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#76859 1000 cheaters got banned

Posted by Chervey on 19 June 2015 - 04:25 PM

We've already banned 1000 cheaters, who used teleports, god-mods, jumps and other things. According to our estimation, this was the vast majority of unfair players. However we continue to watch over the player base.

#70865 First 50 thieves were banned for cheating

Posted by Chervey on 08 June 2015 - 04:58 PM

Here is the list of 50 cheaters, who used third party software and violated the rules. The most of them used a bug with moving objects before. So these thieves are guilty twice:


King of Thieves
De Lol
Мать Тереза
Sir Nose
Demid  #40
Blobbo Blaggins
Rest in peace.


Posted by subgoku on 18 May 2015 - 06:17 PM

Take long time and many orbs to make it , but it looks very pretty (^_^)



#6 Primary FAQ

Posted by Chervey on 16 December 2014 - 03:08 PM

Basic FAQ’s


Forum FAQS

Guild FAQS

Dungeon FAQs

Technical FAQs

In-Depth FAQ’s

#17011 New suits for thieves

Posted by 1gga on 15 March 2015 - 11:34 PM

Hello, everybody!


I wanted to do a little tribute to this game, I love it so much! What I mostly miss is a bigger variety of outfits, so here are some of my ideas,

I was trying not to go far away from the original art style :)



#75340 New software will detect cheaters who use a third party software

Posted by Chervey on 16 June 2015 - 04:10 PM

We receive your reports, thieves! Thank you for them. We promise that all hackers will be punished. However it will take some time.


We've got some good news for you. We're going to launch a new software today. Every cheater, who uses third party programs, will be found. We will test accuracy of this solution for two weeks. During this period of time we will ban cheaters with caution. And in case it's as good as we need it to be, we'll turn on an autoban feature in three weeks. Every player who has ever used known cheats, will be banned.

#1774 New Thieves Incoming.....

Posted by wickedfool on 16 February 2015 - 06:58 PM

....not really but I thought I would share my ideas.



#139192 Progress recovering has been started

Posted by Stiv on 25 February 2016 - 05:47 PM

Thieves, we've uploaded backups from Feb 20 for players, who experienced the progress loss. After logging into the game, they will get back to the state on Feb 20.


Every affected player will also get 1000 keys and 1000 orbs as a gesture of our good will and the token of our gratitude for their patience. Moreover, they will receive a little present with the update 2.9 which is coming in March, by the way.


Our next step is restoring of in-app purchases to affected players, who bought them starting from Feb 20 to this day. As we told you before, it will take some extra time, but we'll do our best to complete it as fast as possible.

#56930 First 100 unbeatable dungeons were reset to default trap settings today

Posted by Chervey on 15 May 2015 - 03:58 PM

We've reset the first hundred unbeatable dungeons to default trap settings. When this occurs, rituals are not interrupted. Make sure to check your rivals to avenge them for your losses. Our script continues its work and it finds more bugged dungeons. We also receive your reports. So more cleaning to come.


Several really cool bug users will find some of their gems reduced to 1 point.


Thieves, please rob others with honour.


Thank you for your patience and help. We appreciate it a lot. Together we will make our game clean of cheaters and bug users.


#63787 The end is near

Posted by Chervey on 26 May 2015 - 04:04 PM

Thieves, we've just reset 25,000 impossible dungeons with the help of our script and we continue our crusade against bug users. The script is getting better day after day.

And remember, every time your dungeon get reset by the script you gain a special mark in our database. The more marks you earn, the 'better reward' you gain in the end. And the end is near.

#75738 First results of cheater detection

Posted by Chervey on 17 June 2015 - 11:12 AM

We've spotted over 600 cheaters during the last 12 hours. We will investigate their profiles and then they will get banned gradually. Estimation - several days. Winter is coming.


Also we don't need screenshots to 'highlight' accounts of cheaters anymore. Our program does the job. Anyway we'd like to thank you for your help, thieves!

#130004 What I wish I knew when I started KOT

Posted by Poop face on 29 January 2016 - 07:44 PM

Things I wish I knew when I started this game:


Ok, so this isn't a complete list, but I see a lot of new players having to figure stuff out along the way and making the same mistakes I did, so this is what I wish I knew from the start. Doesn't mean everyone would play it the same way, or that I haven't missed anything. If I have missed anything, feel free to add your thoughts in comments!


