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Complete list of Patch notes

Complete list patch notes update

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Posted 05 July 2016 - 03:31 PM

King of thieves complete list of past patch notes
I have seen people on these forums asking about when things got fixed and introduced into the game, to make it easier for these people I decided to make the much-needed list of patch notes, I will do my best to track down the official patch notes for every update and have extra information if needed. Many notes will be shortened, see the original posts for more information, which will be linked below each update summary.
Also, remember that you should not reinstall the game when waiting for an update if you have a problem getting in, it will not help you enter the game earlier.

Update 2.0
- The shield you get after being robbed lasts 3 times longer now
- Key regeneration rate has been increased by 50%
- Gold mine capacity and mining speed increased.
Update 2.1
- Now you can try to retrieve your gems yourself
- Flawless raid (Beat the dungeon without any deaths to get back all the lockpicks you've spent breaking in.)
- All single player dungeons now remain unlocked. You can replay them anytime without spending any lock picks.
- You no longer need to remove your shield in order to attack another player.
- Improved the matchmaking algorithm so you will no longer be attacked right after leaving the game.
- Defence logs now show the status of each player (Online or Under shield).
- To make the game fairer we've changed the formula for calculating gem steal chance bonus at 1 star.
- No more unbeatable dungeons.
- Max steal chance is 80% now.
- New formula of chance to steal. - See original post for more info
- Retrieve chances increased. From now on, your chances to get a gem back are 30% for 3 stars, 15% for 2 stars and 5% for 1 star.
Update 2.2
- Guild Battles.
- Guild mates now can help each other to retrieve their stolen gems

- If a guild leader didn't log in for a long period of time his role will be automatically transferred to another guild member

- Now you can browse through all guilds in the game, not just the top 200.

- New missions to do and rewards to claim for our old-time players.

- Only gems you failed to retrieve yourself will become visible to your friends and guildmates in retrieve logs. Retrieve button is now located in defence logs.

- We've fixed the bug which previously allowed people to put chests in unreachable places.
- Gems lost in previous league round do not affect current round rating after retrieving anymore.
- One extra lock was added to every player's door.
- Flawless dungeon completion doesn't help to restore keys gained by ad watching.
- No instakill with spinner.
Update 2.3
- New leagues added
- Bigger gems
- Guild chat.
- Opponent guild details. Check how your rivals are doing in guild battle and who is their best contributor by simply tapping on their castle.
- Guild creation price changed to 200,000 gold.
- Guild rating restriction limit expanded from 300,000 to 1,500,000
Update 2.4
- New traps, the Gravity Switch and the Ricochet
- Introduction to the ice world, 16 single-player levels, 3 totem dungeons, and 1 big gem mine.
- Guild levels and bonuses. Level up your guild by winning guild battles and increasing guild rating!
- Guild search function.
- Test your guild mate’s dungeons 
- Report button.
- Skip cost reduced.
- Guild leaders can give away their leadership to another guild member.
- It's no longer impossible to place large gems into first totems and start rituals.
- Sliding on platforms is no more.
- Negative delta no longer affects guild wars.
- Helpshift integrated into the game.
Update 2.5
- Weekly challenges.
- Chat improvements. (See original post for details)
- Traps can't be placed over the totem. 
- Guild newcomers feature.
- Ricochet and gravity bugs are fixed.
Update 2.6
- King of kings league, outfit and throne.
- Gods of thievery leagues.
- Tinkling bell unique gem added
- Free orbs videos.
- Gem availability. (see original post for more info)
Additional Notes: In update 2.6 everyone will be able to watch a walkthrough of any dungeon for free. In case if you want to leave someone's dungeon without reaching its totem, you'll see a ghost and the solution.
Update 2.7
- Outfit customization and thrones.
- Game decorated to celebrate the holidays.
- Snow globe gem added.
- Gem vault.
- Guild chat language.
- Dungeon-testing improvements.
- Screen recording for IOS 9 users.
- King of kings league button. (if you are in the Gods Leagues, you can now easily see the ongoing fight in the King of Kings league by tapping on its icon in Leagues window)
Update 2.8
- New costumes.
- Orbeuseus' toy Gem added
- New character (Shady Joe replaced with Eve)
Additional notes: Viber now connected to the game
Update 2.9
- Lil’ Scorcher added
- Introduction of the Ancient Castle a new area with 16 new single-player levels full of deadly traps, three totem dungeons, and one new gem mine.
Update 2.10
- Daily quests added
- The maze.
- New castle upgrades bought with tears.
- Harvest all gem mines button.
- New costumes.

Update 2.10.1
- Bug fixes
Update 2.11
- Guild battle seasons.
- Dynamic trap tooltips in editor mode (read original post for more info)
- Outfit preview mode.
- New costumes and unique gems.
Update 2.12
- New trap upgrades, make your traps even stronger. Each upgrade after level 30 gives +2 damage and will require tears from the maze or season rewards.
- Newsfeed
- New costumes
- Bug fixes

Update 2.13
- Guild ranking See link below for in-depth explanation
- Subscription - you get more locks, lockpick speed, gold mines generate tears and unique outfits
- Player profiles
- Share achievements with friends
- New guild interface
- New leaderboards - including top players
- Other - Game kicks you after long continuous play, font size changes
Update 2.14
New Halloween chest (Chest contains many things including the 'Boo' Outfit and 3 new unique gems)
- Broken totem gem saver (See link below for more info)
- No more inactive guilds in the 'Recommended guilds' list
- XP mechanism changed to stop campers
- 'TAP TO BREAK IN' NOW FADES AWAY!!! This has been requested since the start by the community, thanks Zeptolab
- Halloween event ends on November 14

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Posted 05 July 2016 - 03:57 PM

Wouldn't it be easier to just link to KoT wikia where everything is already said?

#3 Chaos


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Posted 05 July 2016 - 04:00 PM

Wouldn't it be easier to just link to KoT wikia where everything is already said?

Didn't take me too long and what is the point of having any information on here if you can just link the wiki?

Also I didn't know about the wiki...

#4 Mr. Smiley

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Posted 05 July 2016 - 04:43 PM

Nice list! This will be a great reference.

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Posted 05 July 2016 - 05:02 PM

Here: version history

Posted Image 181,000,000 | Jedi Mind Tricks "Give a man a fire and he is warm for a day. But set fire to him and he will be warm for the rest of his life." - Terry Pratchett
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Posted 05 July 2016 - 06:16 PM

Many thanks for this, I think I've asked a few times for this myself :P

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Posted 06 July 2016 - 06:19 AM

12 updates and we still don't have an ingame player leaderboard...

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Posted 07 July 2016 - 08:30 AM

I like how it is said that you dont have to spend keys in replaying single player dungs like it is something good..

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