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2.22 Update is here! What's new?

16 November 2017 - 02:45 PM

Ancient totem revived! Learn spells and defeat all your opponents!

- Explore the new Ancient Totem under your dungeon
- Collect unique gems from magical spheres
- Learn more than ten spells and defeat your opponents!
Now you don’t have to complete a solo game to move into a new dungeon. When your totem breaks, you can open a portal to the next dungeon to find your new home!

Chervey's Revenge, Interview with Andrea Freund (Geist 812)

27 October 2017 - 04:10 PM

October 6th, 2017.

Ok, we all know that Andrea Freund is a journalist at the King's court. She makes interviews with different thieves and posts them here. However she just can't make an interview with herself, it would be weird. At the same time it's fair to ask her several questions in return, right? I couldn't ask her to comment latest events like what do you think about unique gems disappearing from weekend challenges. That's because she (like other watchers) knows something, but the time hasn't come to share all the details. So there will be no damn hot questions this time. Enjoy the read and Friday!

Chervey: Hey Andrea, I suppose that the time has come for you to answer some questions 😉 Let’s start from the general things. First of all, please tell us more about your ingame nickname. It sounds German by origin, I’d bet on it. However why Geist and why 812?
Andrea: It is German, Geist means ghost and 812 is simply my birthday, December 8th. In Germany the day is put first in a date, not like in the USA where it would be 128. Pretty boring huh? But I never thought I would play KoT as long as I have, considering I only installed it to help my son retrieve his stolen gems.

Chervey: Is this your first online game where you dived into community so deep?
Andrea: Definitely yes. Before I started playing KoT I only played a few online games, and none of them had a community like this. The more I played KoT the more I liked the challenge of it, but I realized pretty soon that in order to get anywhere in the game I would need some friends. So, I googled it and found the ask a friend fb chat. First I just lurked around, but then I saw how open and friendly everybody was, so I started chatting and sending out friendship requests. They were accepted by top players at the time, which really surprised me. In the other communities the big players were arrogant, but not here.

Chervey: Girls are rarely seen among high ranked players. Usually if we take an average MMO and active community members of high ingame level, we’ll meet only 1 girl among 10 players. How have you managed to get this far and stay for that long? What motivates you?
Andrea: I don't really consider myself high level, there are incredible women who play this game, who are ranked way higher than me. Why do I stay and what motivates me? It must be all that Zeptolove you are always talking about Chervey. Seriously though, I have come to love this game. I have recently said that it must be my love of being punished, because the dungeons keep getting harder since the restore and skip options were added. But it's like hiking, going up the mountain can be tough, but once you're there it is awesome. So is raiding or saving a hard dungeon, frustrating at times, but very satisfying when you've done it.

Chervey: You’re the first woman among the watchers. So we can no longer call our order a sausage party any longer and this changes everything and, by the way, could confirm the ‘1 of 10’ rule mentioned above. How you feel among us?
Andrea: Sausage party, I love it. I've never been a real girlie girl and was always one of the guys. I also worked in a male dominated job. One of my former bosses even forgot I was female and started to complain about women in a meeting until somebody finally kicked him under the table. I have felt comfortable with you guys from the very beginning, and why not, it's a great group of guys.

Chervey: I remember the day when I came to a conclusion that I should invite you to watchers. You came to me and asked with all your heart to check the second time some thief that got banned by validator. I thought that we need someone that puts so much trust and love in every person. It’s not a role play, you’re caring by nature. And people usually are not that good and this fact should cause some pain from time to time.  
Andrea: True, people are not good by nature and there are times when I felt that I was just being used because I want to help people. And yes, I truly want to help, I don't pretend. Whenever I get screwed I tell myself that it was the last time that I helped. But that's not me, I can't turn away when somebody needs help.

Chervey: How do you manage to combine activities in KoT, watcher’s duties and real life?
Andrea: My family will always come first, I think we all agree on that. KoT is a way for me to relax in the evening and fun in the morning. I am usually the first one to get up and the last one to go to sleep. Those are the times I play the most. Since I am now a stay at home mom, I have lots of opportunity to take a look at the chats, check telegram and such. I don't have to sit at the computer for hours at a time, just a quick glance here and there is all it takes. My kids are older now (14 and 10) and they think it's cool that mom is a nerd like them 😁  Also I have to be busy all the time, that's why I loved my job in customs compliance, never boring.