* Buy the extra gem slots. You will want them later.


* Upgrade your traps! Yes it does matter. Level 26 and up traps will stop a ws5 in 7 deaths. Sometimes the smoke from the upgrading trap, can hide jump points, and still be effective as a trap itself.


* Respin twice after every ritual to get your eyes.


* Don't get the 3rd and 4th thrones. Save up for your Forseer throne. (What used to be called White Shadow)


* Don't waste your orbs on finishing rituals early or respinning for small spikes. Save them for (occasionally) deeps and always golds. Set respin limits for yourself so you don't rage spin all your orbs away. If you raid without orbs, I will call you a noob. Sorry.


* Friend other players. Do retrieves for them. They will return the favor and you won't loose many gems permanently.


Kotdb.com is an incredible rescource. Use it. BUT, the bases on there are usually pretty well known and well practiced by other players. So be aware, if you use a base off there, you're not the first to use it.


* Seek out information. There are a multitude of players who share game tips. They're almost all a quick fb search or youtube search away.


* Use potions! That's why they're there! I invariably see someone saying, "Well so and so's good, but they use potions." Of course they use potions. They do that because they're good and using them is part of the game. More to the point, using potions does take skill. You have to know when and how to use them to make them effective. So save your potions for when you need them, and learn how to use them when that big gold pops up on your screen.


* Make semi perfect gems. Turn them into perfect gems. Semi perfect gems are made by combining 3 big gems into a 999,999 gem. You use your bonus to get you there. So say my 3 gems add up to 997,200 my bonus will take it all the way to 999,999 without going over. But be careful. Your retrieve bonus on a stolen gem can take it over and 1m gems make you look like a noob and cost a fortune to store.


* Don't upgrade your locks. I'll raid you no matter what locks you have. But I'll skull brown locks just because I'm farming orbs. It's also nice when people have to do retrieves from you that they don't have to burn through 66 keys to do it.


* Merchants Discount: I personally never upgraded this, but I go through 3-4m gold a day, so It wasn't a concern for me. But if you don't play that much, then merchant's discount is a huge help for getting your castle upgraded. Get it upgraded early.


* Guild. Pretty straight forward. Find a guild with people you like, who are willing to do retrieves, and are about as active as you are. If you play a ton, find other people who play a ton. If you only play a little for fun, find a guild that does the same. Play with people who play on your level. (Or who will push you to be better).


* Saw jumps: Best way to learn them is to make a dungeon with one. I was terrible at them until I took the time to finally make one and then practiced it like crazy. Hint: There are paths. They make a HUGE difference.


I know this isn't comprehensive. I'm sure there's a million things I've missed or that other players do differently. Just trying to hit the main points I would have wanted to know when I was a new player. Adding to is welcome and appreciated! Trolls are not. ;) Happy Stealing! 

#2072 The Big List of Questions, Tips, and Guides from, and for the community!

Posted by DakotaK_ on 17 February 2015 - 04:05 AM

Big List of Questions, Tips, and Guides from, and for the community!

Quick notice.
With the increase of "Hack posts" or "Hack Topics" saying that a dungeon was hacked. First if you have a question about a dungeon, then post a thread asking how a dungeon works, and not assuming it is a hack. Second Topics, stating hacking is not allowed, your thread will be locked, and moved. Finally if you think there is a bug or glitch, send an E-Mail to kingofthieves@zeptolab.com, they will help you there. That is all, and enjoy the forums.

