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#195534 Good Guild, Bad Event

Posted by Shadow_The_Worm on 30 August 2018 - 05:27 PM

Heya. So, I have two news to say: one good and one bad. So, let's start with the good one:
The good news are tied to my guild, LandroesDeReis. Durning this guild war season, we have managed to get a big flawless victory streak of 7. I am very happy to see my guild getting a big flawless victory streak and we are aiming to get the grand 10. Please, wish us good luck and bless us for the victory.
Now for the bad news:
The bad news are tied to the Back to School event. I've lost so many chances to beat the tenth level, right till this day. I've had bad luck multiple times, my only rescue was in the level up and the Maze wheel sphere grabbing. I've encoutered the Guard 2 times, yet I couldn't do anything unti getting the level up and the Maze wheel sphere gift. My final loot included some Gold, potions, rare gems, Crystal Tears and the most important, the normal red charged gem. I'm very bad on Shell games, just terrible, the luck was my only hope (pretty much like yours). Spare a tear for my luck please, guys, and I'll spare one for yours.

#194231 Join KINGS ARMY

Posted by Shadow_The_Worm on 27 April 2018 - 09:43 AM

Sorry, buddy, but I won't betray my Worms Recrut friend, Kingorenzo. I'll remain in his guild for all the best spirits. His guild is the only one I joined as a way to support him. Don't worry through, I'll ask Kingorenzo to ally you once such an update comes into lif e and play.

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#190459 New Destiny

Posted by Shadow_The_Worm on 17 April 2017 - 02:48 PM

Heya. In the end of the prevous season, i joined Kingorenzo's guild, killing my own. Nobody joined my guild, and these, who joined, made fun out of me or got away like cowards. So, i found no use in my past guild, so i killed it and joined LadroesDeReis (Kingorenzo's guild). Lucky enough, i caught a Silver Rank || gem in the first battle of the current season (VS THE SHARK guild), so we are about to win!

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#190236 Two true problems in KoT 2,17 update.

Posted by Shadow_The_Worm on 13 April 2017 - 01:45 PM

Heya. So, i came through two problems in KoT 2.17 They are below:


1. Out Of Scout Guild Wars:

Right from this update, KoT players can't check delta standings of the guild, who is their foe currently. This makes them think, that their foe cheated (even, if their current foe didn't use hack tools or anything like that). Why would Zepto do such a thing? Multipiler isn't a big problem, it just adds some more challenging things to KoT. But, removing that cool Guild Scout feature is not good.

2. Ritual Time Hoax:

Another problem in this update, that the ritual time before starting the ritual is smaller compared to time when ritial starts. This also causes havoc in KoT players' memories and thoughts. It is even worse, than gem cost changing. That should to be fixed... sometime!


What do you think about these problems yourself. Tell me.

#190201 Real key

Posted by Shadow_The_Worm on 12 April 2017 - 05:41 PM

Sorry, but there's no way, that a dimension with unknown options will be implented into KoT. Explain more, or get a lock from a watcher.

#190119 Guild wars are wrecked

Posted by Shadow_The_Worm on 11 April 2017 - 02:41 AM

Chances instead of keys? That's OP and makes game not aided by its name. Clearly, multipiler isn't that OP, unlike your chances.

#182399 Global Chat and a patch to the Guild Chat.

Posted by Shadow_The_Worm on 27 January 2017 - 07:25 AM

Please please just no.

I will delete the game if this is every implemented. If you wanna talk, go tom AAF. There is already an official coomunity chat, use it instead.

No way! I won't stop my opinion so easilly, till a watcher or enough usual thieves reply to this thread. Just your opinion is so weak, the set of ordinary thieves or a watcher. That's not fair, pointing on the patches of guild chat, or adding new ones with features, unspecifed by other posters of this idea.

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#182395 Global Chat and a patch to the Guild Chat.

Posted by Shadow_The_Worm on 27 January 2017 - 04:14 AM

I have a new idea, the Global Chat. It comes also with a patch of Guild Chat. The details of this idea are below:


Some of the KoT players wanted KoT to have a Global Chat. I also want it. But, most posters of this idea didn't say, that it should have Anti-Flood and Anti-Spam features. I refuse to do the same! Instead, i will say, that it should have Anti-Flood and Anti-Spam features.The Anti-Flood feature in my version of Global Chat is a feature, which allows a thieve to type 3 messages per 3 minutes. This feature will protect the chat from Flooders. The Anti-Spam feature is a feature, that allows a thieve to type a non-KoT thing only one time per 2 minutes. The features said above will also appear in a Guild Chat Patch. Here is the tree of messages with and without these features (left - without, right - with):


I got a rare gem!                                                                                                                         I got a rare gem

I got a rare gem!                                                                                                                         I got a rare gem

I got a rare gem!                                                                                                                         I got a rare gem

I got a rare gem!                                                                                                                        WARNING! Flood detected!

and so on...


Worms are cool! Join them!                                                                                                         Worms are coo!l Join them!

Worms are cool! Join them!                                                                                                         WARNING: Spam detected!

