38: Oh, well.. More yes than no. What if I tell you that 50th level was the max level by design, but something went wrong? Well, I won't tell you such a nonsense, don't even ask about it. By the way, there's an idea to transform level structure. It's currently in development.
Q39: Are you ever going to add incentive to run a golden ritual for 12 hours rather than instantly orbing that golden ritual?
A39: That would be really nice. Didn't we tell it before?
Q40: The mechanics of KoT are based on a thieves going rightwards at the start of raids. How about adding leftwards movement at the beginning too?
A40: Brilliant idea, if a dungeon designer would be able to set the direction for intruders to go. Before we discussed the idea that would allow an intruder to choose the direction and we discarded it due to numerous of obstacles that we can't avoid. One of them is that defense efficiency will considerably drop.  
Q41: Are you planning to support progress transfers from platform to platform? Like iOS -> Android? As for now it looks like we have to keep our phones forever.
A41: Sorry, we can't do it now. However iOS -> iOS and Android -> Android progress transfers are possible. And also there is a chance we will figure something out.
Q42: What is the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?
A42: After we've added new trap upgrade levels it's 46.
Q43: Why is the free orb offer give only 1 orb? That will be 5 hours for 1 simple respin click... not worth it even if its only 30 seconds of ad.
A43: This is the matter of balance. Well, it's the best option for cases when you need the single one precious and very special orb for something.
Q44: Will you make 'tap to break in' transparent? 
A44: We know that sometimes players desire for more transparency. We're working on it.
Q45: Can we have detailed patch notes? And prior its installation?
A45: We prefer to share it during the maintenance to maximise wow-factor. Surprise and all that stuff.
Q46: Are you happy with the course the game is being operated? Are you satisfied with player experience and updates?
A46: Not completely. We see that players are not that happy as they usually were. So we're working on changes and things to make our beloved thieves comfortable.
Q47: Why the gold limit is only 500k? Will you ever increase the gold limit?
A47: We think that there is no real need in this.
Q48: What do you think about adding some more achievments with either outfit or tear drop rewards?
A48: There are some thoughts actually. Some of them are on the way.
Q49: When someone steals our gem, and we retrieve it in next guild fight, why doesn't it count to our + delta? (it only counts in the same guild fight it was stolen)
A49: It adds some tactical opportunities in the game which can be used by anyone. That's true, however it looks like an exploit. And we don't like abuse of game mechanics.
Q50: I have a question you won't answer for sure: how much money do you get monthly from KoT? How much you've got since the launch?
A50: Well... em... More than 30. And you won't find a man that give you a lesser number. And please don't ask us to prove it. There are age restrictions we have to fulfil.

Interview with Shonkee, the brightest lady of our community

18 May 2016 - 02:21 PM

There is no chance that old players don't know Shonkee, the brightest lady of our community. She has been playing KoT since the oldest times and she's the one who makes it homy for others. Some people call her mom, others quietly adore her. Read the text and know her a bit better.

Chervey: You’re nice person and an old-school player who is deeply involved in the community life and in the Game of Steals. It’s hard to find a core community player who’s never heard about you. Here’s a simple question, share your secret with us: What’s the reason why people in KOT community love you so much? ;)
Shonkee: That’s not a simple question by the way. I guess it comes down to simple odds, if you spend everyday talking to a large group of people there will always be players who you bond with and overtime friendships are formed. I have made some true friends who I respect and love.

Chervey: That’s true, I mean that I lied when I called that a question simple ;) an interview should always include hints of conflict. Have you got enemies or rivals in the community by the way? :)
Shonkee: The KOT community is a passionate one who’s emotions can sometimes spill over. I am a big personality and as much as I have a lot of friends it would be totally naive to think I wouldn’t have players that didn’t like me.
I think all in all though players know my heart is in the right place, I try to help as much as I can and I do a lot for the community, so maybe my haters maybe just tolerate me.

