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#194097 "Mate" guild... Mask II ... needs active members

Posted by xitooner on 14 April 2018 - 02:26 PM in Guilds

Three new members so far... thanks guys! Second win looks in the bag, and our 1st recruit is helping nicely. If you are ready to steal some gems with no guild drama, drop on by.

#194081 "Mate" guild... Mask II ... needs active members

Posted by xitooner on 10 April 2018 - 11:11 PM in Guilds

"Mate" is a fairly casual guild (active players in it for the fun, no drama)   :P 


leader is ninjam0nkey

Mask Arena II

Rank 15



Our current active set of players are all in the 1M-7M gem range.... levels 30-106.  We play often but dont freak out if you disappear for a week.  :lol:   We've seen our share of new players who burnout and leave the game... would definitely prefer folks above level 20 who plan to stick around and have some fun stealing gems!


Drop by and check us out.

#191230 New updates for throne

Posted by xitooner on 10 May 2017 - 11:04 PM in Troubles & Solutions

I guess they did it to balance things a bit more on lower levels and to give some purpose to other trones at later levels. I agree it's a bit unfair but the amount of players with maxed stuff is really small compared to the whole player base and those player would probably still have enough materials anyway and currently, it's actually equal for all players. It was a zepto decision and I doubt they would roll it back.


I doubt that they will change it either... but it was STILL the wrong move to make.


Its been this way for a month, and I still cant get over the fact that I was FS4 and within 10-15 items to get FS5. . .  but NOW I am over 90 items away from FS15.   Its as much a matter of principle than anything else, but the end result is the same; this pisses me off EVERY TIME I PLAY to know that all those who had FS5 before dont have to deal with this.  So I dont play nearly as much as before.  Soon I wont play at all (as soon as I reach the trap-upgrade goal I set for myself).


I didnt think I would ever stop playing, but THIS, combined with the scoring changes they also made... have made me move on to other games to get the satisfaction I can no longer get here.  (and if the reduced posting on the forums is any indication, I am not the only one).

#191196 Dungeon Location

Posted by xitooner on 09 May 2017 - 04:09 PM in Ideas for shaping KoT

I dont want this on my screen.  Where anyone is from isnt relevant to what I am doing on that screen.  


Why not ask for an update to the users profile to add location info (and people can choose not to fill it in because frankly.. I dont want YOU to know where I am either, since its just silly fluff)

#190774 King's Grace Purchase Error

Posted by xitooner on 25 April 2017 - 07:23 PM in Troubles & Solutions

As was said above, contact ZeptoLab support.   They see this all the time... I've had the subscription mess up twice now, and the last one was the exact same message you had (server error).  In my case, it left me in some wierd sort of limbo where I was gaining keys correctly, and had all the visual signs of subscription (crown above the mine, etc)... but I was not getting tears/day, and on the subscription page the count-down timer had no time and just said:  "--:--:--"


You can try and "refund purchases" (thye asked me to) and you might have to get a refund and try again... (they asked me to later)...  and when it didnt work even after that they still found a way to fix it.  Emailing them is your only real way path to fixing it.  :D

#190734 Fighting hard for the Streak

Posted by xitooner on 24 April 2017 - 05:04 PM in Hall of Guild Wars

My god... 27k? Something is really wrong here...


Yeah, almost no score halfway through the season?  So I checked the team roster.... 21 players and all but a handful are "Its been a while...".  


Shadow....IMO...if you are an active player, find a guild with AT LEAST 10+ active players.  With the new scoring rules, if you guys arent consistently hitting at least a million/match, there are many better guilds around for you.

#190733 minimum requirement of a ritual

Posted by xitooner on 24 April 2017 - 04:53 PM in Ideas for shaping KoT

I dont understand the premise here.   Tons of people would not have scrub gems in their bases if it wasnt serving them a good purpose.  Maybe they are running rituals like crazy to meet the ridiculous new KOT throne requirements... or maybe they are farming skulls and can are finding they can still do so quite nicely without risking larger gems.


Bottom-line; they are NOT doing tons of "rituals with bad gems"  for the fun of it; if its that common they have good reason.  A reason probably based in KOT mechanics.  Fix the problem, not this... symptom.   Personally, I dont do a lot of scrub rituals.... so their goal may not be MY goal.... but if its helping them do what they want to do then why would I care?

#190635 Fighting hard for the Streak

Posted by xitooner on 21 April 2017 - 09:24 PM in Hall of Guild Wars

Sorry, we lost, i wish to make my guild trying again.

Still, show the deltas, IMO.  Every team loses from time to time; its how you present yourself (and your guild) here that helps people determine whether they might want to join your guild and help you win. 

#190626 Subscription is worth it...

Posted by xitooner on 21 April 2017 - 03:57 PM in General

ok. But then how i can get tears for upgrades?
Lets keep in mind that tears are only given as gvg rewards.


Well, the "if you do not play much" comment in the OP makes it sound like you are a casual player... and casual players dont need tears for anything but a decent level of HeartBeat, IMO.  Casual players arent going to reach trap level 30 in under a year (if ever)


But if you are going slow (ie camper-style) and planning for the future, I definitely believe low-level people who dont want to rocket up to the top prematurely via Raid Exp would like using the subscription to stockpile Tears for their future trap upgrades (after first buffing Heartbeat to a competitive level).   Its VERY convenient, because as you said... tears are scarce.  Otherwise, your trap advancement is going to hit a brick wall at lvl 30... not cool.  Getting the subscription once you are in the mid-20 trap levels sounds like good thinking to me.

#190574 New Zepto Outfit

Posted by xitooner on 20 April 2017 - 04:25 PM in Ideas for shaping KoT

cat costume is for everyone! but looks so big lol


It really does!   I am trying it out for the moment but its kinda throwing off my play....

#190573 Possible Backlash for Season Reward Costume?

Posted by xitooner on 20 April 2017 - 04:19 PM in General

It would only be racist if someone would say a certain group of people are worth less than other human beings because of how they look.


Agreed.  That avatar may be a stereotype of an African Warrior, yes... but there is nothing inherently wrong with being a stereotype.  None of the avatars are actually "different" in any meaningful way in-game; they are simply different looks Zepto offers that may appeal to some players.  There is no way for anyone in-game to "discriminate" against certain avatars, etc.  (if you want to only raid African Warriors, I assure you they wont notice) :D


PS:  I an a stereotypical caucasian middle-aged american man, and I would like to play as that African Warrior avatar someday; it looks pretty cool!

#190301 [Forum] Can't connect with facebook on phone

Posted by xitooner on 14 April 2017 - 08:19 PM in Troubles & Solutions


No, it's more like, I did register, but I couldn't confirm my account. Meaning I couldn't post.

Yes, I had that too.   Every week for a month I would send a message to the admins to get it fixed, and they said it would be forwarded on to the appropriate people.  Towards the end, I basically said:


"Guys, this is email#4.  I can send this email to you every week for the rest of my life, or you can get this resolved... your choice.  I can post messages to you.. or to the forum.  I am happy either way."


It was fixed shortly afterwards. :P   (and I sent a nice thank you to them afterwards) 

#190290 New Zepto Outfit

Posted by xitooner on 14 April 2017 - 03:45 PM in Ideas for shaping KoT


NOTE: you must include your full PLAYER ID from King of Thieves on the photo/video (for example, on a shit of paper).

Seriously?  Not gonna happen. (and hey, I ran out of all of my "shit of paper")  :P