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WTF Zeptolab!? Can you please explain this?!

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#21 zaepian


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Posted 16 March 2016 - 06:43 PM


Hi guys.
Each time when we have a guessing contest, we receive a lot of correct (or "close to the truth") answers. And among all the correct answers we need to choose a few winners.
Please, let's make it a rule that if there is no other conditionals in the post, winners are choosing randomly among everybody who guessed the answer (or was very close to it). To avoid this situation in future, we will try to mention it in future.
Sorry you feel offended, zaepian. Contest should be fun and interesting, they shouldn't be offended. 
P.S. Unfortunately, we don't have a dog in our office, Oliver. But if we have it in future, now we know what it will do :)



Are you serious!?


Can you explain how that's fair!!??


So, when I guess first, and I get the right answer, everyone who just copies my guess and posts hours and even days after me gets an even chance at winning!?


That's not right.


If that's how you guys choose to run things, I'm done.

#22 Snowball


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Posted 16 March 2016 - 08:10 PM

Then be done. If that ticks you off that much, you won't be able to handle getting a semi-perfect getting stolen off a one star, which happened to me. And zaepian, I seriously think that it's not that bad, it's just 500 orbs... You'll be able to gather that in a few weeks if you're a good player.

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#23 Aluce


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Posted 20 March 2016 - 11:11 PM

There's no real way to know whether your guess was "copied", and even if... the original KoT post didn't mention that copying other people's guesses wasn't allowed. ;) Just like it doesn't say how exactly the winners are chosen.


It's unfortunate that you feel like you should've won when you didn't, but I guess that's how some things go sometimes. I don't see anything Zepto did wrong to be honest, and I think it's nice you got a fair and humble reply from Stiv on the matter... and, as Snowball mentioned, if this gets you on edge, just wait until your semi-perfect gets nicked at 5%. This game is designed to make people rage :D


Edit: Just realized I performed a minor bump, my apologies.

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