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In Topic: New unique gem | Новый уникальный камень

Today, 03:14 PM

Please remember the official language in the forums is English. Feel free to create the topic again using the appropriate language. Thanks :)

In Topic: Gem Spinner is BS

02 August 2017 - 04:04 PM

LMAO. I am never not joking

Never seen a fat ninja joke around... have you?



How come you people see big gems in dungeons? I must skip over 1000 dungeons a day trying to find decent gems and I never see bigger gems than the 30-100k ones and that's maybe once every 500 dungeons? And I've been doing this for months... This is not normal... I feel like some rogue game master tagged my account or something just to piss me off

You are even lucky to see 30-100k gems, I usually see way smaller ones and I skip around full gold cap every time I play for real. It really depends on the time of the day, the day of the league, any events going on, big guild running some contests, etc.


Regarding the gem spinner, at least now we get a bonus for missing :rolleyes:

In Topic: Daily maze spin RIGGED

02 August 2017 - 03:46 PM

If you say that it's "obviously" rigged then whan can anyone say to change your mind? Actually another watcher have been keeping track of odds on regular gem steals and retrieves and odds are very close to what is advertised. I don't really see why they would rig the maze instead if you can also get free orbs from locks and leagues, and much more tears with the subscription. Chances must be 5-10% for each, and keeping in mind each spin is an independent spin, I wouldn't count on getting them, although personally, I've gotten them surprisingly more that what I would expect. I don't believe it's rigged, I don't feel it's rigged, but that's obviously my opinion.

In Topic: Instant Spinner Death From Above

02 August 2017 - 03:39 PM

You start getting the feeling of it, I don't really have anything in mind just 3 evenly timed taps at mid-high speed. Having a base with that option and practicing helps a lot, once you start making it constantly, it's hard to completely forget.

In Topic: Guys whats in new update

03 July 2017 - 09:49 PM

You shouldn't need to reinstall, are you getting any error or the game just refuses to load?