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Guild Armory

18 May 2018 - 03:54 PM

Since the Guild Armory is still quite new and needs a lot of investment to unlock higher tier trades, I was wondering what kind of trades are possible in the later stages. So here is my question: Is there any kind of overview about all the unlockable trades?

Guild Level System

09 May 2018 - 01:16 AM

The update introducing the new guild level system with all the new features going along with it was huge in my eyes and I cannot express how much I appreciate all the new possible archievements you can gain with your guild now. Increasing the levelcap and giving everyone the ability to contribute to the guild progress is really encouraging the team spirit, and I like it. :)

But as far as I have noticed, this does not apply to everyone. So here is the point:


The new way to rank up your guild is heavily dependend on gold. But if you really want to make progress, you have to spend more rare and valuable items. And this is good, because higher level players like me have tons and tons of eg. unused magic items and gold. But new players? Hah!

I have seen lots of people who just started playing the game struggling with hard decisionmaking, which goes along with that new system.

'I am short on gold, should I pay for increasing the guild bonus or should I use it for upgrading my traps? Is it smart to put all the magic items I get into a better guild level rather than upgrading my throne?'

It all leads to an 'EITHER... OR...'. And how can a player on day one who just created a guild with one or two friends make that decision?

In my opinion, if a player does not invest in his throne, it is a waste for himself, because he would never make any progress then.


So let's recap the old system:

Guild level increases with the member's gem value (and of course won guild fights, but this is less important here). Simple.

The Leagues always tell the player to increase his gem value in order to get promoted. And this used to apply to guild level aswell, so it was easy to understand: Gem value is important!

But now it is: Increase gem value for league promotion, pay gold for guild XP.

For beginners it is hard enough to get your gem value and upgrades going. Plus your throne, which also needs some love.

Adding a whole new gold-magic item-tear-orb-graveyard is definitely not a step into a more beginner-friendly direction and just causes confusion and overall, making early progress way harder and slower.


Here comes my suggestion:

Why not take advantage of both systems? Just make the guild level depend on both. Means if a guild does not care about spending gold for XP, it would level up with the gem value the way it was until guild level 20. If you want to get there faster or further than level 20, you have to spend gold, items etc. like it is now.

I think this would make it way easier and more motivating for all players, since they would not be forced into making decisions they might regret later on.


Looking forward to your thoughts or own experiences with the new guild system. :)




I have noticed that over the years, lots of mobile games get more and more complex and KoT is no exception in that aspect.

Don't get me wrong, this is great and really keeps up the interest and long-term motivation for playing.

But this also makes it harder and harder for new players to find an easy way into the game.

When I started playing this game it was: Steal gems, get gold, upgrade stuff, win leagues and guild battles. Easy.

If I started playing now my thoughts would be: 'Guild battles. Cool! Upgrades. Yes! Magic Items. Ok! Arsenal? Don't know yet. But WTH is an ANCIENT TOTEM???'.

Might be exaggerated, but sort of true. So I really would appreciate if there would be just the basic, most important things about the game open for new players to keep it simple and easy to get what the whole point is. Maybe by keeping the more complicated and non-essential possibilities like arsenal or spells locked until a higher player level to make sure people are ready and actively try to archieve those options.

Yes, this is a whole new discussion, but also kind of relates to the probem I think. :D

Roaster rework

11 March 2018 - 03:02 PM

Hello, I really appreciate the new Roaster trap. But I see it in a kind of weird spot at the moment, which I think could need some improvement.

First of all, I like the way it works, the idea of limiting the time spent not jumping, no matter where you are makes it unique in the game. But exactly this is the point it lacks customization options in my opinion. I can place it anywhere in my dungeon and it would still have the same impact. So here is my idea:


Why not make this trap a solid 4x4 block, you can place anywhere in your dungeon? This would add another way to shape the dungeon itself, just like eg. the gravity switch or the jumppad do. Of course, the way it currently works should be kept, since it is still a "trap". But in addition it would allow players to create countless "edited" dungeon layouts by blocking certain paths or creating gaps etc.


Looking forward to your opinions :)