1. Questions
  • Q: How do I get past the wood league? A: Rank top 3 when the league ends.
  • Q: What's the point of guilds? A: Guild wars are in place!
  • Q: On the 3 slot totem, there is not gem boost (EX. 100 + 100 + 100 ≠ <300 (+300)) like other totems do. A: The 3 slot totem just combines them to give you more space, this is not a glitch.
  • Q: How do I get different outfits? A: After a ritual, there is a spinner that will give you a random ingredient, use that to make outfits.
  • Q: How do I post pictures on the forums? A: Go to imgur.com, upload your picture, copy the BBCode, past it into your post.
  • Q: Can I buy a shield? A: No, not currently.
  • Q: Can I choose my traps? A: No, you are given 3 options of traps, each time you move, you must choose from those sets of traps.
  • Q: How do I join a guild? A: There is no guild search currently, but you should be able to find the guild in the Top Guilds section, once you find click join.
  • Q: Do I have to be offline to be raided? A: Yes, you do.
  • Q: Whats 9 + 10? A: 19.
  • Q: Can I buy a platform for my dungeon? A: Nope.
  • ​Q: Why does my trap disappear after a fe deaths? A: You're trap disappears after 7 deaths, and is the one the causes the most damage, this is a part of the game.
  • Q: Can I choose my dungeons layout? A: No, you can not currently.
  • Q: How long do skulls last? A: Forever.
  • Q: How do I get potions? A: By doing rituals with the same colour gems.
  • Q: What are all the Traps? A: From the first trap to last; Blades, Red Guard, Cannon, Fruit Fly (official name: Seeking Bird), Eye Cannon, Blue Guard.
  • Q: Will shield times be increased? A: Not clear, but possible.
  • Q: Why can people still attack, even at 0hp (health points)? A: It is currently how the game works, may change in the future.
  • Q: Where can I ask more questions? A: You can ask more by, PM (Private Message) ing me, commenting on this post, or just asking on the forums.
  • Q: How can I tell what gem will be stolen? A: You can not tell, it is randomized at the time the thief steals your gem.
  • Q: Do the gem rituals take longer, the further into the game? A: Yes, every dungeon the time increases.
  • Q: Do I have to re-level my traps up, ever new dungeon? A: No, your traps levels, will carry through all dungeons.
  • Q: What are the multipliers for the totems? A: The first totem is 2x, the second is 1.5x, the third is 1.2x, finally, fourth and, beyond is 1x .
  • Q: How much gold will they steal from my base? A: It is in quarters, (EX 400 in total, 3 stars equal 100, 2 stars equal 50, and 1 star equals 25). )Apparently No longer the case.
  • Q: How do I get 2K gems, in 30 minutes? A: There are three ways, raid like crazy, spend orbs, or get gems from mines.
  • Q: I'm on Android and my game keeps crashing, what do I do? A: This seems to happen, because of Google accounts, follow these steps.
  • Q: What is the max wait time for a ritual? A: 12 hours max.
  • Q: How many ad's do I get? A: It depends on where you live, and how many ad's are currently available, you may one time only get 2, or at another time get 34. It varies.
  • Q: I dislike the removal of super jumps, and other jumps. Please add them back! A: it is highly unlikely, that they will be added back, considering the majority of players (NOT limited to the forums) are happy with the update.
Open a web browser.
Go to Manage apps (https://plus.google.com/apps) on Google+.
Hover over "King of Thieves".
Click the Edit button .
Click Disconnect.

Did I not answer you question, want a second opinion? Try this out

2. Tips
  • Upgrade your lower gems before your higher gems, so if get robbed, you will not lose a high value gem.
  • DO NOT just upgrade 1 gem, because if it gets stolen, then you will drop down your league quite far.
  • If you don't get a gem when robbing someone, do not respin for 5 orbs, its not worth it.
  • ​Do not spend orbs on ingredients, it will usually cost less to respin at the end of a ritual.
  • Remember when making a defence "Simply beating your own base requires you to get luck... twice... in a row." ~Warriorman222
  • Often play the story, it does not remove your shield.
  • Only attack people you think you can beat.
  • Look at their base, and find a way to complete it before trying.
  • If you can, merge the same colour gems together, you get a potion by doing this (Upgrade low gems first still).
  • If you are having a really hard time getting gems, even following these tips, try just collecting from your mines (@menta's Tip)
  • For your first 3 totems (1, and 2 slot totems)always upgrading one gem can increase your gem level sinficently, ONLY if you can keep others from stealing your gem(s). (!DO AT OWN RISK, POSSIBLE GEM LOST!).THIS HAS BEEN PATCHED BY THE DEVELOPERS
3. Guides

How to get 20-30k gold in a hour (Skulling)
Sorry Ezekiel, but ✰puma✰ posted this first but I'll use your name for it :D .
  • First, Create a really good base (the better, the better :D ).
  • Upgrade your skull gold to at least level 4.
  • Make sure you have at least 1 000 gold in your chest for the wood league, 3 000 for stone, 5 000 for bronze, and etc.
  • Let them attack :D .
  • After you are attacked, go on and click find match (DO NOT GET GOLD FROM CHEST OR SKULLS).
  • It will ask you if you want to get rid of your shield, click yes.
  • Repeat Steps 4 - 6 as many times as you want.
Tip: It is recommended not to have a ritual running when doing this.
Tip: If, you want to access your upgrade section without collecting your skulls, swipe down on the screen, and it will bring up your upgrades.