Chervey: Time to party hard ;) Everyone knows that Zepto doesn’t forbid selling and buying of accounts, but we usually don’t like that. So that’s why I find ironical that you control an account of our former Elder Watcher and our (current) badass guy that runs AAF and known as Symedia. How do you balance all these things with your sharp sense of justice?
Andrea: When Symedia announced his retirement I was heartbroken at first. He had become one of my closest friends. To have him leave was awful. So I made him an offer. I would buy his accounts, for a fraction of what has been speculated, since the price was only symbolic, and if he changes his mind, he could have them back, no questions asked. Do you think another player would have done that if he or she had bought them? I tried to convince him to come back, but he still refuses. Probably because I totally ruined his ranking, lol. I never did it for my personal gain to have a high level account. Because these accomplishments aren't mine, and never will be.

Chervey: I think your accomplishments in the game are greater than mine :) Maybe you could share some general info like total gemscore, average delta and number of tries it takes for you to beat Yuhan stairs?
Andrea: Now that's a lot of questions all rolled into one, lol. I am at level 188 and my total gem score is a little over 48 million, so I'm not a top scorer, my highest delta so far was 2,7 million. Not a whole lot considering that some players get 30 million in one gvg. So, how do I was this without sounding like the total noob that I am. As for Yuhan stairs, I’ve managed to 3 star them once, and only once, on a retrieve. But usually it would take me at least 50 tries.

Chervey: And what about bouncer bases?
Andrea: Bouncers… it depends on e layout, but I tried to raid one the other day and I couldn't finish it at all, not even with a ghost potion. He sure collected a lot of skulls though 😂😂. There are some double bouncer layouts that I can actually finish, but honestly never with more than 1 star.

Chervey: My best result for double bouncer was to beat it on 12th try. That was long ago when bouncers colour was deeper and more.. pink and “Tap to break in” sigh hasn’t burned my touch screen yet. Now I just have to skip them, I’m too old for that. So let’s switch to some brighter conversation subjects like… pineapples on pizza. To be or not to be?
Andrea: Time for honesty has come at least I guess. Pineapple on pizza is okay, but I prefer to have either tuna and onions or eggplant, zuchini and parmesan on my pizza. Top it off with some chillies on both and I am happy.  

Chervey: And the second one, that maybe way more important: two beers or not two beers?
Andrea: Two beers or not two beers?  Definitely two beers. Even though I was born in the USA I grew up in Germany, and we have some really great beers here. I prefer a slightly bitter beer like a Pils over the sweet beers like Weizen though. Pizza, beer and football, sounds like a great evening to me 😁😁


Interview with Vladislav Panferov aka Stiv aka Vileom aka....

27 October 2017 - 04:08 PM

September 19th, 2017

I promised you all some exciting interviews when my summer vacation is over. So, let's get started.

Today I would like to welcome Vladislav Panferov one of the community managers.

Vladislav, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for us.

Andrea: You are the other community manager beside Chervey, and as I had asked him, is it true that developers aren’t as good as other players? Chervey said he had a double platform saved in his dungeon at the moment. How about you, can you flawless platform or trampoline bases?
Vladislav: Well, I used to be good at jumps like saw jump and instant jump, but now I’m not sure that I’ll be able to pass one for 3 stars these days :) Right now I have a default best defense just because I have to reset my dungeon a lot due to some of my job responsibilities.

Andrea: What brought you to work for ZeptoLab?
Vladislav: Before ZeptoLab I used to work at another game developing company. Telling the story in two words: I was kind of an Elder Watcher for the community of a MOBA game published by that company where Chervey worked too. He hired me in his department and it became my first considerable employment. Time passed, he left, I stayed, but later in Summer 2015 he asked me if I wanted to send my CV to ZeptoLab because they were looking for a community manager. Since that time we serve King of Thieves together :)

Andrea: Can you tell us a little more about the new treasury? How does it work and when will the update be?
Vladislav: Treasure Hall is the first part of a new huge feature. Basically, it’s a new Vault, but this time it will be literally endless and unlimited. By running rituals, you will be able to get Emeralds – a new resource. So, to save your gem into the Treasure Hall, you will need to spend some of these green beauties. By the way, you will be able to save almost any gem you want, not only gems with 1m+ value. But this is not the only usage for Emeralds. Trust me, you will need them and unique gems for… well, for something new ;) Geffi has found something huge right under your dungeon (and Treasure Hall) and she will tell you about it a little bit more soon. But note that it will take her some time to make everything works.

