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#190683 Mural

Posted by Vilson007 on 23 April 2017 - 03:00 AM

In the guild should have a mural where the leader could put the rules, before the players entered know the requirements of the guild and goals that must be obeyed.
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#190610 user name

Posted by Vilson007 on 21 April 2017 - 11:14 AM

option to change the name of the player, because there is Exchange of accounts and sales between players so changing the username for people who bought.

#189711 Duel of thieves

Posted by Vilson007 on 05 April 2017 - 12:17 PM

Duel of thieves, where two thieves of the same guild face each other, in a maze or base for who arrives in the first bau they start from different points to reach the bau, this mode Will increase the fun among guild friends and improve their skills.