All the bases in the game (IMPORTANT: according to menta, these are not all the bases)
This is video guide by Ezekiel.SuperJump
This a written guide by Delekates.
That is the end of this list. If you have anymore Questions, Tips, or Guides that should be, or want added PM me, or Comment to this Post. Thanks.

#5865 FAQ's - answered!

Posted by JackBowe on 22 February 2015 - 01:03 PM

Hey there, today I will be assembling a thread to hopefully provide answers for the most commonly reported and asked subjects and topics, I will provide answers from myself, and direct you to similar threads which have had the FAQ solved. If the answer isn't in this thread, or anywhere on the forums and you're in need of assistance or technical support, email kingofthieves@zeptolab.com and they'll help you out.

If you're looking for anything trap related go here: Traps for noobs - By Liammagoo.
Have a question for the developers? Then hereis for you!
All ideas and proposals should be posted here and/or in the same designated forum you find that thread in. (Ideas & questions to Creators).

Any issues regarding account recovery or technical support: Tech troubleshooting by Chervey.

"I didn't get my wheel spin after I logged on due to my ritual finishing!"

Yeah, this happens. But you still will get an item, you won't, however, get the option to respin. Hopefully this will be addressed, as it's one of the most frequently asked questions on the forum; however, you don't actually lose out on your spin, you will have an extra material of some kind, so at least there's that to look forward to and you can know you're not actually losing out on anything.

"I disconnected while raiding and when I came back, I myself had been raided!"

This does happen, however, it's most likely due to your internet, the incongruities don't always lie within the game itself, but rather in your hands. Restart your internet, and then restart the game, see if it works, because if everyone else can connect, and you can't, chances are it's not anything to do with the servers or anything of the sort. There should be a 1-2 minute shield every time you log off to prevent this, but for now, just try the commonly recommended methods on every game and simply restart the internet and your device, it surprisingly can help with a ton of issues.

"Is it possible for me to use the same game on numerous devices?"

Yes, yes it is! With iCloud. If you'd like to go here there is a step by step on just how you can do so, it's a useful addition to the game; and now you can access your extravagant dungeon here, there and everywhere! :)

"Can I post a picture on this forum?"

Again, yes, yes you can! And again, Menta comes to the rescue with another useful thread! I'd recommend reading it; here! Have fun posting pictures of your best raids, best defences and highest gem caches! :D

"I need a better base, any ideas?"

iPaolino had the brilliant idea of showing off some of the best bases. The bases of different levels which will provide better defence than that of mediocrity! The site he put them on can be found here!

"Is it possible for me to get my stolen gem back? It was really high in value!"

Mhm, one word: Facebook! Adding friends on Facebook allows you to let them retrieve your gems for you, you get them back if they can complete the level of defences of those whom took it from you and if they're lucky enough to get it off the spin like a normal gem does every time you raid! To add people to your list who are looking to compile in the retrievable aspect of attaining your previous gems, look here! Also, there is now self retrieve and guild retrieve, getting your gem back has never been easier!

"Why can I only sometimes use advertisements to get free keys?"

The advertisements are dependent on your location, time zone and numerous other factors. You cannot always watch advertisements, and there won't always be the option to earn keys this way. There has to be a limit, or it'd be overpowered, but when you do have the option, it's a nice touch! :P

"What are guilds actually for?"

Numerous things, sometimes to be community oriented! But you can also try your best as a collaborative, unstoppable force to rise to the top like the predecessors of the number one spot! All hail! Also, there are Guild Wars - show other guilds your almighty power as one quadrant and smash them in your rising gem count over the course of three days!

"I keep losing my gems to people better than me, matchmaking is unfair!"