Andrea: What about the throne prices and suffering of some players, will they be shrinked in the next updates as Chervey said they might?
Vladislav: Wait a minute, as far as I remember he said something about probabilities and future. No hints about the next update. So I won’t either deny or confirm that we will change prices for Thrones. We still think that Thrones are fine more or less. As Chervey said, it is cheaper to get FS1 than it used to be that is fine for more than 90% of players. However there is a huge BUT in this story made of players’ suffering and Geffi’s finding. Many things will change and it seems that Throne prices will be reformed to fulfil both a new in-game balance and expectations of the community.

Andrea: Is there anything feature, or change, in the game that you influenced and that you are proud of?
Vladislav: I hope so (x2). Well, Chervey and I are working closely with our colleagues on that Treasure Hall and what’s about to be released right after that. We also help our team to understand our community better, so that’s why not only Gold but Silver Arena champions will be able to use a new throne too. And we almost found an ideal balance between our community needs and our future updates.

Andrea: Oh, the community needs! I can’t keep silence anymore. Lots of players are asking for new traps and dungeons, is there a chance we will be seeing that in the near future?
Vladislav: Yes, I know that the most desirable things are layouts and traps. We’re gradually moving in this direction. Is that sounds good for you? :) The community matters when Zepto makes decisions.

Andrea: Speaking of traps and dungeons, what do you think about saw jumps? Chervey has recently boomed telegram chats with his comments about saw jumps that have to pass away because they’re not natural. Honestly, I can hardly do one saw jump, all others just kill me, but I am not sure they should be removed, what do you think?
Vladislav: I think that this is what make King of Thieves unique and so great. These little mechanics in the game add some charm to it, aren’t they? But on the other hand, they are too difficult and even impossible for some players due to their device technical performance. My personal opinion is that it would be better to give more variety than remove something. However, this issue is not that simple, and our team is discussing it over and over again. We can always disable it, that’s an option we can use. But we’re trying to find other ways to solve this situation.

Andrea: Since we have the option to skip bases or restore Totem, I have been seeing much more double platform, trampoline or gravity switch dungeons. One day that is all we will have, or will there be any changes made?
Vladislav: I hope that soon those layouts won’t be so desirable for players. Or, at least, they will find passion in other layouts :)

Andrea: One more issue are tears. I keep seeing players complaining about having tears to spend, but nothing to spend them on, since they have upgraded everything possible. Can we use them to maybe buy rare outfits in the future? Or maybe have the option to use orbs or tears to buy potions, re-spin and such?
Vladislav: You should understand that Tears problem is related only to old players. New players don’t have this problem. If we add something new for Tears, new players will have to do a choice how they want to use Tears. That’s not the best option. From time to time we discuss what shall we do with Tears and Gold and unused magical ingredients, but right now we’re focusing in features and updates which will be interesting for all players.

Andrea: Ok, let’s get back to features. What was the reason for making a throne available not only to a single guild that wins the Crown Arena, but also to guilds that took silver rewards? And how powerful that throne is?
Vladislav: A new Throne will be more powerful than FS15, but weaker than King of Kings’ throne. As for the reason, it’s simple. We love our community, you’re so cool, so dedicated. We decided that there is no reason to give the throne to one guild only, because fighting top Arenas is draining. So giving it to gold and silver taking guilds is a good motivation to push forward. It’s real goal for any guild in top-50 list if they manage the process rightly. So guys, show us who’s the boss here ;)

Andrea: I asked Chervey about the most useless feature of the game, so, in your opinion what is the most useful feature in the game?
Vladislav: Revenge is that kind of a feature. It was overpowered and allowed to duplicate (swap) big gems, so we were forced to nerf it. Now it’s useless for any advanced player. However it’s cool for newbies, so that’s why it is still in the game.

Andrea: I think not many players really know you, will you give us a little private information about you?
Vladislav: Don’t know what to say :) I live in Moscow, Russia. I love games: mobile, PC games, board games. And I love reading. I read all the time when I have several free minutes. You know, it would be easier for me if you ask questions, because I’m not used to telling much about myself :)

Andrea: And yes, I have to come around the the most important question, because everybody wants to know. How do you feel about pineapple on pizza, and what is your favorite pizza topping?
Vladislav: Let me say like this. There are a lot of people in this planet. We have different taste, preferences, we like different food. So I don’t mind if people are getting crazy because of pineapple on pizza. Moreover, I have several friends and colleagues who are fine with pineapple on pizza. I will definitely eat some pizza with pineapple if my friends’ life will depend on it, but I’m not a big fan of pizza at all :)

Vladislav, again I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions for us.


