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Good Guild, Bad Event

30 August 2018 - 05:27 PM

Heya. So, I have two news to say: one good and one bad. So, let's start with the good one:
The good news are tied to my guild, LandroesDeReis. Durning this guild war season, we have managed to get a big flawless victory streak of 7. I am very happy to see my guild getting a big flawless victory streak and we are aiming to get the grand 10. Please, wish us good luck and bless us for the victory.
Now for the bad news:
The bad news are tied to the Back to School event. I've lost so many chances to beat the tenth level, right till this day. I've had bad luck multiple times, my only rescue was in the level up and the Maze wheel sphere grabbing. I've encoutered the Guard 2 times, yet I couldn't do anything unti getting the level up and the Maze wheel sphere gift. My final loot included some Gold, potions, rare gems, Crystal Tears and the most important, the normal red charged gem. I'm very bad on Shell games, just terrible, the luck was my only hope (pretty much like yours). Spare a tear for my luck please, guys, and I'll spare one for yours.

The Pathetic Ruby

16 May 2018 - 07:25 AM

Heya. So, after some rounds in the Ruby League, I was promoted to the Sapphire League. But, this promotion was very quick compared to my fight over the Emerald to Ruby promotion. Unlike Ruby League, Emerald League was a tough nut for me and I fell from the Top 4 numerous times, one of them being when I was sure to get an easy victory and promotion at the 3rd day of the round, but was left behind due to my league set* awakening and knocking me down from the Top 4. In the Ruby League it didn't happen and I won the promotion quite easilly and quickly. So, the Ruby League wasn't any Phantom to me, more like Pathetic.

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/9jsCmyC(I was holding 4th place for the entire time of the round, never being knocked down by other players in the league set of this round).


*A league set a set of players in a league. In KoT case, this means a set of players, who compete againist each other in a league over the promotion to the next league (ex. Silver to Gold or Onyx to Diamond).

The Armageddon Dungeon (Green-3)

03 April 2018 - 02:31 AM

Heya. So, after lots of thinking about the trap layout for my current dungeon (Green-3), I have came up with a plan to use my current traps for making the so-called "Armageddon Dungeon" without cheating. Like with thinking about the trap layout for my Green-3 dungeon, I had to train a lot in order to save it. Here's the layout of my current (Green-3) dungeon with Armageddon dificulty:
Do you like this layout? Will you include this layout in the "Top Ten Armageddon Dungeons in King of Thieves"? Please, tell me.

Medieval Age Fantasy Game

13 November 2017 - 09:40 AM

Heya. I am back. I have a little recommendation for your game collection. This recommendation is the Hustle Castle game. The reasons, why I recommend this game:

1. Great graphics.

2. Nice gameplay.

3. Awersome storyline.

4. Excellent magic system.

5. Brilliant music.

I am not here to blame King of Thieves just because it lacks global chat or for any other reason. I am here just to recommend a new game for your game collection. Try this game out and tell me your feedback about this game.