Worms are cool! Join them!

Worms are cool! Join them!

and so on...


The Private Chat also appears in Global Chat and Guild Chat. The features, that are said above, also affect Private Chat as well, preventing private-spam and private-flood and making Private Chat safe from flooding and spamming. Of course, if the thieve attempts to do spam and flood of any kind for too much times, will be muted. The minimal mute time is 30 minutes, and the maximal mute time is 12 hours. Each next mute will last longer, than the last one, up to the max mute time, said above.


What's your opinion about Global Chat, Guild Chat Patch and Private Chat with anti-spam and anti-flood features? Tell me your opinion, this will show me, is it the good thing to have Global Chat, Guild Chat and Private Chat with anti-spam and anti-flood features. I earned 3 warnings in the forum, so, i would like KoT to have a feature similar to the forum warnings. This feature is the in-game mute feature.The details of the mute feature are said above, at the end of this idea details.

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#180358 Daily Bonus System for KoT

Posted by Shadow_The_Worm on 12 January 2017 - 12:59 PM

Heya, thieves. I am new to KoT forum, and i got an idea! The details of this suggestion are below:


The King of Thieves is a good game, it has many features, such as a cool goal of stealing and returning the Gems, joining the guilds and fighting againist each other, and the most notable way of the KoT gameplay is fighting againist each other to earn the King Of Kings Throne and Costume. But, i think, that a feature is missing in KoT. This feature is Daily Bonus System. Every day, you will get a Daily Bonus for logging into King of Thieves. The higher your 5-level group is, the better Daily Bonuses you will earn for logging into KoT. If a thieve misses a day, he will start from the first Daily Bonus (level still remains the same, if the said above happens). Here is an example of Daily Bonus System for KoT:


1-5 LVL - No Daily Bonus (Training Levels)

6-10 LVL - Day 1: 1500 Coins, Day 2: 4000 Coins, Day 3: 20 Crystal Tears, Day 4: 5 Blue Spheres, Day 5: Random Rank | Gem (Gems with rating under or equal to 1000 RP (Rating Points)), Day 6: Starter Resourse Pack (3 Life Leaves, 1 Mystery Powder), Day 7: 20 Blue Spheres.

11-15 LVL - Day 1: 2500 Coins, Day 2: 6000 Coins, Day 3: 35 Crystal Tears, Day 4: 10 Blue Spheres, Day 5: Random Rank || Gem (Gems with rating beetween 1000 RP and 3000 RP), Day 6: Recrut Resource Pack (5 Life Leaves, 2 Mystery Powders, 1 Magic Mushroom), Day 7: 30 Blue Spheres.

16-20 LVL - Day 1: 4000 Coins, Day 2: 8000 Coins, Day 3: 55 Crystal Tears, Day 4: 20 Blue Spheres, Day 5: Random Rank ||| Gem (Gems with rating beetween 3000 RP and 10000 RP), Day 6: Advanced Resource Pack (10 Life Leaves, 3 Mystery Powders, 2 Magic Mushrooms), Day 7: 45 Blue Spheres.

21-25 LVL - Day 1: 6500 Coins, Day 2: 12000 Coins, Day 3: 80 Crystal Tears, Day 4: 40 Blue Spheres, Day 5: Random Rank |V Gem (Gems with rating beetween 10000 RP and 30000 RP), Day 6: Master Resource Pack (15 Life Leaves, 5 Mystery Powders, 3 Magic Mushrooms, 1 Shining Eye), Day 7: 60 Blue Spheres.

26-30 LVL - Day 1: 8500 Coins, Day 2: 17000 Coins, Day 3: 125 Crystal Tears, Day 4: 80 Blue Spheres, Day 5: Random Rank V Gem (Gems with rating beetween 30000 RP and 100000 RP), Day 6: Elite Resource Pack (25 Life Leaves, 10 Mystery Powders, 5 Magic Mushrooms, 2 Shining Eyes), Day 7: 100 Blue Spheres.

31-35 LVL - Day 1: 12500 Coins, Day 2: 27000 Coins, Day 3: 215 Crystal Tears, Day 4: 160 Blue Spheres, Day 5: Random Rank V| Gem (Gems with rating beetween 100000 RP and 300000 RP), Day 6: Guru Resource Pack (45 Life Leaves, 20 Mystery Powders, 10 Magic Mushrooms, 5 Shining Eyes), Day 7: 180 Blue Spheres.

36-40 LVL - Day 1: 20500 Coins, Day 2: 47000 Coins, Day 3: 375 Crystal Tears, Day 4: 320 Blue Spheres, Day 5: Random Rank V|| (Gems with rating beetween 300000 RP and 999999 RP), Day 6: Legend Resource Pack (65 Life Leaves, 40 Mystery Powders, 20 Magic Mushrooms, 10 Shining Eyes), Day 7: 360 Blue Spheres.

Once a thieve reaches Level 40, his Daily Bonus will not rise higher.


Tell me, what do you think about this idea. Your feedback is going to be intresting.