Interview with Chervey

27 October 2017 - 04:05 PM

August 21st, 2017

Unfortunately I am not on my PC, but because today is the update, so I decided to publish this without the usual artwork.

I want to thank Chervey aka Alexander Drusakov for this very different interview.

Andrea: I've thrown my question list into garbage because we know you're Chervey, Alexander in RL and you're community manager in Zepto and thus the most likely you can’t beat a double platform base, because players usually more skilled than devs. Are these statements correct?
Chervey: Well, not quite 😉 I can’t and never could flawless double platform bases, however one is currently saved in my dungeon. So anyone is welcome to try finishing it.

Andrea: Let's suppose we know everything about your duties including dressing up as Meleena on holidays and get right to the business. Tell me please what you think, what's the most useless feature in KoT and why it still exists in the game?
Chervey: Nice one, Andrea! There’re some features I would call with that word, but it’s a closed info. So I will share you my own opinion about the topic. Let’s suppose that the most useless thing in the game is a best gem pick chance. And luckily we’re currently trying to figure something out with it. The second pointless thing as I see it is... saw jumps. They destroy the game because their trajectory obviously... is not obvious at all. This is a subproduct of flaws in physics in the game engine.

Andrea:  Let's be honest, the upgrade of the throne system sucks. Zeptolab keeps saying that it has actually become cheaper to upgrade to FS15 than it was to upgrade to FS5 before the update. But where it took 34 mushrooms and 34 eyes to upgrade to FS5, it takes about 3 times as much now to reach the same level. How would you comment this?
Chervey: Did you use word “Honest”? 😂 Zeptolab has never said it's cheaper to get to FS15 than it was to get to FS5. Since I communicate with people, I can say it for sure. If you dig a bit, you'll find not a single word about that. The truth is a blade with two sharp edges: your side, my side and the truth in between. Old FS2 with 160 hp and triple 40% cost 110 mushrooms and 66 eyes if players upgraded thrones one after another. And you’ll be surprised that vast majority did exactly like that. When you get FS1 nowadays you spend 62 mushrooms and 20 eyes and get 230 hp, 55% to gold, 45% to steal and 35% to best gem pick. In the end you sit on a way more powerful throne which is easier to get while thrones on the way are useful. Since only 1% of players ever make it to FS thrones. In the end newbies are more viable. Vets have got their FS maxed. Looks like a fair deal, right?

Andrea: Still lots of players were really ticked off about that, and it makes it much harder for new players to be able to compete once the reach level 51+.
Chervey: I think guys with multiple accounts that are fond of camping and Arena farming suffer the most. Some honest thieves are pissed off too, of course, and it makes me feel bad.

Andrea: So… May we expect any positive changes in this issue because of your bad feeling?
Chervey: There is a probability that we’ll shrink their burden in future by lowering FS prices. Stiv and me are on the same page with you, that’s why current prices is the result of other numbers that were cut in twice with a lot of blood, tears and sweat shed by us before the “throne update” was launched. No promises though 😉

Andrea: You said before in public that retrieve chances need some love and told us that you’re on the same page with us. Still I read the same requests in comments and even in interviews I take: demand for higher retrieve chances. At the same time you wrote a in a recent post in Community Chat that ER requests cannot be posted there. But with the retrieve changes as low as they are now, you are driving players to such measures. Is Zeptolab planning on making changes in regards of the retrieve chances like these players are asking for or we will stay on the same page forever?
Chervey: Let’s be honest ©, when you’ve got 500 friends or more, chances to lose gems due to lack of retrieves are extremely low. They’re high when we take one player. People tend to measure things with personal experience, not statistics. Do you really think that almost 100% chance to get any gem back is worth of saying things like “chances are as low as they are now”? 😏 So ER requests change nothing except one thing: they spoil newsfeeds and prevent people from posting other stuff. On the other side, players that are not involved in our community may lose gems. For the, retrieve chances are low, it’s true. Personally I think that it needs some zeptolove. I hope for the best and there are some concepts in work that may see the light later this year.

