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In Topic: [ANIMATION] i made an animation that took me 6 months to make

20 May 2017 - 11:07 AM

I don't think the guy is entirely serious. :P


The red guard strongly reminds me of Don Patch, a character from the Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo series.

In Topic: Celestian

20 May 2017 - 11:03 AM

Thanks guys  :wub:

In Topic: Global Domination II

17 May 2017 - 11:37 AM

Yeah, the game is over. We can reasonably argue that Brew and Psycho are the winners of this game.


Global Domination 3 might start eventually, but not in the foreseeable future. I'm way too busy for this kind of stuff now :P

In Topic: Global Domination II

15 May 2017 - 10:51 PM

The new map was known in Telegram for a while, but I haven't updated it here. Sorry about that.


The game is kind of beyond recognition. Sotherogue resigned from playing, and whomever of Brew or Psycho wins depends arbitrarily on the win conditions and their own agreement (they specified they'd play for a tie if the rules allow it).


Here's the final map:


In Topic: Trampas, bases y más en español

13 May 2017 - 09:20 AM

It is possible to chat in Spanish here in the Guilds section, if you have a Spanish guild (for example). In the other subforums, unfortunately, English is the only language to be spoken!