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A couple of ideas for the outfit system

20 July 2016 - 02:27 PM

Hello everyone, you may have seen my posts in the several topics regarding the style-o-thief machine and outfits.

Since this aspect of the game is kinda ... let's say... frustrating, I want to show a couple of interesting ideas.


First of all, in a lot of games there is the concept of " mystery boxes", " unidentified objects", or whatever you want to call them. Why not apply this to KoT? When you get a ball ( which isn't wooden tier) from the machine, you get the popup message " would you want to open this?". You can choose not to open it, and the ball will be stored somewhere in your inventory... like ingredients.


And then, the interesting part. An Auction house, for costumes: you are able to put your costume ( our your ball, still untouched) up for offers, requesting a price either in ingredients or orbs. And of course, you are able to offer X ingredients, or X orbs for the specific costume you want, or for a ball of a specific tier.

This could help basically any type of player:

the players who have mush/eyes left abandoned, and maybe want leaves and dust to store their gems;

the players who are low-leveled, have a lot of leaves/dust and need their last eyes to get their precious foreseer throne;

the players who simply would like ( somehow) to trade ingredients with orbs;

the players who love outfits, but can't get enough ingredients to complete their outfit collection ( guess what, I'm among these :P ).


I'm open to feedbacks and ideas. Honestly, the only thing I'd want is a fair outfit system, since I like collecting these kind of things ( and I'm sure I'm not the only one ;) )