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#192223 Ideas It May Change The Game ツ

Posted by Aluce on 09 July 2017 - 12:34 PM

What is idea 1 supposed to even mean?

Idea 2 would be nice, but probably not useful enough for implementation. Most of the time, a player knows why they are being kicked. Either due to inactivity or not fulfilling a certain requirement or demand. Many players in big guilds have separate chats (for example on FB or Telegram) too, where kick reasons can be discussed.

Ideas 3 and 4 are in fact already featured in the community wish list under priority and guilds & test mode sections.

Idea 5 sounds worthless. You can demote from KOKL and other God's Leagues already, go up and down like that. What you suggest is something like prestige mode in CATS. It sounds interesting, but I don't know what it would add to the game. Would only KOK winners be able to go to "the second Wooden league"? Because then there are not enough players to fill all these new leagues.

Outfit customisation is always good. Colour costumisation is actually not in the wishlist yet. I like it :)

#192093 Jedi Mind Tricks vs GReat

Posted by Aluce on 28 June 2017 - 09:36 AM

Jedis have decided to take on a big battle, and we are currently fighting GReat, a guild in the Gem Retrieval family.

The battle has looked very close throughout, gems shuffling about and both guilds gradually increasing their total score.


It is the last day now: giveaway day. There's surely going to be some fireworks :D


#192012 Should There Be More Gems Colors?

Posted by Aluce on 19 June 2017 - 11:03 AM

It would look nice for sure. But currently, each gem colour corresponds with a potion (when you fuse three of the same colour). Having more colours would either mean we need more potion types (almost surely a bad idea) or that some colours are somewhat inferior to others since they won't give a potion.

#191818 What is the cost in orbs to stay in a depleted totem ?

Posted by Aluce on 10 June 2017 - 11:22 AM

The cost for the first restoration is 250 orbs nowadays. I believe the next prices are 375 and 500, but I'm not entirely sure.


Ash mentioned the cost for skipping a base after a totem is depleted. The first skip is indeed 50 orbs :)

#191539 Im having a problem! 3h login delay

Posted by Aluce on 26 May 2017 - 09:46 PM

If you have been online for 6 hours in succession (or rather, without having taken a 3 hour long break somewhere in between), then the game will kick you out of the game; force you to take a break, so to speak.


You will be able to log into the game and play again normally as soon as the limit is lifted :)

#191434 [ANIMATION] i made an animation that took me 6 months to make

Posted by Aluce on 20 May 2017 - 11:07 AM

I don't think the guy is entirely serious. :P


The red guard strongly reminds me of Don Patch, a character from the Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo series.

#191299 The Old Kings' Riddle

Posted by Aluce on 13 May 2017 - 08:55 PM

The five Old Kings of Thieves, RoopaMissyLady PainsworthAuric and Emperor Filon, decided to start raiding. Each of them entered a different league of players. Each King stole one gem. Each gem had a different colour. Each King used a different potion (gang, slowmo, ghost, disable trap or double gold) to steal their gem. Each King finished their league in a different position (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th). Each gem was also of a different tier (mine, small spiked, deep spiked, baby gold, deep gold).


After league is over, Geffi comes over and wonders about which King stole which gem colour, value, where they finished and with which potion. The Kings decide to only give Geffi some vague clues...


Roopa: "I can tell you a few things: I did not use a Gang of Thieves potion. I also didn't use a Slowmotion potion, because Emperor Filon did that. No, I used a better potion. Therefore, the position I finished at in my league was higher than the King who stole a purple gem. I also finished higher than the one who stole a small spiked gem (this is a different King as the one with the purple gem)!"

Missy: "I did not steal the deep golden gem. But the King who did, still did not manage to finish first in their league. Crazy, right? Auric and Emperor Filon stole the deep spike and baby golden gems, but I don't know who stole which."

Lady Painsworth: "Roopa stole a gem that was higher in value than the one I stole. Despite that, I finished my league in a higher position than he did. Also, the thief who placed fourth in their league (maybe it was me!) surely did not use Gang of Thieves or Double Gold potions."

Auric: "The thief who stole a red gem was the same King as the one who finished fourth in their league. The thief who stole a deep spike gem came in first or in third place in their league."

Emperor Filon: "Exactly two of the following statements are true:

1) The one who stole the yellow gem finished in second or in fourth place in their league.

2) The one who placed fifth in their league used either Slowmotion or Disable Trap as their potion.

3) Auric did not finish in first or in fifth place in his league, but he did use Gang of Thieves potion.

4) The small spiked gem that was stolen was either green, or stolen using the Ghost potion, but not both."

Lord Rastin decided to chip in a few hints as well, perhaps out of sympathy for the poor purple phantom.

Lord Rastin: "Nobody who stole a golden gem (baby or deep) used a Double Gold potion. Furthermore, the green gem was stolen by the King who finished one place higher than the King who used the Ghost potion. Lastly, the thief who used Disable Trap potion got wrong pick and only stole a mine gem. This unlucky King, however, still managed to get to first or second place in their league!"


