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01 July 2018 - 10:25 PM

I want to thank all players for participating. Especially @Trevork for winning but also all other players ( @Th3Eclips3 @CocoJMT @toxicbark @Psycho17 @alucen), alive or dead, for participating.👏

I've seen a lot of tactics as wel so prepare your anusses when there Will be a new game (over a year of two perhaps 😉).

Thank y'all and congrats Brew!

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01 July 2018 - 10:25 PM


@Trevork 27 territories
@Psycho17 24 territories
@Unique 22 territories
@alucen 5 territories

!!Brew is the winner!!

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01 July 2018 - 10:22 PM


The final

The last day of the war. All kings, emperors and presidents that (barely) survived the war give their last shot at gaining the largest empire.

Unique builds a Fortress at 26, just before Alex' troops from 31 march in. They go on until they reach fortress 25 where they succesfully turn the fortress into a ruïn, but can't overtake the territory. Unique's troops at Sluts. happily take over Alex' troops without a problem. Tho some better planning would have given him an extra territory ...

Brew his boats at ocean B both want to go to land. The boat with 8 troops sails to Patrick and the other boat Sails to the harbor at 7. But when it comes closer there's a plume of smoke in the air. Brew blew it up, together with the harbor at 4. Troops from 8 plunder 7 and take control of it. The boat at Patrick disembarks it's troops. To their surprise it's empty. They go on to 13 and then want to attack 17. But that same moment Alex troops come from 15 and a skirmish happens between them and Brew's troops. 1 troop of Brew survives. But he doesn't stand a chance against the Castle at 17...

Unique sends troops to all bridges surrounding his Homeland and takes control of them easily.

Psycho and Unique both want to attack 77 but they meet eachother first. And after a bloody fight, nobody is left to attack 77... A troop at 77 however moves to 75 and claims it without a problem.

Troops from HQ2.0 want to attack 41 and troops from 41 want to attack HQ2.0. Both meet eachother in an open field where Psycho's small army gets Slaughtered by Brew's gigantic army. 9 troops from HQ2.0. go to 35 and 34 and defeat the defending troops without a problem.
But as soon as all Brew's troops have left the HQ Psycho's troops from 37 and 42 march in and take it over. Then the they go on to 36, 33, 50 and 52 and also take control of them. Brew's troops at 41 go on and attack 43, 44 and 42 without problem.

Psycho takes control of 38 with troops from 39 and embarks 3 troops on the ship at Dyxikurs.

The ship sets sail to ocean F where it drops a dynamite to the ocean Floor. It destroys the only UNB of Unique, it misses any of Brew's 3 UNBs. Psycho then desides to replace Unique's UNBs with one of himself.



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01 July 2018 - 10:21 PM

No, just curious as to where it was being played from. For me you people were chatting at 4am.

It's played from all over the world. Players at America, Europe and maybe Asia have participatie 😁

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30 June 2018 - 06:09 PM

He wants to know when to log on to see me win.

You made a new account again? 😓