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#183491 Join: «Mtl In Da House» - a guild with good thieves and time to upgrade !

Posted by Flyer on 03 February 2017 - 09:12 PM

Hey thieves !  the 5fth guild in canada is recruiting!


 Mtl in Da House


Level :18


wins: 126


gems: 114 296 128


Entry cost : 2M



We play as 2 teams in one guild.


While one team is stealing gems the other one is upgrading traps and making space for gems for the next battle. 


3 days stealing / 3 days upgrading ... Over and over.


While you Steal you should be able to win orbeuseus and 150 orbs.


You should try to get at least 50k of gems for the battles where you steal. 


While you upgrade and sell gems for gold you'll loose Invinsius and go back to orbeuseus for the next battle with spaces for gems and orbs... to win it again!


That way we sould get at least 7 wins by season.




We need new players.... that can steal around 100K and more on each battle they play and want to win.



For more info on the way we play and rules go to our web site - http://bit.do/MTLIDH


Youll be warn before getting kiked out!



Join in !  And you'll find cool players , with constructive comments from around the world!


N.B. You need to be able to write a little english or french .


Waiting to see you around !!    :)


De Montreal Qc! ( on parle français aussi )