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New Spell Idea

Today, 02:20 AM

Spell Idea:

Gold Saver:

Come on, let's face it. There are times when you have a bunch of Gold and can't spend it because stuff is already upgrading. This spell isn't a permanent spell, It just let's you save Gold for 24 Hours or until needed.

Free Re-spin:

I saw another forum for a spell like this, except a little different. This one, depending on how upgraded it was gives you a certain amount of re-spins. For example:

Level 1-5: 1 Free Re-spin

Level 6-10: 2 Free Re-spins

Level 11-15: 3 Free Re-spins

These can be spent over a period of time

New Thief Design

14 November 2017 - 02:35 PM

As you read from the title, I have new thief designs, two to be exact:

Football Player:




And Soldier:


Comment Below which is favorite and why.