Well, it's not perfect, but no game is. If you're going out on the attack to steal some gems and you find an opponent worse than you in defences, level and experience, you'd attack them - hands down, easy money, it's what every thief wants. If you want to prevent this upgrade your gem defence and your defences themselves.

"What happens when you break your final totem?!"

Do not fear the losing of any progress due to not being able to go further, you will be placed in a random dungeon which you have previously occupied, it may have the same old layout, or a new one, but all with have 3 mixing slots in them, I believe, you will never run out of totems to mix your gems in!

"How do leagues work?"

The way leagues work are simple, all you have to do is be in the top 3 positions of your current league when your tournament ends (a timer is shown when viewing the leaderboard) and you'll advance to the next league. Advancing isn't always the best option, however, as you can't be demoted a league, so it may seem harder for you to hold it together due to there being more experienced and higher level players raiding your dungeon.

"Why does the last totem not enhance your gem value?"

It's how it works, it just combines three to provide an extra slot to steal from, or it'd be too easy to get a high amount, however, if you add in three of the same coloured gem you will be provided with a boost of a potion dependent on the colour, for example three red gems would give you a potion to remove one random trap from the field, 3 blue gems would give you a potion to spawn a gang of thieves!

"What do higher value gems look like, so I can spot them while raiding?"

The higher the gem value, the more detail it has, silver outlining is worth more than no lining, and gold is worth more than silver. Some good examples are on this thread: Gem values!

"Who thinks the IAP is unbalanced?!"

Nope. They're not. The ingredients are just really expensive, they don't want numerous people to get the top outfits, it'll be annoyingly ridiculous to the lower level players, besides, you get a free one after every ritual, nobody is forcing the IAP on you. :P

"Is it possible to have an alternate account on the same device?

Why yes, yes it is. I won't go into detail, I'd much rather refer you to the ultimate, completely comprehensive guide on this specific subject by Blizzard, props to him! The guide is located here!

"What happens if I proclaim a gem of higher value than my other gems and my slots are full?"

When you get a gem from a raid, or your mines, and one is of lower value, the lower value one will automatically be turned in for gold and replaced in the slots by the higher value one. If you get a gem and it's of lower value than all your others and you have no free slots, the one you earned will be automatically traded in for gold.

"Why don't I receive King of Thieves notifications?!"

You have to accept them when you first get the game. If you can open up your game via iCloud in another device, and them delete and reinstall the app, you should get the option again. You must download the game signed out of iCloud then sign in after going on and enabling notifications to recover your data.

"Are trap upgrades permanent?"

Yes! Fortunately, they are. Whenever you get a base, if you've had the trap before and upgraded it, you'll have the same level as before, same goes for the gold mine, character and all upgrades!

"What should I do if a see a hacked base?"

NEVER report it on the forum, it's against forum rule number 7, and you will be punished for it and your thread will be no more. If you wish for us to look into a hacked base, then PM me, any other member of staff or email the support desk and it'll be dealt with, but never report it publicly, we don't want exploits spreading.

"Why did you remove TST's in patch 2.1?"

Probably should've edited this one in as soon as the patch arose, but hey. The patch was to make things more balanced, triple spawn traps (TST) and some super jumps (SJ) we're too hard for new, casual and medium level players, and we got a lot of complaints about it. It was removed to balance things out and provide a level playing field. :)

"Are the spambots gone after their huge wave in March 2015?"

Spam will always be a problem on every forum, but we managed to find the loophole they were using and minimised the amount of them that are here, if we see them, they're dealt with immediately, if not, feel free to use the report function. Never reply to them, though! That just makes them an active to of conversation and doesn't contribute to the positive forum ethos!

"How does the prize of guild battles work?"

There is a prize of 300 orbs split between the top ten contributors of the guild battle, meaning 30 orbs each. There may also be none orb prizes for other contributors. :)

"How often can a guild battle with another guild?"

Every 72 hours, meaning you can expect a new one every league! Hoo hah!

"How many players are needed to compete in a guild battle?"

You only need one! However, the price is lowered. For example, one player would only be able to proclaim a prize of 30 orbs, such as Cylence: http://forum.kingoft...y-of-one-guild/

I will update this consistently with the new arising FAQ's. Feedback is appreciated and I'll take all suggested FAQ's into consideration.


