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guild sabotage?

25 November 2016 - 03:45 PM

 I had a strange experience this last guild battle and was curious if anyone has experienced anything similar. There was about 8 hours left in the battle when our opponents began catching up to our 200k lead, and then they surpassed us with 3 hours left. I got some lucky breaks and got us a 100k lead, 2 hours left, and messaged that I wasn't able to do much more (thanksgiving plans!). At this point a member who has been with our guild for maybe 2 or 3 battles suddenly left. I was bummed because he had made 40k this round. He came back a minute later and said that his cousin was testing his dungeon and accidentally left the guild. Realizing it takes 6 or 7 moves to go from testing to leaving I accused him of sabotage, and waited for a response. When I didn't receive any I kicked him. We lost the battle by 10K.

  As far as motivation for deliberately sabotaging your own guild I could only think of 2:

1: just to mess with people.

2: perhaps he has a huge number of Facebook friends and one of them happened to be in the guild we were battling, so he thought it would be fun to be a double agent.


Not sure but due to his dungeon layout, high delta, and low level I already suspected that this was not his first account though I never asked.


Comments from seasoned guild members will be greatly appreciated!