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#194063 Global Domination: Tides of War

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 06 April 2018 - 09:51 AM


Aviums troops are afraid of the men from over the sea. As Brew attacks 58, 59 and 67 , 3 new troops from Avium run away from the fight, to 66. Due to this move he loses his HQ and Brew now controls it. Brew had also attacked 58 and 67 with 2 troops but failed to overtake those.
Two of his ships ?drive? Further, one ship's now in ocean H and one ship is in ocean B.

Eclipse can't do a lot and Unique reinforces the shores of his unnamed continent.

Alex attacks 15, 14 and 13 and now controls and entire continent. He names it "The Alucian Realm" and names his new HQ "Kcirtap"
Psycho doesn't do a lot.



Turns end Monday 20h00 Belgian time

#193973 Global Domination: Tides of War

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 22 March 2018 - 08:36 PM


Nobody fucks with the Psychotic Realm.
And Oliver now knows.
Psycho gatgered all available troops (from HQs and #5) at #6 and #8 and with a devastating army he attacks Oliver. Oliver just retraited his troops from #7 when this all happens. The army takes control of 7 and 46 without a problem. But when 13 is attacked something happens.
From the South, Coco's 5 troops attack Psycho. Coco doesn't stand a chance but he leaves Psycho with 22 troops to attack 4 of Oliver's troops at 13. Psycho wins and attacks, and claims, Patrick with 15 troops. 13 troops attack 2 troops at 15 and destroy the bivouac. 9 troops that remain attack 9 troops at 17. That last battle is finaly lost by Psycho and leaves Oliver with 3 troops at 17.

But Coco isn't doing well either as he lost 5 troops in the fights between Oliver and Psycho. He only has 1 troop in 18 and it gets Slaughtered by 9 troops of Aluce.
While all Psycho's troops were fighting Oliver Samad sees an opportunity. He attacks 34 with a small army, bringing him 1 step closer to a big empire.

Meanwile Brew wants to make his dreams come true and he builds 3 steamboats. All other dictators think he's insane for doing this...


Also the international name giving Company decides Psycho loses the name of his continent (already last turn) because he doesn't control the entire continent!


Turn ends Sunday 8PM

#193929 Global Domination: Tides of War

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 17 March 2018 - 08:01 PM

How dare you like your own comment

No I didn't 😶

#193836 Global Domination: Tides of War

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 06 March 2018 - 09:18 PM


It's turn four, and things start to change. Friends and foes are making plans, now almost every territory has been claimed.
Alex claims the last free land he can get and sends his troops to 16 and 31. He also increases his defenses in 25 and 29.
Samad sends 1lonely troop to claim 49. But when he enters there he spots 3 troops of Coco. A skirmish happens and Samad's troop kills one of them, before he's brutally murdered himself.
Coco claims that land and sends some more troops to defend 18. Oliver wants to prove his troops aren't lazy and that he can survive longer than turn 4 and sends almost all troops he has to 15.
Psycho is not afraid of the "I am fked zone" and shows his bravery by claiming 46, 47 and 45. Brew sends more of his troops to defend his North-Eastern shores and stays on his island. On his North-Western shores however Psycho's troops march into 9. But not to make war, but to make love. All the babies they've made migrate back to Psycho when they're older and Psycho uses another Crop supply..

Don't forget the tides Will rise at the start of turn 7



This turn ends Friday 8PM. It probably can't end Thursday

#193812 Global Domination: Tides of War

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 02 March 2018 - 10:48 PM


Alex has seen others being greedy motherf*ckers last turn and decides to do the same. He sends his armies to 22, 23, 26, 27, 28 and 30 and enters the top 3 largest kingdoms.
In "Open Island" however, Brew_Thief decides to wait for the water to lower, sending more troops to 10 to defend his shores. Oliver wants to defend something as well and decides not to expand.
Samad takes 33, 34, 39 and 38 and Psycho takes 43; the continent is now devided in East/Psycho and West/Samad. Coco expands a bit going north and takes 17 & 21, moving the border dangerously close to Oliver and Aluce. Aluce's population explodes after he uses a crop supply and calls himself and his territories emperor and empire. How long will these borders keep existing while all land gets taken and the natural borders of ocean will temporary disappear next turn...


#193806 Global Domination: Tides of War

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 01 March 2018 - 04:07 PM



The kingdoms are growing.

Armies trample through the grassfields and forests to expand their borders.
Some emperors like Psycho expand Fast. He now controls all eastern territories on his continent from the eastcoast to Samad's borders. In the now biggest empire of them all, a babyboom occurs when Psycho uses his Crop supply.
Samad also expanded wildly into his neighbouring territories, now controlling 35, 36, 37, 40, 41 and 42.
Brew_thief claims all land he can and now controls the entire contintent he calls "Open Island". Coco expands slightly, controlling 19, 18 and 20, and there he finds, ?his enemy?, Oliver. Oliver claims territory 13 and 15, just before he uses his crop supply as well.
Aluce doesn't feel verry imperialistic and sends his troops South, to control territories 25 and 29.
No battle have occurred yet, but all kings, lords and emperors are getting ready



#193801 Global Domination: Tides of War

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 27 February 2018 - 05:06 PM



The sun rises early in the morning. Your civilians are already awake, to greet their new king. You had announced you were going to make a big announcement this morning. Everyone has gathered in the great hall of your palace. The hall became silent when you, the king, appears on the balcony. "My father has been murdered!" you shout, for everyone to hear it. Everyone became bemused. "And we shall have revenge for what they've done to us!" you went on. "Our best researchers found that the killer isn't one of us but came from another kingdom! Therefor I declare war, to the kings from far away!"




Posted by Z11Zeleven on 25 February 2018 - 09:08 AM

The community uses Facebook and Telegram these days, that's why they abondoned the forums..
The game has lots of activity tho

#193628 Server error #11

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 25 January 2018 - 10:14 PM

Try to contact support.. :/

#193580 Two Great Ideas for shaping KOT

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 19 January 2018 - 10:34 PM

What happens is a lot they do their dungeons so they can not pass from one side because the other may be the totem if it does not come very easily

I think he meant that the attacker can't choose, the defender choses whr side you go.
Thus you can design you dungeon to go left or right, as you want.
This would add a lot of new possibilities as it would praticly almost double the amount of dungeons to choose from.

Anyway, this has been suggested before and isn't possible due to how the game works.

#193540 new thing - guild improvement

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 13 January 2018 - 10:58 PM

Every guild should have some kind of board where leader can post his guild amendment or info about team, we are currently facing issue because of big rotation of ppl. Every time someone joins we have to explain our rules - rules are important to have community well-being.:)

You can make a chat on social media.
I know a few Guilds that use Telegram for example.

#193474 A Disable Potion glitch occured

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 07 January 2018 - 01:54 PM

There're probably 2 spinners.
One is disabled, the other isnt.
That's not a glitch but the way it looks when there's 2 times the same trap on the same place, one disabled.

#193423 New trap

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 30 December 2017 - 09:16 PM

Look it up :)

#193357 How to get a roaster? Do you need to be level 100-??? Can you upgrade them?

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 22 December 2017 - 12:32 AM

1- Same as other dungeons. There're currently 3 dungeons that have the roaster so I think you have a small change of getting it.

2- Ofc you can upgrade it and it will do more damage, just like all other traps, logics?

#193314 Mask 4 recruitment - join in for the fun! :D

Posted by Z11Zeleven on 13 December 2017 - 09:12 AM

This is probably the best recruitment post I've seen around here.
I wish you luck becoming crown champions :)