Did this post help you? Then hit that like button to show your appreciation! :)

#184908 Happy birthday, King of Thieves!

Posted by Chervey on 14 February 2017 - 07:18 AM



True story for the core community 1f631.png


I've taken this photo on my phone just before the global launch of KoT 2 years ago on Feb 12. This was very exciting launch for Zepto, because Zepto had no experience in the field of online game development, the company's main expertise was in offline single player games and here we can say ‘Hi’ to the brilliant Cut the Rope series, that gave its strong and some weak points to King of Thieves as a heritage.


The main difference between offline and online games lies not in development itself, but in operation — all activities that start after the launch. Telling the long lecture short, every online game is only 50% ready at the point of global release, and the rest 50% is what usually should be done after till its death. And you can’t predict everything, because every online game is a universe with its own laws. So that’s why the second part is all about evolution that may take years.

At the launch we were overflooded with support requests, because we had only one guy to cover that frontline, and it was me 1f602.png, because we didn’t expect _that_ fast growth of KoT, its fame and its community. We understood the mistake quickly enough, but almost during a year since that time our support management was like riding a bike: you’re burning, bike is burning, world around you is burning and you’re in hell.


As old grandpa thieves remember, KoT had no guild chat at the start. In spite of heavy PvP orientation, the game felt like single player mode and provided similar experience to its players, but way more irritating. That’s because competing a human is always more challenging than artificial intelligence. So it took a lot of efforts to help people find a way to communicate with each other and direct that communication in order to make the community cool, humble, helpful and alive.


In April 2015 we also faced a problem… THE PROBLEM of cheaters, which is always an issue if you set an online game protection on the same level as you usually set it for an offline game. We relied heavily on… noble cheaters and their reports to deal with it as fast as we could. We gave tons of rewards to that players, because they and their reports helped us to find crucial holes in KoT, that were exploited heavily with less honourable cheaters. We’ve built a huge network of dark watchers, who gave us away all cutting edge exploits and bugs.


The things have changed drastically since that time. There are dozens of agents in our support, our security system provides strong defense against cheaters. Ok, if you managed to come across one, you should know that usually they get banned soon enough. Almost all dark watchers have left, because they like to use exploits, so they do it in other games now. Some of them have stayed and still provide us interesting bugs and vital problems when they find any.


Ok, not everything has changed. I’m still with you 1f444.png     And low retrieve chance is here, sitting near me and crying, because nobody loves him. Some other problems are on the table too, but we promise to deal with them over time.


During all these two years we have been dealing with bugs, problems, game design issues, support and exploited weaknesses on the go. This is what operation usually requires from developers — react and direct the game development in the right way. We know that we’re not perfect, but perfection is not the goal, it’s a way. The same as massive multiplayer online game operation. And we’re doing our best to follow this way.


Thank you for your love, passion and patience, guys. You’re the greatest community I’ve ever met and helped to create during my 14 years of online gaming and work experience.


Happy birthday to us all! 1f389.png

#61916 Autoreset of bugged dungeons has been launched

Posted by Chervey on 23 May 2015 - 08:10 AM

We really took into consideration your multiple complaints and reports about people using bugs. You ask and we deliver. We made a tough decision to launch an automated dungeon reset system sooner than we planned. From now on, every time you try to save a dungeon, it is checked on server side and gets validation if it is possible to complete.


It will decrease the bug user number dramatically. However, there is a probability that some very tough dungeons will suffer the same measure and will be reset to defaults. In this rare cases, players also get 'Please stop use bugs' kind of message. We're very sorry for that. We continue working on polishing of the script.


PS Old dungeons are being checked and reset gradually.

#166633 Level 30 Traps

Posted by TinyPixel on 26 July 2016 - 09:50 PM

These are my suggestions. I didn't do the other traps because I ran out of ideas, and leaving it to your imagination. I got my inspiration from this post by Cyr. If you guys like it, do your part in bugging the devs. If not, then enjoy the ol' boney ones.  :lol:



#144133 Update 2.9 is coming today. What's new?

