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new setup for base 96

12 February 2018 - 03:13 AM

Not a big-league player, but I think I have a pretty good setup for the anti-grav jump on base 96:



Spinner length: max minus one.


Stats so far (levels 42-43):

Golden/deep-spike rituals: 5 (was grading the dragon in-between, so there always was a raid-bait)
Gems stolen:               6 (all of those after 7 deaths, with just 1 active trap)
Total raiders:             71 (plus a whole bunch of smartasses who attack and then disconnect)
Successful raiders:        26 (36.1%)
Most deaths/raid:          94 deaths (ghost + slow-motion + disable-trap, 0 stars)
Least deaths/raid:         5 deaths (gang-of-thieves + disable-trap + slow-motion, 2 stars)
Average deaths/raid:       25.4

Successful completions:
    total:       26
    1 star:      22
    2 stars:     4 (w/ two or more potion combo)
    3 stars:     0
    w/o potions: 2 (1 star only)
    < 7 deaths:  1    

Strong points of this setup:

- Ghost + slow-motion combo is pretty much useless (need to wait in the right corner for quite a while);
- Green cannon is NASTY due to the angle and the need to slide the wall pre anti-grav jump;
- Dragon requires tight timing for the pre anti-grav wall slide;
- Spinner yields kills whenever a raider fails to insta-jump in the beginning; additionally, it passes through the anti-grav jump spot.

This particular anti-grav jump alone is exploitable with gang-of-thieves: you hit anti-grav with one thief while another stays in the left corner and after the corner thief starts sliding up you can just jump off the wall and into the chest. Still, with this setup it seems to be tricky to pull off -- many tried, but only one was able to accomplish that with less than 7 deaths. But then again, I'm not in level 45+ pool yet, so maybe high-level players will walk through this setup with ease.