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Patch notes for update 2.13

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Posted 04 August 2016 - 11:08 AM

Hi everyone! Today we installed new update 2.13. Sometimes people ask us to post the whole description of the new update. We decided to try a new format and here what we have for you. So, the change log for this update looks like this:
Guild ranking system
After this update, each member of a guild will have a special rank which depends on their commitment and loyalty to this guild. Ranks don't depend on a member's delta. The more consecutive battles you fight for the guild, the higher your rank is. For now there are 5 ranks in the game:
  • Apprentice
    Fought just 1 guild battle for the guild.
  • Initiated
    Attended 2 to 3 consecutive guild battles with the guild.
  • Regular
    Attended 4 to 5 consecutive guild battles with the guild.
  • Trusted
    Seasoned guild member. Attended 6 to 7 consecutive guild battles with the guild.
  • Elder
    True guild veteran. Fought for more than 8 consecutive guild battles with the guild.
To get the highest rank you need to stay with a guild during 9 consecutive rounds or more. Note, that if you leave your guild, you rank will be reset, even if you join it again. Newcomer is the first rank, newcomers still skip one round.
Ranks also influence the rewards for Guild Seasons. The higher your rank, the more rewards you'll get at the end of the Season. For example, a player with rank "Newcomer" won't get a reward for a season, whereas a player with rank "Elder" will get full rewards for the season (if the guild wins enough rounds). You can read more about ranks by tapping on rank icons in the guild menu. 
With this update we added a monthly Subscription. Having an active subscription gives rewards on a daily basis.
There is a list of rewards you will get for subscription:
- x10 capacity of lock picks;
- x10 lock pick generation speed;
- gold mine will generate some tears;
- three unique costumes
Player Profile
With the new update we added player profiles. A player's profile is a special screen with additional info about this player. There, you can see their gem collection, total rating, guild, on-line status and more. By the way, now you can also see how many gems this player has retrieved in the last 7 days. To open a player's profile, tap on a nickname and then choose the "Player profile" option.
Share your achievements with friends
Now you can share your achievements with friends directly from the game. Show them your profile, gem collection or how you beat enemies base. To do that you need to click on "Share" button in the in the bottom right corner of your screen.
New guild interface
We decided to change the interface for guilds to make interactions easier. Click on the nickname of a player to see a new menu, which will allow you to test this player's dungeon, see their profile or perform other actions. Note, that guild leaders will still see a confirmation window if they decide to kick somebody or pass leadership to another player. 
New Leaderboards
Do you know who has the highest gem score in the game? Or who is the best player in your region? No? Well, now you will, thanks to the new leaderboards that show not only top guilds, but top players too.
- If you will be online for a long time, the game suggests you to have some rest. 
- The size of the font used for costume description was increased. 
- Now, if for some reason game files don't exist, they will be downloaded automatically when you start the game.  

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