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Thrones 2.0

03 January 2017 - 09:02 PM

Lets get straight to the chase.


Right now Forseer throne is the best. In fact it is so good, that all the other thrones are pretty much useless compared to it. I will try to present a (hopefully viable) way to buff "useless" thrones, without making anyone regret maxing their foreseer.


The concept my idea is based on making all the thrones unique, giving advantages only at the cost of natural drawbacks. I will reason for the numbers given in the picture underneath the image. Of course I am sure that the numbers aren't perfect, but I tried my best to balance them out more or less.


For example Brave Heart is a throne that gives a HP boost only. How many times have we heard that it should give a massive HP boost, since it lacks in all other aspects. This throne should make you feel like a giant (troll), noobing through insane bases with 3 stars if their traps are low. 


I designed the other improvements similarly, to make each throne have a unique purpose. Here are my suggestions:




First of all, notice that all the thrones max out at 300 HP (except Rough Cut & Brave Heart). With the new lvl 46 traps, the playing field needs to be levelled a little. Apart from this, here are the changes.


Brave Heart: More HP. Previously mentioned above


  • Easy 2-3 stars on bases with low level traps.
  • Great for challenges to earn stars.



  • No gold bonus
  • 5% is the only way to steal gems at higher levels. (If you pick the right gem at all)


Wealthy Duke:  More gold. At max level, doubles your steals. If you think Castle and traps upgrades are expensive, then this throne will help greatly early on. Also an Ideal throne for gold stealing challenges. 


  • Easily start expensive castle & trap upgrades. (Or just getting some skip gold.)
  • Great for challenges to steal gold.


  • Say goodbye to any gems you see, 5% is your only chance at higher levels.


Lucky Crystal: More gem steal chance. Thats kind of all. you will need luck but the chance opportunities will be there. 


  • 80% Gem steal chance VS max gem defense on 3 stars.
  • ~8% Gem steal chance on 1 star. Do you feel luckier already?
  • Great for challenges to steal gems.


  • No best pick chance, not very ideal for stealing large gems. (Unless you trust your luck.)
  • No bonus gold (not a huge booboo)


Wise Judge: More best gem pick chance. Late Game main throne #1. Gem steal chance also buffed, this way it can be a multipurpose throne. You give up some gem steal chance for better gem picks. Now it is a viable alternative to the Foreseer throne. The Wise Judge throne helps you steal only the best gems in the game.


  • Enhanced best gem pick.
  • Great all-out throne for overall usage.


  • 45% Gem steal chance VS max gem defense on 3 stars. 


Sun LitMore gem steal chanceLate Game main throne #2. Best gem pick chance also buffed. Compared to Foreseer, you give up more than half of your bonus best gem pick chance, but in exchange get a larger chance to steal any gem. If you dont like the spinner, then this might just give the edge you need.


  • 75% Gem steal chance VS max gem defense on 3 stars.
  • Has some extra best gem pick chance.
  • Great for challenges to steal gold. (Gold steal % might be a little OP here, maybe 70% like Foreseer is fine too)


  • Riskier, unreliable best gem picks. 

Foreseer: Best option for overall coverageLate Game main throne #3. The foreseer throne is prepared for every scenario. The Best gem pick chance is ideal for nabbing a majority of huge gems, and its gem steal chance is formidable even on 2 stars. Plus it gives a decent gold boost without you having to risk anything.


  • Safest option for everyday usage.
  • Good for a variety of challenges


  • No speciality. If you only want one of the buffs, then there is always a better throne.

King of Kings: Still simply the best.



Overall that concludes what I had to say. I think this would add a huge strategic aspect for the game, and also the extra customization maybe even make the game simply more enjoyable. Anyway, I kind of doubt they will ever alter the thrones again, but you cant blame me for trying.  ;)