Now the question is: which potion was used by which King to steal which gem of which colour and which tier, and which league position was accomplished for each?

#191058 Global Domination II

Posted by Aluce on 03 May 2017 - 10:54 PM




Samad builds a fort at #2.

usb stacks troops in #3 and rebuilds the fortress on it using one troop.

Brew_Thief expands into The Dark Mountain with 2 cavalry troops. In addition, he moves artillery into #11 and sieges Toxic Island using it, killing 6 of Samad's troops.

Psycho builds cities at #24 and at #16. He moves his artillery from #9 to #8 and sieges #6 with it, rendering it neutral. He also attacks Dan at #33 with artillery from #41, killing many troops.

Segaco turns 9 troops in his HQ into 3 artillery units, and the rest into cavalry. Using these forces, he attacks #32 and takes it over. He then sieges #31 with the artillery units.

DanFariasM simply stays put but is evidently cornered by heavy cannons!

Sotherogue builds a city in #43 and moves forces from Daein to #38 and from #37 to #30 respectively.



The intimidation bonuses are as follows:

      usb +1
Brew_Thief +6
    Psycho +2
    Segaco +8
Sotherogue +3
The influence point changes are as follows:
      usb + 2 (+1 from mission, +1 from troops)
     Samad + 8 (+8 from HQ)
    Segaco - 6 (+4 from HQ, +8 from mission, -12 from trade, -6 from cavalry)
DanFariasM   0
Sotherogue - 6 (+8 from HQ, +3 from troops, +3 from mission, -20 from city)
    Psycho -13 (+16 from HQ, +1 from troops, +12 from trade, +2 from mission, -40 from city, -6 from trade)
Brew_Thief +17 (+4 from HQ, +1 from troops, +6 from mission, +6 from trade)
The total IP are now thus:
      usb 29 ||||||||||||||
     Samad 46 |||||||||||||||||||||||
Brew_Thief 50 |||||||||||||||||||||||||
    Psycho 21 ||||||||||
    Segaco 14 |||||||
DanFariasM 29 |||||||||||||||
Sotherogue 35 ||||||||||||||||||
The map has been updated. TURN 11 will last maximally until midnight May 7-8 my time.

#190891 Celestian

Posted by Aluce on 29 April 2017 - 12:03 AM

Good evening, fellow thieves.


This work is not at all related to King of Thieves, but I figured I would post it here anyway, making my creative debut on the forums here and all ;)

It's an album of music titled Celestian. It's about an astronaut who ends up stuck alone in space living his last weeks of life out there.


I attempted to make a metal album that is rhythmically interesting, progessive and, well, all in all cool. But since I don't own a recording studio, I ended up making it completely chiptune style.

Check it out here and let me know what you think. ;)

#190850 Global Domination II

Posted by Aluce on 27 April 2017 - 11:29 PM

Sotherogue collects troops in Begnion and takes back #38 from Segaco easily. He then takes back Daein.
USB stacks in #3.
Segaco stacks in his HQ.
Samad sends one unit from Toxic Island to reclaim Corruptium.
Dan invades #33 and takes it over from Segaco easily.
Psycho and Brew_Thief devise a complex trading route of troops and lands. If you want the details, let me know. Anyway, Brew converts and sends troops from Weissland to #15.
Zeleven and Brew_Thief attack each other with an artillery unit. Both artilleries are mutually destroyed. However, Brew_Thief sent two more artilleries and 4 cavalry units. The two artillery units neutralize the land precisely, including the fortress, and the land is overtaken by Brew. He then sieges The Dark Mountain with one cannon and #11 with the other, rendering both neutral and eliminating Zeleven from the game.
Psycho uses two artillery units from Tatooine to destroy the four troops in #41 and occupy the land with two cannons. Additionally, he sieges and overtakes #9 from Lagerly Rock, then renders #8 neutral with the same cannon.
The bonus IP from the mission are as follows:
       USB +2
    Segaco +6
DanFariasM +5
Sotherogue +2
    Psycho +1
Brew_Thief +7
The IP changes for this turn are:
       usb + 0
     Samad + 9 (+8 from HQ, +1 from troops)
    Segaco +12 (+4 from HQ, +6 from mission, +2 from class)
DanFariasM + 7 (+2 from troops, +5 from mission)
Sotherogue +13 (+8 from HQ, +3 from troops, +2 from mission)
    Psycho +18 (+16 from HQ, +1 from troops, +1 from mission)
Brew_Thief -22 (+1 from troops, +7 from mission, -20 from city, -10 from cavalry)
The total IP values are now:
       usb 27 |||||||||||||
     Samad 38 |||||||||||||||||||
Brew_Thief 33 ||||||||||||||||
    Psycho 34 |||||||||||||||||
    Segaco 20 ||||||||||
DanFariasM 29 |||||||||||||||
Sotherogue 41 |||||||||||||||||||||
BONUS MISSION (Intimidation)
For each territory you control, at the end of each turn until the end of Turn 10, you will gain +1 IP for each territory controlled by another player that is adjacent to your territory and has fewer total troops in their territory than you do in yours.
 - This mission is the same as the Intimidation mission introduced in GD1.
 - Artillery and cavalry units will be considered to be worth 2 troops in the counting in this mission.


