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guild sabotage?

25 November 2016 - 03:45 PM

 I had a strange experience this last guild battle and was curious if anyone has experienced anything similar. There was about 8 hours left in the battle when our opponents began catching up to our 200k lead, and then they surpassed us with 3 hours left. I got some lucky breaks and got us a 100k lead, 2 hours left, and messaged that I wasn't able to do much more (thanksgiving plans!). At this point a member who has been with our guild for maybe 2 or 3 battles suddenly left. I was bummed because he had made 40k this round. He came back a minute later and said that his cousin was testing his dungeon and accidentally left the guild. Realizing it takes 6 or 7 moves to go from testing to leaving I accused him of sabotage, and waited for a response. When I didn't receive any I kicked him. We lost the battle by 10K.

  As far as motivation for deliberately sabotaging your own guild I could only think of 2:

1: just to mess with people.

2: perhaps he has a huge number of Facebook friends and one of them happened to be in the guild we were battling, so he thought it would be fun to be a double agent.


Not sure but due to his dungeon layout, high delta, and low level I already suspected that this was not his first account though I never asked.


Comments from seasoned guild members will be greatly appreciated!


21 October 2016 - 06:03 PM

The RunningBunnies are looking for active members!


We are level 14

68 wins (so we could be level 17),

16 million points



  We won our first battle this season and are looking good for a second win (494K to 270K). We ask that you have at least 500K to join, and though our language is english our guild is very international.

  I love this game and I want other like minded comrades to join our guild, I will try to retrieve your gems, and we will grow stronger, and form strategies, and win!