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Unfair grouping at round 50+.

09 March 2019 - 10:19 PM

This topic was raised by the user AyaJones in mid-2017, but I've decided to raise it again because it is still prevalent to me in early/mid-2019. Once you reach level 50, instead of getting put into a group with people of a similar level to attack and defend against, you get put into a group with everyone over level 50. This causes people who just enter into this group to be overwhelmed by high-level players.


Try as I might, I can't for the life of me find someone to attack who has a lower XP or trap level than me. I was lucky enough to get the Foreseer level 5 before the update a while back, but It really doesn't help that much when everyone you verse has level 40+ traps. This really slows down progress and makes me disinterested in playing.


For defending, it doesn't matter how good your dungeon is, if you have a good gem in a ritual it will get stolen. I'm level 51 and have had my gem stolen by a level 712 once. They died 4 times and still got 3 stars. This causes me to not do any rituals, but over time I've stolen heaps of gems and filled my gem storage with high-level gems. My lowest is 28,000. This seems like a good thing, but because I don't have enough emeralds to vault them, I have to either sell them or lose them in rituals. I need emeralds to vault my good gems and make space for smaller ones for rituals, but I get emeralds FROM THE RITUALS. This causes insane stagnation and would make many new level 50 players quit.


Now, I'm not trying to hate on this game - it is one of my favourite games of all time, and the only mobile game I've ever played that I've spent money on in-game - I bought a pack of orbs to get the Foreseer level 5 before the update. It's the only game that I've played that has made me so willing to watch ads and spend money, but if I just can't get past this point, there's no point in playing and that money spent was a rip-off. There are problems in the game that are serious enough to get many people to quit. These problems with gem stagnation and unfairness would be REALLY easy to fix, too.


To fix the gem stagnation, we just need more ways to get the green emeralds. I got about 50 from the most recent event, but that still isn't enough for one gem to vault, and I need to vault many. And, to fix the main problem of unfairness, just make more level groups beyond 50. Someone level 50 shouldn't be attacked by people more than 10 times their level.


Please comment if you are having the same problem, or if you have any suggestions. And please, Zeptolab, this fix has been long overdue ever since the problem was raised in 2017.