Posted by Stiv on 17 March 2016 - 09:30 AM

Here's the least of new features that will be available in 2.9:


NEW TRAP. Meet Lil’ Scorcher, an adorable little dragon that will burn your foes to ashes!
NEW LOCATION. Lay siege to the Ancient Castle with 16 new single-player levels full of deadly traps, three totem dungeons and one gem mine!

#86646 Update 2.4 is being installed on servers. What's new?

Posted by Chervey on 16 July 2015 - 09:21 AM

NEW TRAPS. Meet the new traps! Gravity Switch inverts the gravity. Ricochet flies through the dungeon and bounces off its walls!


NEW LOCATION. Conquer the Ice World with 16 single-player levels, 3 totem dungeons, and 1 big gem mine!


GUILD LEVELS AND BONUSES. Level up your guild by winning guild battles and increasing guild rating! Guild levels grant special bonuses to all guild members.


GUILD SEARCH. Now you can find any guild by its name, so it's easier to recruit new players.


DUNGEON TESTING. Test dungeons of your friends and guildmates to help them assess if their defenses are set up properly.


REPORT BUTTON. Now you can report cheaters and inappropriate names with a special button placed near the player's nickname. Thanks for your help and continued support!


SKIP COST REDUCED. Now it grows up to 300 gold and fixes on this sum.


GUILD LEADERS CAN GIVE AWAY THE BUTTON to another guild member of their choice.


ABUSE OF EARLY TOTEMS was closed. It's no longer impossible to place large gems into first totems and start rituals.



NEGATIVE DELTA NO LONGER AFFECTS GUILD WARS. Leaving a guild to help winning a battle is no longer required.


HELPSHIFT INTEGRATED IN THE GAME. Get answers on your questions right faster.


#144787 Comprehensive KoT Guide (De Rege Latronum)

Posted by Aluce on 20 March 2016 - 07:45 PM

Over the course of the last few months, I have compiled and expanded on a comprehensive and (more or less) complete document about King of Thieves, discussing about all things related to costs and probability as well as strategy and statistical tests:

De Rege Latronum


If you are on mobile and the file doesn't open in your browser, please try and save the file (hold the link) first.


The file is a work in progress. More details and tables will be added, by my own judgment. Requests are much appreciated!


Currently the file contains information on the following, in order of appearance:

  • Throne crafting costs and stats
  • Throne crafting strategy
  • Corrected gem pick chances
  • A complete list of unique gems (credits to Chaos; see also this thread)
  • All castle and trap upgrade costs, including Merchant correction
  • Included a complete table about trap upgrades beyond level 30
  • Included complete tables about Tree upgrades
  • A table showing which trap levels get certain thrones to one star after 7 deaths, 6 deaths (to correct for a Revitalizing Heartbeat trigger), as well as one for 5 deaths and for 4 deaths
  • Both the above tables now show trap levels beyond level 30
  • A summary showing which trap levels are most important to keep in mind (including >30)
  • Some information about the Maze and its spinner
  • A section listing information about seasons and loyalty statuses
  • A section about guild management and delta manipulation tips
  • A list of general tips and tricks concerning upgrades and trap placements
  • A table showing probabilities of Revitalizing Heartbeat kicking in 12, 3 or 4 times with varying chances per trigger
  • Respin strategies (for gems) showing a priori gem steal chances and orb efficiency
  • Tables showing the probability that your ritual will be interrupted (at least once)
  • Tables showing the expected amount of times your ritual will be interrupted
  • Descriptions and examples expanding on how the above tables should be interpreted
  • Probability of getting Foreseer 1 and 5 respectively after n total rituals given certain respin strategies for ingredients
  • Tables showing critical areas for statistical tests concerning the spinner's legitimacy (added columns for 15% and 30% spins to allow retrieve spinner testing)
  • Orb-sustainable strategies to craft Foreseer 1 or Foreseer 5 based on some assumptions on minimal orb income and average ritual completion time
  • Terminology (closely related to the dictionary thread)


Please, if you have any ideas for additions or corrections to this document, let me know in this thread (or by PM). I want this document to be as complete as possible, so that anyone who has any questions about probability, statistics and other information can simply open up this document and find their answer!

It took me a lot of time to compile this document, so I hope it will be considered useful.  ^_^


P.S.: The entries in the table of contents are clickable for easy navigation.