Andrea: I think it's great that you are giving me a chance to ask you some tough questions and speak about love in return. It’s really touching. So I’d like to expand this topic if you don’t mind. I keep reading that Zedoop and EvilDracur are supposedly cheaters and hackers, and only haven't been banned because Zepto loves them and they’re welcome in Zepto offices. How do you respond to these allegations?
Chervey: I won't respond this time because of several reasons: 1) we ban cheaters and all experienced players know that well; 2) people tend to ignore facts and like to accuse top(1-3) players in cheating or/and buying a developer... just like in every other massive multiplayer online games; 3) we love every player unconditionally and deeply 😂 even if it’s unrequited feeling. Until one is a cheater, of course 😏 We really hate banning and warn thieves against using malware, however many just don’t listen and get to the “end-game” content quite fast.

Andrea: Oh, since you’ve mentioned listening skills… I have been going over my interviews again and again and some known guys complain that Zeptolab simply does not listen to the community, that you don't really care about the players. What do you think about this?
Chervey: Excuse me?

Andrea: 😂
Chervey: Ok, jokes aside 😂 When a company wants to make its game playable it has no choice but to listen what players say. Zepto is not exclusion. We listen and hear. Problems pop up during implementation stages and when players see new features. The first and main reason of this illusion of miscommunication is idea that developers should inevitably include things asked by players. If it’s done blindly, any game is doomed. Players’ minds are broken to pieces by inner conflicts: they desire for more rewards, more advantages, getting resources easier and more effective things for domination, but from the other side they bored when they have no challenge. Only some of them are aware of this conflict inside and can take it into consideration when they propose feature ideas. So when we hear requests and feedback we try to understand what’s the reason of it. Sometimes it’s easy to spot, sometimes not. And then we have to balance complicated system before make changes in it. Game development is a science. And Zeptolab works hard to make it a science of fun 😀

Andrea: Science of fun? I guess this is the science my son also would like to learn, since he wants to become a game developer. I am sure you didn't finish school saying "Hey, I am going to work for an online game company". So, how did you come to work for Zeptolab?
Chervey: When I studied in school, amounts game developers in Russia were next to zero. And that’s from the side of negative numbers 😂 Meanwhile epic titles boomed both my mind and the world outside. They were made in other countries for PC and consoles, there were no smartphones on the market 😂 So when I finished school in 1999 I was kind of realistic and dreamed to write about that games in magazines for gamers, as my close friend did by the way. I haven’t thought that I will ever become a part of any game dev team. I couldn’t imagine that Russian game development industry may produce epic games, because there was no such industry in the country. In 2002 I’ve started to play a browser online game and that changed my point of view drastically. I realised that online gaming andgame communities is a whole different story. People are interested about things that happen inside of a game they love and live in way more than in general news about game industry and game reviews. I think the same way and I’m more interested in what’s going on in KoT than in knowing what games are going to be released next year somewhere in the world. So I played that game for 5 years quite a lot. I was a student and had time to spare for the game. Playing meant for me taking part in bloody forum wars, writing articles, launch PR and black PR campaigns to lure strong players to our top clan and demotivate rival top players and clans 😏 Time passed and in 2006 I got an offer from a Russian game dev team, now it’s a part of the largest IT company in Russia. I meant to do the same I did while “playing”, but for another browser MMO game, not a single clan. I had to lure the core community from the game we loved and make them comfortable in a new better world 😀

Andrea: You can’t just stop mentioning love in your answers, can you? 😀
Chervey: There’s only one way to join the game dev sect — is to love games and to do something related that you really love to do. I love to meet people, to understand their problems and to help solving them. On the other side I like to shape MMO game universes. I fond of helping players to feel magic of game development, this is my role and duty. There is no features in KoT I pushed myself, we did it together. Every update is player driven, some less, some more. So If you like coding, drawing, writing, making a game design or playing games then just do it, and sooner or later you’ll find yourself surrounded by weird cool people that share your passion and you will start to affect the development process.  

Andrea: Being surrounded by cool people is a good thing, until they’re alive and it’s not a zombie apocalypse outside the window. One way or another you’re still breathing.. or typing at least 😂 So could you tell us how do you usually get through the average workday and what it looks like?
Chervey: There is a saying. Working in game development on the frontline with the community is like riding a motorcycle… that is on fire and you’re burning and everything is burning and you’re in hell 😂 Oh hell, I really love motorbikes!

