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Update 2.18 is Live! What's new?

29 May 2017 - 03:56 PM

King of Thieves has just ended the maintenance and you can now play the game. The update 2.18 has been installed!


Guilds have been joining arena groups since the moment we're live, however we're still working on their perfect assignment. It will take some time. Meanwhile we'd like to post a couple of words about new features of this update:




Compete with other guilds inside Arenas and win more rewards. For each won battle during an Arena round your guild will get a special additional reward - an Arena chest.
Beat your enemies and lead your guild to endless glory!







Re-spins becomes more useful. Even if you don’t win a gem, now you can get a special bonus for your ritual! Don't worry, the bonus can't be larger than a gem you try to steal. And no, it's not deducted from the gem.



Official Guild Arenas discussion topic

19 May 2017 - 03:21 PM

As you can see, some stuff for update 2.18 was announced here, let's keep the place tidy and discuss it on one place :), how do you expect them to be, what rewards would you like.. Fire away!

Guild Arenas announced!

19 May 2017 - 03:18 PM

Update 2.18 is inevitable and, as usual, we’re going to share some info about it.


You may think that King of Thieves has become mad, but thing we will tell you about today is a major feature that completely rebuilds season mechanics. In order to highlight the volume of changes we will implement we decided to give it a new name. Starting from 2.18 all guilds will take part in Guild Arena, not Season Wars. So with 13th Season the era of Season Wars as you know it will join ancient campers and hit the dust. After that the new dawn of guild warfare will meet us at Guild Arena.


First of all we understand that you’d like to know about rewards. It will be still possible to get huge prizes and maybe even a little bit more in higher leagues. Members of lower leagues will struggle to go higher. Sooner or later if your guild is strong enough, you’ll be on the top. This is matter of skill and guild management. In general Guild Arena is like a leagues for players, but it takes 30 days to finish 1 round.


The second thing that is torturing you right now is the silent question: how will we determine winners in this mess? The answer is simple: by delta made during the 10 rounds of GvG which will be 1 round of Guild Arena. Sum of delta made for 10 rounds will place your guild in the list of your group and will determine will your guild go to the next devision, stay in current one or will be demoted.


After each round of Guild Arena new groups will be formed and the battles for glory will continue.


Strategically this approach will allow your guild to be more flexible because delta made will matter more than victories in a single GvG or even several of them. It means that your guild technically can take the 1st place in Guild Arena without winning a single fight in GvG.


This will make the game more challenging and will add way more sense to diplomacy. Enjoy the last days of current era with all its beauty and ugliness, because future is coming!



Facebook Login Workaround

26 April 2017 - 08:20 PM

Because of some technical issues in the forum platform, facebook login is no longer available. If you used your facebook profile to navigate in the forums and you don't want to lose your identity (Or keep it secret under the same alias because, you, know, that's what thieves do ;)) there's a workaround for this and you can recover your account following these steps.


Click "Forgot password?" on the sign in at the top right of the website.


Write your email associated with your facebook account and fill the captcha to prove you are just a thief.


You will receive an email "Password recovery information from King of Thieves" and a link redirecting to the forums asking to validate you really did this action. (If this fails, there's another link below in the mail with your user ID and a validation key)


Once again in the forums just click to validate your action, this will send you another email, "Your new password King of Thieves".


There you would find your username (which should be your facebook name), the email you used to recover your profile, and a temporary password that you will use to log in and then you are supposed to change because if you can remember that, then you shouldn't be a thief after all.


You will keep your forum name, your facebook name (username) will remain hidden so you don't have to worry about that.



PS: I didn't really try to use my facebook name as my username (but I did try my email and it didn't work) and try the same password before I went through all these steps so that would be up to you to test.


Hope all this works for you too!

KoT street art!

18 November 2016 - 04:32 PM

His Majesty brings his influence into our world!
Art made by @oldsol.me (https://www.instagram.com/oldsol.me/)