Chervey: There’s only one general question that remains open. Our actions here, both in the game and in the community, are often made by words. Where should we draw the line between words and deeds in a KOT world?
Shonkee: I really care and at times to my detriment, I have cried too many tears over things that have been said and events but you learn and grow and after being admin for so long you harden up. Now I find it easier to distance myself emotionally and at times it’s almost fun sparing with a troll or shutting down an insult with zero emotional cost.

Chervey: You were both active player from top 25 and celebrity of our community. And now you’re one of the most active community members around, but not in the list of top players. Your game should be drastically different now. So what are the goals in your King of Thieves today? Could you tell people about them?
Shonkee: When I started I wanted to be on the list of the top 10 players but unfortunately I only made it to the top 12 and due to a series of unfortunate events in the game, I gave up. I’ve had a love hate relationship ever since however now I have started a new account and I’m embracing my old addiction once more. My goal is to make my new account the most skilled it can be, I don’t need masses of delta or a crown, I’m already a total princess :)

Chervey: Instead of my traditional question regarding advices for newcomers I’m going to ask you another one. What's your biggest regrets in the game? This is the question you usually ask :) So.. some people regret about golden locks, other about gems lost or whatever. What do you regret about?
Shonkee: My biggest KOT regret was that my friends sold their gems to support my foolish actions, it fills me with so much guilt and maybe that’s also one of the reasons I work so hard to help others, atonement. If I could have one KOT wish it would be that they had them returned.

Chervey: Now, after you’ve mentioned it, it would only be polite to share the extended version of the story to people reading the interview, what do you think?
Shonkee: I reported a player for cheating and a few days later I was unofficially informed by a watcher (spoiler: watcher is a player who helps to shape our community) that the cheater would be let back into the game however he would lose half out of his total gem score. The player also confirmed he was not banned and 4 others contacted me telling me he had returned.
I tried to protect players and I felt that honest people had been betrayed by Zepto. My emotions spilled over and on impulse I very publicly sold my gems as a sign of protest. I was shocked that No name, Nimby and Chad sold theirs also to support me and to stand up for fairness.
I messaged Zepto however due to it being a weekend their reply came too late and the damage was done. We all paid a heavy price, the Watcher who distorted the information was fired, we lost our gems and the respect of others and all over a miscommunication.
Moral of the story never jump in, wait to get the full picture and if your emotions are that raw maybe just walk away all together, it’s just a game :)

Chervey: That’s a good advice both for new and old players. However I'd call that guy an exploit user, not a cheater. However in the end it doesn't matter. That’s good that you stay with us. You help to keep kaos... I meant chaos under control ;)
Shonkee: lol, some things you can’t control. I would like to say one more thing (yes we all know I talk a lot). Zepto has built a great game but not only that, one of the best gaming communities I’ve ever seen. This doesn’t happen by accident and if it wasn’t for all the hard work, passion and care of your team, the watchers and your dedication it simply wouldn’t be what it is today. Each and every player is grateful even if you do get the old odd “Zepto<censored>” it’s only because we are such a passionate bunch and maybe also because we hate the spinner lol. Thank you guys :D

Progress loss issue summary

24 February 2016 - 05:19 PM

Thieves, here's the summary regarding the progress loss issue.
The data center where our servers are situated and maintained has faced an accident on Feb 23 approximately at 6 pm UTC+0. Something went really wrong and it has affected some players. We haven't got enough time to blame the company that owns the data center, all our team's efforts are aimed at solving the problem. We are aware of the situation with the progress rollback. We will restore the lost progress this week, the process will take a few days.
Please note, that the progress will be restored to the state it was on February 20th. We will also restore in-app purchases made after February 20th, although it may take more time. Also we are going to give a good compensation to affected players.
You can track the latest news on the situation on our Facebook page and on Twitter:

Please do not try to reinstall the game during the progress recovery.

Thank you for your patience and please receive our sincere apologies!