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09 March 2018 - 08:23 PM

Got a new PC and tried Dan's facebook workaround again. It worked just fine.

So hello, I'm back

In Topic: The Thread of Sad Leavings and Glorious Returns

18 September 2017 - 08:51 PM

It was nice meeting all of you guys, but this will probably be my last post here.

My laptop is the only way I can post on the forums due to the "log in with facebook" button being removed, meaning that if I happen to log out for some reason I won't be able to enter my account again. Adding to that, my laptop is kind of broken and it probably won't last long. I tried what Dan said but his method did not work for me.

So, before that happens, I'm posting this now.


*hand wave*

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15 September 2017 - 12:10 AM



After a few days, the police arrive to the island to find some missing people who were reported to have gone to the Tycoon's tower.

However, what they did not expect was to find every person on the entire island dead.

The police checked every single corpse on the tower, recording everything they could about them:


XerxesLeFan (Kidnapper)

Place of death: Right 8.

Turn of death: Turn 14.

Cause of death: Mine explosion.

Killer: Mine.


Psycho17 (Psycho)

Place of death: Left 4.

Turn of death: Turn 14.

Cause of death: Killed self with a garrote wire.

Killer: Psycho17.


robbed (Head of Survilliance)

Place of death: Right 8.

Turn of death: Turn 31.

Cause of death: Hit by a fire axe in the head.

Killer: ZelevenZ11


Psycho17 (Temponaut)

First death

Place of death: Right 8.

Turn of death: Turn 31.

Cause of death: Ax'd in the neck.

Killer: robbed.


Second death

Place of death: Right 5.

Turn of death: Turn 39.

Cause of death: Mine explosion.

Killer: Mine.


MrKukurykpl (Seer)

Place of death: Right 10.

Turn of death: Turn 56.

Cause of death: Shot by a turret in the head.

Killer: Turret.


Sotherogue (Guard)

Place of death: Mid 10.

Turn of death: Turn 62.

Cause of death: Killed self because of low sanity.

Killer: Sotherogue.


King of Eterity (Bomber)

Place of death: Mid 10.

Turn of death: Turn 82 (attempted to kill self in turn 65 due to sanity).

Cause of death: Blood loss.

Killer: King of Eterity.


The Tycoon


Place of death: Mid 10.

Turn of death: Turn 57.

Cause of death: Got his head smashed to the floor countless times.

Killer: King of Eterity.



After finding all the bodies, the police quickly discovered that the tower was full of traps: one of the officers killed themselves while checking the bodies.

Now knowing this, the police quickly carried all the corpses outside of the mansion and left the island along with them, leaving the island desolated again, like it should have been.

Plans were made to have the island be a museum where the "TTT" (The Tycoon's Tower) killings happened, but those plans were cancelled once a meteorite fell on the island, destroying it completely, tower and all.

As for the people who were in the tower: everyone died.

Not even one person was found outside of it.

This means that everyone died inside that tower, and never left.

Those poor people died without seeing the light of day...



Looks like no one managed to get out alive.

Oh well, might as well announce the winners:

Everyone loses.

--The End--


Thanks for playing!

Here you can read everything that happened in the game.



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14 September 2017 - 11:50 PM

And.... The things you may or may have not been expecting to happen may or may not have happened while you were wondering if they had actually happened or not happened before you read this post saying things just happened.

Now, seriously:

Things have happened for the last time.

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13 September 2017 - 06:07 PM

Writing the ending.