Andrea: You know, we’ve made it to the last question, please excuse me because it may appear blunt and even a bit offensive. However I have to ask it because it has a great potential to make the world a better place. So what do you think about pineapple on pizza and what is your favourite pizza topping?
Chervey: Oh, you’ve got to the point at last! Chalapeno pepper and double cheese never spoil a pizza. Even if it’s made with pineapple, because in this case it’s already spoiled to the point when making it better is not possible in this universe. But still… it’s better to be with chalapeno and double cheese. Love it!

Andrea: I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to answer some questions and spreading Zeptolove among all of us. 😀



Interview with Sobrio

27 October 2017 - 03:56 PM

July 11th, 2017

Today, in this special edition interview, I would like to welcome our newest guild leader and amazing friend as well as an awsome player, Maria aka Sobrio Kot

Thank you very much Maria for answering some questions for us.

Andrea:      Where are you from?
Maria:  I am from  Greece.

Andrea:      When you’re not playing King of Thieves, what do you do for a living?
Maria:         I studied computer science and now I have one year left to finish my PhD in computer programming.

Andrea:     How old are you Maria?
Maria:           I am turning 26 in few days.

Andrea:       Would you tell us what level you are and what your average delta is?
Maria:         I am level 430 and my average delta is around 2m. It depends in the gvg and in my pool.

Andrea:       You have been playing for a long time, when did you start playing King of Thieves?
Maria:        I started play the game end  of April 2016

Andrea:     Which guild have you been in since playing KoT, and what guild do you belong to at the moment?
Maria:     I don’t really remember the first guild I ever joined, but I remember when I had 5m gem score I joined Assassin’s Creed guild, later I was in Gem Retrieval and then I joined my current guild, Baby Sharks.

Andrea:     Some players spend hours playing KoT every day, how about you?
Maria:     It depends in the gvg and the free time. Some days I play 5 hours, some other days I play 10 hours.

Andrea:    What tip would you give other players?
Maria:In low level to focus only in the upgrades of castle and traps. Gem score will come later. Also, don’t spend orbs to finish instantly a golden ritual. Don’t be afraid to run golden rituals. This game has an amazing community and all players are willing to help.  

Andrea:    What do you think was your best experience in the game:
Maria:     All those amazing people I met and the friends I made. I am really greatfull I met so wonderfull people and I wish in future to meet them in real life.

Andrea:    Do you regret anything about the game?
Maria:      No, not really. Every failure is part of the game and we must enjoy it. Maybe I regret a little the rage respins on 5% but still I am happy I did it. All those are lessons in the game teaching you what to avoid next time.

Andrea:    Are there any players in the game that have inspired you, or you would consider to be „the greatest players „ of KoT?

Maria:    I have a huge list with those player. I admire some of them not because of the skills but also for their character. Some of them are: Poop Face, Uneura, Alexis, Queezy, Gad, Ciccio Bomber, Maren, Andiarbeit, 3AR7 and many many more.

Andrea:   Is there anything you would like to see changed in the game?
Maria:     I would like to see the retrieve chances increased. Maybe something like new bases, new gems, new physics and a little more balanced gaming experience between p2w and f2p players.

Andrea:    If his majesty would grant you one wish, what would it be?
Maria:     I would like Zepto to listen more to community wishes. As a developer myself I know not all are possible but also nothing is impossible.

Andrea:     How would you describe KoT to a stranger?
Maria:      It is an addictive game which requires practice, creativity and intelligence.  

Andrea:     We all have our favorit thief/costume, which is yours and why?
Maria:     I love costumes. I want to unlock them all and my favorites are, golden blaze and sly smile. Lately although, I use simple black.

Andrea:       What are your favorite potions while raiding gems?
Maria: I believe all potions are usefull if you know when and how to use them. I love slow motion and gang of thieves.
Andrea:       Can you raid platform and gravity switch bases very well? What is your specific strategy for these?
Maria: It depends. Lately I practice a lot in those bases, so sometimes I flawless and some other times I 5% them.

Andrea:        Due to popular demand I have to make this a permanent question.  What do you think about pineapple on pizza and what is your favorite pizza topping?
Maria:            Pineapple can stay out of my pizza. I prefer my pizza simple. Tomatoe, cheece and mushrooms.

Andrea:       What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Maria:       I love chocolate and strawberry. I wish I could only survive eating ice cream!

Andrea:      If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?
Maria: I would love to visit Scandinavian countries, I want to watch Aurora Borealis phenomena from very close.

Again, thank you for letting us get to know you better.