The map is updated. Turn 10 will last until the midnight between May 2-3 my time.


#190796 I made a video about disabling traps

Posted by Aluce on 26 April 2017 - 11:59 AM

Yes, great video. It even shows the much less well known and understood "double DT" technique. :)


I have a database showing the "default" traps for each set and each base. It can be found here. The base numbers marked with red are the ones for which the "drag in edit mode" trick doesn't work (as Fezzik pointed out already).

#190609 Stuff

Posted by Aluce on 21 April 2017 - 09:09 AM

I believe you mean round 2 or earlier, Fez ;)

Also, of course, the outfit is only awarded in the top prize, so you will get it only if you're Elder and the guild gets at least 9 wins.

#190564 Stuff

Posted by Aluce on 20 April 2017 - 02:16 PM

The confusion about golden gems is obvious. FuryAce thinks that we refer to the yellow coloured gems when we say "golden gems" (considering his remark about double gold).


This is not what we mean. :D When we say "golden gem", we refer to all gems that have a value of over 100,000. These gems show golden outlines and ornaments, similar to how gems with value between 10,000 and 99,999 have silver ornaments. And obviously, high valued gems are what every fanatic KoT player is after ;)

#190257 Global Domination II

Posted by Aluce on 13 April 2017 - 11:44 PM



Segaco retreats all of his troops to his home HQ, Segatia and builds a fortress with IP.
Samad expands into #9 with two troops.
Psycho moves all of his units into the Watcher Tower (now known as Tatooine). Dan was found in slumber. Pyscho goes on to use his 10 troops from Tatooine to take over #41 and #42. He does so successfully, but barely.
Zeleven moves a fair amount of his troops to #15 and intends to attack Endor. He throws a stick of dynamite on Endor, killing the lone troop in it, before expanding into it.
Meanwhile, usb awakens and goes on an epic rampage. He moves all his troops from Corruptium to #18 - 24 of them - before slaughtering the units in #19 and #20. With 20 units adjacent to Segatia, he throws a stick of dynamite on the HQ, killing 2 of the 18 troops and destroying the fortress. A 19v16 battle ensues. Unfortunately, usb is a few armies short of wiping out Segatia. This renders both empires without a real army.
Sotherogue throws a dynamite on Roguatia, killing the lone troop in it. He moves his armies from #30 to #34 before killing the Segatian troop in #36 and securing the border. Interestingly, he does not occupy his old HQ.
Brew_Thief from Lagerly Rock decides that this is a good idea to show his dominance. With his full force, he waltzes into #24, then #25, then uses ten troops to overtake Kashyyyk with ease. He uses the remaining troops from #25 to take over #16, but runs into Zeleven's troops from the now called Shadows Cove who try to occupy the same land. A 4v14 skirmish occurs, which Brew_Thief wins, after which Brew overtakes Shadows Cove immediately as well.
After all the onslaught is over, Psycho uses a crop supply to gain bonus troops.
Brew_Thief loses one troop in each HQ he controls due to his class. This causes him to lose Lagerly Rock.
NOTE: There was one funny incidence of sequences of moves that were not appropriately covered in the rules (Zeleven attacked Endor, then #16, while Brew attacked #1 then Endor). I figured that the most logical and fair way to resolve this is to make the armies meet at #16. It would not have made a big difference otherwise, anyway, I think.
The IP changes are:
       usb + 4 (+4 from HQ)
     Samad + 6 (+4 from HQ, +2 from troops)
   Zeleven + 5 (+4 from HQ, +1 from class)
Brew_Thief +10 (+8 from HQ, +2 from troops)
    Psycho + 5 (+4 from HQ, +1 from troops)
    Segaco -16 (+4 from HQ, -20 from fortress)
DanFariasM   0
Sotherogue + 5 (+4 from HQ, +1 from troops)
The new IP values are:
       usb 32 ||||||||||||||||
     Samad 24 ||||||||||||
   Zeleven 18 ||||||||||
Brew_Thief 32 ||||||||||||||||
    Psycho 31 |||||||||||||||
    Segaco 15 |||||||
DanFariasM 14 ||||||
Sotherogue 31 |||||||||||||||
The map has been updated. Use CTRL+F5 to refresh is necessary.

#190210 getting that second save

Posted by Aluce on 12 April 2017 - 08:56 PM

I should add I was definitely more in favour of a 3-times-in-a-row procedure before Heartbeat and level 31+ traps became a thing. Everything is more of a luck and noob fest now.