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Clan Burkalo is recruiting! Join us!

01 October 2017 - 04:58 AM

Clan Burkalo is recruiting! Our slogan is “Time to collect”. I am the recruiter for the guild, our awesome leader is Percy, we also have an adviser Charger69, this guild is also ran as a joint team effort.

  • We are a level 14 guild.
  • There are 11 active members, most of us are very active in chat, and share strategies.
  • An 11 guild battle win streak is our personal record. 
  • We get at least 500,000 delta during every guild battle, the most we have ever earned was 1,516,263. 
  • We are also in Glove arena 3, currently in second position by 566,208 as of 11/24.
  • We do really good with gem retrieval.

We also have a lot of fun such as coming up with a motto, “Vincere bello” which is Latin for “Win the battle”. If you have at least a 100,000 rating, don't be afraid to drop by say hello and check out the guild, your always welcome.


We do have an inactive policy. If you do not play for more than 1 month, without a valid excuse, you may be kicked from the guild to make room for active players. If you cannot login to the game due to technical difficulties, you can send me a private message through the forum and I will relay the message.


deadlyknite, we would love to have you in our guild. I sent you a couple of messages to try and help you with the issues with your Kindle Fire.