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Anderson Haku

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Does anyone know how to have my account very secure?

Yesterday, 09:57 PM

There have been cases that have tried and have managed to steal your account and at the same time maybe the account was deleted because of that lack of security in the account my question is What ways should I do to have my account very well protected? thanks for your help

Base 12 waited to serve them

18 June 2017 - 07:14 PM

Subscribe :) if you like me

Discounting time?

11 June 2017 - 12:04 AM

Well this was given to help and a lot that treats is the question that some think they dismimuye the time or something so it is not so the only thing that discounts are the price of orbs to deluge improvements and rituals decreases by 30% for Accelerate With Orbes

Win the sands with us and win your wins

10 June 2017 - 04:21 AM

Guild leaders one of the best guilds we have very good members contribute a lot if you want to be part and win the battles and especially the stadiums because in that we focus now because it wins with us ● Requirements: 500,000 ● name of the guild: leaders ● contribute and be active Thank you http://imgur.com/YHJGfYO

Add your best moments when your jail attacks

08 June 2017 - 04:08 PM

My best moment with luck 5%