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game start - An old Guild, searching for new blood!

01 December 2017 - 06:48 PM

Welcome to the official thread of the guild ‘game start’.
My friend played a month ago KoT, but is unfortunately stopped. He had a successful guild, and if I wanted to if I should have him take over. This I did with pleasure. This has the guild already been reached:
- The biggest score was 23M
- The guild has 150+ guild battle wins
- The guild is level 14 and has a 4000 totem ritual bonus, a 700 stolen gem bonus and a 750 retrieved gem bonus
- The guild is in Glove Arena II
- The guild’s best place was 38th on local and 589th on world

If you have join the guild, you will see that there are many inactive members. I want them there as content as we otherwise the score of up to 17M remove. If there is new and active members to join, I kick the persons who are inactive. It is not intended that you have 500K to be able to join, but just that the back a active guild. We will in the beginning probably not back to 20M, but that is also not our goal. Our goal is to make the guild active again and make sure that every stolen gem get retrieved!

Your requirements:
- 50K of total valuta (Delta)
- Be active

You get nice bonusses, and it’s a good clan with much potential. If you want to join, just type ‘game start’ in the guild search, and enjoy!

SaMaGamer’s Ideas dor KoT

19 November 2017 - 09:58 AM

New Ideas - KoT

1. Free Re-spin spell
You can have a free respin if you can’t have the gem. It’s for 24 hours active. If you didn’t get the spell after the free re-spin, you must have to pay 10 orbs.

2. Speed Spell
If you activate this spell for 24 hours every thing that spend time to upgrade goes 2 times faster. Your key refill, trap upgrades, totem rituals, mines, castle upgrades, tree upgrades, ...

3. 1vs1 gamemode
2 thieves, 1 dungeon, who survives from the traps wins. The prices are gems, but in a special order. At the begin of the match each player gives a gem. The player who wins get the gem with a specific change: your gem value / your enemy’s gem value * 20 %. For example: 1000 / 500 * 20 = 40% change to get your enemy’s gem.

Let me know in the comments what you think! Maybe I add some more ideas!

SaMaGamer’s Base Layouts (#4)

16 November 2017 - 07:38 PM

Best forum members and players of KoT,

I’ve played KoT for a long while, but I’ve stopped with playong it. A few days ago I install this game back and I was wondering for all those new features!

Because I’m a really good player, I want to share my base builds with you. Each design has a description for wat to do and a few photos to explaining the base better. I want to add so many base designs as possible, but I have skipped the first three of them. Hopefully I help hou out!
I’m going to add each base that I currently in.

Currently nobody bases, because I can’t add images. If I can, the first base will be released soon!