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Today, 09:25 AM

The map and stats have been fixed.

  • USB actually has two troops remaining in his ruin.
  • Segaco's troop in #38 is displayed as being cavalry.
  • I updated the bonus mission results to be accurate.
  • Fixed the horrible error of me subtracting 60 IP for Brew's cities instead of 40 (lol).

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Yesterday, 11:18 PM

The map will change a bit tomorrow. I made a fuck-up in the attack between Samad and usb. These two players are informed already, and it probably won't have a huge effect on the others, but letting you guys know just in case.

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Yesterday, 09:30 PM

The people of the empire seek to build a more comfy home. Many cities are built in many lands, allowing for a larger population. But that is not all. War never stops, and some lands turn out to be completely obliterated, left empty and void of life.
usb rebuilds his fortress and keeps his new troops in #3.
Samad builds a city in #4. He transfers some of his troops to attack #3 with 10 troops total. The fort is immediately ruined again, and two armies are lost on Samad's side. An 8v6 battle ensues. Samad loses the battle and usb keeps two of his troops in the ruin. Samad loses one troop in each of his HQs, rendering Corruptium neutral.
Zeleven also rebuilds his fortress and defends it. He prays to the gods. It seems to work.
Psycho spawns his new troops in #26. He undergoes another complex trade of lands with Brew_Thief to claim control over the HQs Lagerly Rock, Weissland, Pilsneria and Tatooine. He builds a city on #27.
Brew_Thief had exchanged most of his troops to artillery prior to the exchanges with Psycho and they have been moved. The cannons are stationed now at #15, #24 and #41 respectively, in pairs each. Brew_Thief builds two cities, one in #25 and one in #28. The cannons at #15 besiege the lone troop in #12, killing it and rendering the land neutral.
DanFariasM spreads his armies out between his two lands.
Brew_Thief attempts to siege #38 from #41, but Sotherogue also decides to invade it with 10 troops. The two armies skirmish. Six of Sothe's troops are killed before the cannons are disarmed. Sothe goes on to occupy #41 with 4 troops. He builds three cities within his empire.
Then, Segaco puts his new cavalry troops on #36 and goes to invade the now almost empty #38, overtaking it with two troops at the loss of one cavalry troop. He then pushes on for Daein, neutralizing the HQ, but unable to capture it.
Sotherogue also attacks from Begnion, with 7 troops, to the now almost empty #36, overtaking it with ease.
The intimidation bonuses are as follows:
       usb +1
   Zeleven +1
Brew_Thief +7
    Psycho +2
    Segaco +6
DanFariasM +4
Sotherogue +7
The IP changes are:
       usb + 1 (+1 from mission)
     Samad -15 (+4 from HQ, +1 from troops, -20 from city)
   Zeleven + 6 (+4 from HQ, +1 from mission, +1 from class)
Brew_Thief -32 (+1 from troops, +7 from mission, -40 from city)
    Psycho - 1 (+16 from HQ, +1 from troops, +2 from mission, -20 from city)
    Segaco + 4 (+4 from HQ, +6 from mission, -6 from cavalry)
DanFariasM + 6 (+2 from troops, +4 from mission)
Sotherogue -26 (+4 from HQ, +3 from troops, +7 from mission, -40 from city)
The new IP values are:
       usb 27 |||||||||||||
     Samad 29 ||||||||||||||
   Zeleven 12 ||||||
Brew_Thief 55 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    Psycho 16 ||||||||
    Segaco  8 ||||
DanFariasM 22 ||||||||||||
Sotherogue 28 |||||||||||||||

BONUS MISSION (Intimidation)
For each territory you control, at the end of each turn until the end of Turn 10, you will gain +1 IP for each territory controlled by another player that is adjacent to your territory and has fewer total troops in their territory than you do in yours.
 - This mission is the same as the Intimidation mission introduced in GD1.
 - Artillery and cavalry units will be considered to be worth 2 troops in the counting in this mission.
The map is updated. Use CTRL+F5 to refresh if necessary. TURN 9 will end maximally at the midnight between April 27-28 my time.

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Yesterday, 06:19 PM

Some clarification about the rules concerning artillery.

  • When using artillery to besiege/overtake a neighbouring land, in principle the artillery will not be destroyed in that process.
  • Artillery, however, can be destroyed if it is attacked. Artillery that is involved in a skirmish is attacked as such, so artillery can be lost in skirmishes! Artillery that survives a skirmish will, as do other troops, continue to attack the land they intended to.
  • It takes 3 troops to make artillery, and 3 troops for an enemy to destroy it, so relatively speaking it is a bit weaker on the defense side. But the huge benefits that are possible with artillery should be obvious :)
  • An artillery unit can truly only move only to one neighbouring land in one turn, no matter what. So, if artillery for example is gifted or traded, then it cannot be moved or traded again in the same turn. However, of course, it can be spawned/traded/moved and attack in the same turn.

This is just a remark to make sure you guys understand artillery mechanics.