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In Topic: eye balls and mushrooms

21 June 2018 - 07:07 PM

In my opinion star master and lucky thief already provide a good amount of help, even though the rewards are random. In addition, the items needed by a player can vary aswell. For myself I can say that at the moment I have tons of blue eyes in my pocket but no mushrooms or purple powder. And since I cannot sell blue eyes for GXP, I have absolutely no use for them and would always prefer another item.

Also I think that rare items should stay 'rare' because that is the whole point, isn't it? There is a reason for blue eyes and mushrooms to be more expensive than leaves or powder. It makes a maxed out throne so much more worth.


Anyway, I agree that upgrading the Forseer consumes an insane amount of mushrooms and eyes, so I would like to suggest another change:

Now the chances for magic items after completing a ritual are 35%, 35%, 20% and 10%. (I don't know if the numbers are correct, but it surely is something in that proportion.)

What I would like to see is that these chances scale to the size of the outcome gem from your ritual. In numbers that would mean e.g.:

Starting at the current chances for a gem worth < 3k up to 20%, 20%, 40%, 20% for a ritual resulting in a 999,999 gem.

A size of more than 1,000,000 would remove leaves and powder from the spinner and just provide a chance of 66,6% for mushrooms and 33,3% for eyes.


I think this would be not just one more way to encourage big rituals, but also making players 'earn' these magic items and not just randomly throw them into their pocket.


Thoughts? :D


(Btw I do not know why this topic is in 'Troubles & Solutions', maybe this would rather fit into 'Ideas for shaping KoT'.)

In Topic: black market

17 May 2018 - 02:25 PM

To be honest, I cannot tell wether I like the idea of a black market or not. On the one hand being able to buy stuff with gold would be useful, but on the other hand the value of gold has already increased by a LOT since the guild EXP update. I barely go offline now without throwing all of my money into the guild.

I think there are plenty of possibilities to spend your gold in a useful way. In addition, the arsenal allows you to buy all kinds of stuff so I think adding a 'black market' would be a little too much. Of course, in the end it depends on how this would be implemented.


Btw, this idea has also been suggested years ago. :P


In Topic: Dungeon sharing within guild

30 April 2018 - 11:54 PM

I definitely support that idea, it would improve the interaction between players and add another cooperative layer to the game.

Although you are right, this (or something similar) has already been suggested. -> http://forum.kingoft...-a-better-base/



In Topic: new ideas

18 April 2018 - 02:34 PM

I totally support your points, except #5. In a way I like the idea of having a tier 4 lock, but so far I run out of keys after less than 3 dungeons, often just 1.

Different story though if the tier 4 locks would "only" need 10 keys instead of 12. Plus you would need to increase the maximum amount of keys regenerating, or also a new spell weakening the enemy locks (e.g. locks missing etc.). I do not want the situation that a player`s keys are not even sufficient for one raid (wich actually is the case right now).


In addition, I would have a suggestion added to your list:

For earning guild XP, I would like to spend Guard`s Eyes aswell, because until now the rarest items I could sell were Amanita Mushrooms.Thus I think it is not possible so far.

If I am wrong with that just ignore my last statement. :D

In Topic: New Idea for KOT New base stats

14 March 2018 - 02:57 PM

This is a great idea though I am not sure if I have seen a similar suggestion before. Anyway I would love to have those stats in game so you can actually see if your guildmates are right when they say things like "Pff, did your dungeon 1st try." :D

Also as you said this woud be a good indicator to measure your dungeon's weakness or strength. But in my opinion just a table below the "Test dungeon" button in the guild chat containing the amount of deaths of the players who actually managed to complete the dungeon would be enough. I like keeping things as simple as possible. :D