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#193214 SaMaGamer’s Ideas dor KoT

Posted by SaMaGamers on 19 November 2017 - 09:58 AM

New Ideas - KoT

1. Free Re-spin spell
You can have a free respin if you can’t have the gem. It’s for 24 hours active. If you didn’t get the spell after the free re-spin, you must have to pay 10 orbs.

2. Speed Spell
If you activate this spell for 24 hours every thing that spend time to upgrade goes 2 times faster. Your key refill, trap upgrades, totem rituals, mines, castle upgrades, tree upgrades, ...

3. 1vs1 gamemode
2 thieves, 1 dungeon, who survives from the traps wins. The prices are gems, but in a special order. At the begin of the match each player gives a gem. The player who wins get the gem with a specific change: your gem value / your enemy’s gem value * 20 %. For example: 1000 / 500 * 20 = 40% change to get your enemy’s gem.

Let me know in the comments what you think! Maybe I add some more ideas!

#193199 SaMaGamer’s Base Layouts (#4)

Posted by SaMaGamers on 16 November 2017 - 07:38 PM

Best forum members and players of KoT,

I’ve played KoT for a long while, but I’ve stopped with playong it. A few days ago I install this game back and I was wondering for all those new features!

Because I’m a really good player, I want to share my base builds with you. Each design has a description for wat to do and a few photos to explaining the base better. I want to add so many base designs as possible, but I have skipped the first three of them. Hopefully I help hou out!
I’m going to add each base that I currently in.

Currently nobody bases, because I can’t add images. If I can, the first base will be released soon!